Lawyers Share Stories Of Client's Losing Them The Case (r/AskReddit | Reddit Stories)

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    1. Reddit Tales

      Thanks for watching everyone! Share your stories below

    2. v a

      "This guy took an A/C unit and threw it at his girlfriend" jaystation is that you?

    3. DestinyHime

      I wonder how these attornies manage to avoid facepalming...

    4. That Giant Fabric Parrot Perched on the window

      Why does the voice say “andx200b” sometimes?

    5. a man of many parts

      This was reported in the local paper in my home town a few years ago: A man was caught drunk driving. He was fined and lost his licence. Within a month he was seen driving. No licence and no insurance (it's automatically invalidated if you don't have the relevant licence) he was also drunk again. Heavier fine and extension of driving ban with the requirement to pass the driving test again plus his car was seized and crushed. Still in the same month he's seen driving a car he borrowed from a friend (forgot to tell the friend about his driving bans). Turns up at court three sheets to the wind. Heavier fines, lengthened driving ban and hundreds of hours of community service. Judge sees him get in a car and attempt to drive away. Cops drag him back and he goes straight to prison; does not pass 'GO'; etc.

    6. Smacketeer


    7. anna nimus

      Lawyers who can't use pronouns correctly?

    8. Cemetery of Choice

      I was wrongfully fired and the CEO of the small company actually came to the hearing. Her complaint was that I did all sorts of things that weren't on my job description (though they were to the benefit of the clients and certainly qualified under the "assist clients with accessing services that we don't provide" part of my job description). I asked the judge if I could ask CEO a question and he said yes. I asked, "Were there any of my primary duties that I failed to perform, or performed inadequately, due to the time I was spending on these other tasks?" "Well, no. But those things weren't on your job description." Thanks, lady, for admitting in front of the judge that I performed all of my job duties, and at the very least performed them adequately! Needless to say, I won.

    9. michal31131

      *DEE* *ARR* *GEE* *ESS*

    10. C L

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a> Onision?

    11. El Rico Legendario


      1. The Cove Kids


    12. Erin Robinson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> I heard "through outlaw school" rather than "throughout law school"

      1. Erin Robinson

        @Molly Harting it's in the woods near Nottingham

      2. Molly Harting

        Erin Robinson i wanna go to outlaw school!!!!! where can i enroll?

    13. Danny DarkSide

      The D R G S The D R G S

    14. Kaine Kelly

      Oh hey I didn't know I was so early lol

    15. Ganjee Sodukin

      Reddit: Not a lawyer but...

      1. aphrcdiite :

        Not me but ...

      2. Jason Marin

        @KittenLove536 Not a teacher but...

      3. KittenLove536

        Ganjee Sodukin Not a doctor but...

    16. ericb31

      the title reminds me of an episode of Matlock...all i remember is the ending. after learning that his client had lied to him, Matlock snaps, "get yourself another lawyer!" and stomps out of the room.

      1. Rayena Carter

        At least he got out when the getting was good.