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Nicol Concilio

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    Hey beeeech! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the kylie cosmetics x stormi valentines day collection!! Leave me a comment down below what you guys thought about the collection!! Thanks so much for watching and please consider subscribing xo!
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    Products Used:
    Stormi Collection Full Bundle $118
    Stormi Mini Palette $28
    Flutter In Love Blush $18
    Head In The Clouds Mini Matte $12
    Give Me Butterflies Mini Matte $12
    Stormi Mini Matte $12
    Mini High Gloss Set $36


    1. Ava’s Corner

      I think Kylie excels in making lip products, her highlights are pretty good, her eyes/face products are meh

    2. Jordann Grigg

      I’ve not even watched the video to know That nicol LOVES IT SO MUCHHHHHH 🤣 Gurl bye! You need cancelling 🤣

    3. RendemPlayz !

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a>

    4. im baby

      This might be aimed for younger makeup lovers, I mean it is her young daughters inspired line. Not excusing any complications, but the packaging is so pretty 🥺🥺

    5. Queenie Bee

      First video I’ve ever seen of Nicole. No hate but she sounds like a smoker......

      1. Queenie Bee

        Nicol Concilio Like I stated this was the first video I’ve ever seen of yours. I didn’t know you had a cyst and if you explained it in another video then ok. I’m not going to search for it since I’m not a fan of your voice and I’m not going to hate watch or leave hate comments. The comment was just to state my opinion like all the other comments here. Keep it chill. Bye sis 👋🏼

      2. Nicol Concilio

        i have a cyst in my vocal cords so yea i don't smoke.. think before you type.

    6. why u give me meat i want nemo

      this is how many times she says "cute" l l v

    7. STAN EXO

      Not everyone in the comment section defending a BILLIONAIRE that sells poorly packaged patchy makeup at a high price... Y'all brainwashed as hell.

    8. Abnormal Saline

      Cynthia Lee Fontaine?

    9. Corie Hogue

      Where is your top from?! So cute

    10. Trish Ha

      Idk if I didn’t hear it but don’t you think one of the products should have been named “butterflies in my stomach”

    11. Sara Nichols

      Those glosses don’t look very shiny😕

    12. Jimin Has Jams

      Claire’s : Valentine’s day kid makeup colle- Kylie: KYLIE x STORMI Valentine’s Day collection!

    13. Feride Dogan

      You remind me of Camila and Selena Gomez ❤️

    14. Shahzaib Nazir

      maybe kylie made all these colours WITH her daughter and probably she choosed all these colours lmao

    15. Tonii Velez

      I honestly don’t like this collection .. the formula is so patchy ! And the grey fades and gets so patchy on the lid ! Also there’s so much fall out!

    16. Mrs. Sondra

      I was actually really looking forward to the Valentine's Day collection that she usually does but I guess she put it all into this collection that unfortunately was a flop plus people of color can't really use anything. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    17. Minandi Heski

      The eyeshadow palette colour scheme was very cohesive I thought. Quite surprised you said that. Least there wasn’t a green thrown in as that would have made it less cohesive.

    18. Ashley Floyd

      The short story about your dogs and your neighbors dogs is HILARIOUS 😂

    19. Ella Rosee

      It seemed as if you were shitting on this collection Before you even tried it

    20. AdilaSksk

      kylie is legit famous for nothing .-.

    21. Neymar Sontos

      Yet you keep on buying it such a hater 🖕🏻no hate tho

    22. Neymar Sontos

      Stop hating on her the looks are actually pretty

    23. Rebecca Gomez

      Where have you been all my life girl - new sub here!!! Your voice kinda reminds me of Molly Burke dont ask me whyyyy haha! Anyway I'm living and dying for this review.

    24. Danielle Jimenez

      Such a pretty eye look!

    25. kuki jar

      I love your voice😘

    26. P. Rod

      the mini glosses look like claires glosses lol

    27. cougar plays

      A 2 yr old picked out 90% of it so what did people expect. I just feel like Kylie needs to step it up. She's already made her billion so doubt she cares

    28. Maddyismyfv

      Why y’all hating on Kylie like she worked hard on this and dedicated this to her daughter like smh.

    29. Martinez Life

      Why does everyone think this was a Valentines collection?? It was for STORMI (hence the name) for her birthday

    30. Leah Galvan

      Y’all stop shaming Kylie she works very on her makeup and she is trying to do something for her daughter

    31. Kayla Schmidt

      “I’m not trying to be a d*ck” 🤣🤣

    32. XxKawaiiMoodyQueenxX !

      Ur tryna be funny

    33. XxKawaiiMoodyQueenxX !

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a> ur voice cracked

    34. Joanna 01

      The collection is so beautiful I got it I’m obsessed but it’s your opinion 🤣 It’s cool but it’s your loss

    35. Fatima Flores

      I dont know but in other videos the colletion look better

    36. Mallerlyn

      I love your raspy voice

    37. Queen Juju

      Most of Kylies lip kits don’t go well with my skin complexion

    38. Camille Chabault

      This eye look is amazing on you!!!

    39. Kimberly Sanchez villa

      Looks like kylie didn't dedicate much time on this collection lol

    40. Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes

      I don’t know why people hate so much.

    41. Adan Perez

      isn't VALENTINES DAY COLLECTION just Kylie x Stormie Collection

    42. samantha Canseco

      Stormi no es colección de San Valentín

    43. Viviana Lopez


    44. kimchurrro

      Yo Musik t auf

    45. Fatma Ahmed

      Hey nicol where are you from?

    46. Sarabjot Singh


    47. Senti Lkr

      You are way too overacting without knowing the fact that she does was for her dauther.. I think she thought about her daughter How it will look like on her.. Evry one is different perfect and I think u be little mature and understand the hard work of others and learn to appreciate.. Lol u look like a unmature. . By the way u look much better with kyle make UP stuff😉🙃🙃😉😉

    48. Anja Mandic

      I would buy this

    49. Alisa Danger

      Is it just me or does she sound exactly like jorden Jones

      1. Nichelle Meade

        Alisa Danger this might make no sense but her voice sounds dry.

    50. María Pía Navarro

      I love your english

    51. Kaylie Nguyen

      U really out here shitting on this collection 👀

    52. Hat Ally


    53. Nasrina Yesmin

      Kitna bolti ho

    54. _prachi26_ __

      I love your voice 💕

    55. Jessica Asa-Ailts

      I don’t understand why the shades in this collection weren’t more deep skin friendly. Isn’t her daughter’s father African American?

    56. Marizah C Colon

      this screams bitter betty

    57. Sūnset Mīx

      Stop hating not every pallete is good and whatever she says is her opionion -.- I think it looks good

    58. _iamthebeauty

      That 'SO!' at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> is everything! 😄

    59. Slushie


    60. Aleyah Martelliere

      Who doesn’t have a problem with her-

    61. Veda Fleur

      Kiley realeses things that she likes, not what customers want. She realises too often anyways.

    62. Moni Tow

      Nicol!! You should try mexican makeup like MarCosmetics!!

    63. Armani

      What on the thumps down?

    64. Chelsea Vega

      How is she a billionaire and comes out with bad and patchy makeup I've used so many of her stuff and they always throw me off smh I don't wanna spend any more money on her stuff until she fixes it and I see something different and unique

    65. Pinkblack 18

      There’s nothing off about that colour for god sake

    66. Kayleigh Sides

      I wish someone sent me something. I really loved all the glosses and the stormi matte lip kit

    67. Cynn_baad 69

      more like swatch better

    68. Hadia Hussain

      Am i the only one who loves voice lmao 😂❤️

    69. suvadra rai

      R u jealous of Kylie?

    70. Mai 3

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> 👽👵😱

    71. Vanessa Cruz G

      She sounds like she can pull off a Janice from Friends

    72. Skylha Draven

      Honey they didn’t show up because THEIR GLOSSES 🤦🏻‍♀️

    73. Ann Leavitt

      I think the thing about kylie's eyeshadows are always really soft looks like Korean makeup

    74. Mama Dee

      Who else loves her voice 💕☺️☺️💕

    75. fabiola de la torre

      Ya know the collection doesn’t look that great but it seems she hated from the very beginning. Very rushed and just seemed she was really trying hard to “not like” it. Not hating just that’s how it looked to me.

      1. Bubba

        I wonder if it would work for me being a guy with sensitive skin, I want this look.

    76. Hailey Nunez

      Half you people don't even buy Kylie's makeup just give it a bad review to fit in with every one else if her makeup was so bad why does everyone keep buying it she's not a billionaire for no reason🤷

    77. Michelle Tripetsky

      i love your voice ahaha

    78. Black Swan

      It’s okay your dogs are just talking to your neighbors dogs in dog language 🐶

    79. Victoria Rivera

      I think this collection was intended for our younger generation. Super cute for little kids, and also super cute to wear for spring time.

    80. Winter Huff

      I love the glosses, but everything else was ugh kinda not different are good