LeBron James: Bill Russell wearing Kobe Bryant’s jersey is all about respect | NBA on ESPN



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    LeBron James talks with the media after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 114-112 win vs. the Boston Celtics, going into detail about his clutch fadeaway jumper over Jaylen Brown late in the fourth quarter. (3:14) LeBron says the word “respect” entered his mind when he saw Celtics legend Bill Russell wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey at the game.
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    1. Dekari And Daja

      I can't wait until he shocks the world and win this ring this year 💪🏽🤟🏽💯

    2. Jimmie Rustler

      I'm confused at around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a>, he said he celebrated when Kobe copter hit the mountain?

    3. Jimmie Rustler

      2 chainz Lebron

    4. Mfundo Mkhize

      Lose the cap

    5. daniel harkins

      James u couldn’t wear Michael Jordan’s shoes u play like a bully and if u played when Jordan did u would be a cry baby

    6. Keith Price

      Looks like a Kanye T shirt brand to me

    7. Samuel Buquet

      Love that cap

    8. P H

      Brono no dodgers cap

    9. Ctrl1u

      Dream shake 😂 lucky shot

    10. H C.

      Was Laqueen at the Memorial yesterday?

    11. K. Lik

      Only Paul Piece will not wear King James jersey. Lol

    12. カオンデンジェイソン

      LeBron could feed all of Africa with them chains but he prefers keeping them around his neck. Lechoke style. Didn't even go to the memorial for Kobe... lefake James.

    13. That Guy

      Y’all peep the chains and the Richard Mille 🔥🔥🔥

    14. VT Racing 1

      Dream shake... Hakeem

    15. Vincent Williams

      As a Celtic fan I was shocked but I understand why Mr Russell wore it

    16. America WW

      Everytime I see bill Russell I feel nothing but respect for what he did for basketball as one of the first all time greats in the game As a die hard laker fan i appreciate seeing Russell wearing Kobe’s jersey. I’m also crying inside because a part of laker nation imagined Kobe getting up there in age like Russell attending nba games when he grew old. We will never get that chance to see old man Kobe walking around the house he built . Vanessas speech broke me too can’t fathom losing a child and being robbed of seeing a child go to high school, get married, starting a family 😭

    17. Paul Hardrick

      The Thumbs Down Haters Are Classless And Probably Never Played In Organized Team Sports!


      LeBron neck got the salary of a entire wnba starting lineup

    19. Theodes Lewis

      Mr.Bill Russell in #24 Jersey is priceless...

    20. Patrick

      Rest in Peace Kobe and Gianna.

    21. truhill26ify

      Bill is the Goat

    22. MEGATRON


    23. Denise Eugene

      Yankee fitted ❤️

    24. Derrick Bruce

      Bill Russell family don’t love him? Let that man step out the house with his hair looking like 🤫

    25. Lil green eye p

      Bill Russell. ..today...my heart broke ...when I saw him at memorial... God bless him .. so sad ... Lebron ..James. .ynwa... and all in nba..fans family .. thoughts n prayers ...always ..

    26. Omar Wes J

      Never seen james like this..clean that ny fitted...after the great kobe death everyone should enjoy fruits of their labor

    27. Jack Daniels

      Those chain can feed whole Africa

    28. Moris Hogo

      Why black people are wearing these necklaces?

    29. Azhan Ahmed21

      russel is the goat. 13 RINGS. Jordan doesnt compare

    30. imserious2187

      I've never seen LeBron wear jewelry like that

    31. Kevin P. N’Guessan

      Those chains are distracting

    32. offseazon


    33. Titan Up


    34. Rodrigo Esparza

      Someone has to give LeBron a LA dodgers hat...not liking the NY hat lol

    35. Papi God


    36. Belak

      Something you know nothing about Lebron.

    37. Trying 2 Get Right

      LeBron showing two chain he da real two chainz

    38. Eduardo Santiago

      Well Lebron next time wear a LA Dodgers hat please!!!! Respect the city that pays you!!!🤔🤔🤔

    39. roxxylala26

      Look at Bron getting icey with the Yankees hat. 🏀Lol

    40. Dwayne Carter

      It be funny how the media via trying to yell at the same time trying to get a question off

    41. sheep in the MATRIX


    42. alphonso Drovel

      I am and have always been amazed, astonished, and impressed by Lebron's mind "recall," of every play made or not made during the battle. Most player's remember what they did during the game but to recall what your team members did or their stats are impressive (to me).

    43. Kbjpj824

      Sorry guys Bryant Jersey next to fire alarm Microphone showing a pyramid all seeing eye and Bron chains represent something deeper ....Star on the Ny Hat I dunno man

    44. wilsonsmanz

      I mean if Bill Russel was wearing Kobe's Jersey, can we get a statement from Bill Russell at least.

    45. Irshad Zamir

      Le' choke talking about bailing out his teammates , yeah like you did vs the clippers . you haven't bailed out nobody u been bailed out by Dwyane, kyrie and Allen

    46. Bee J Incredible

      No accident

    47. Turhan Henderson

      We still talking bout this? Oh ight, coo

    48. Adrian McCoy

      In the 90s both lakers and celtics were irrelevant!

    49. Toby Holland

      I would love to see Clippers vs Lakers in WCF and I'll be cheering for the Lakers. I'd love to see Milwaukee vs Raptors in the ECF. As Toronto is my hometown, I'll be cheering for the Raps, but I love Giannis as well and don't mind seeing the Bucks get to the Finals. Lakers vs Bucks could be epic. Lakers seem to play with a ton of heart. Haven't seen that out of the Clippers in the same way this season.

    50. Twizz The Whiz Kid

      Kobe is The G.O.A.T.

    51. Marcus Moore

      I think this the first time I have seen Lebron wear so much jewelry 🤔

    52. Royal Me

      Kobe would never replace Lakers jersey and never take his talent to Boston.

    53. Steez Unlimited

      Why is this news??

    54. David Anthony

      Those chains are worth 5k

    55. Master2sick2thousand26

      What's up with lebron with that Yankees hat!?? Take it off and put a kobe or LA hat. 💜💛👑

    56. John One

      Just all illuminate puppets Lebron as well shame really

    57. smooov13

      bron got about 300,000 worth of jewelry on

    58. wsu 510

      chains r clean

    59. snakknos

      i wonder what the jumper has on it it's seems turned inside out or am i tripping

    60. Garden State

      Bronny got Bugggaas

    61. THC Kitchen

      Lbj got about a cool mill on

    62. Simeon Michael Pitter Puślecki

      Jak ma ktoś problem. Wyjdź z nim siniore na solo. Bo ci życie zniszczy taka ludzka bakteria.

    63. Simeon Michael Pitter Puślecki

      Odwagi :). Występuje Pan do tak dużej publiczności... W trakcie meczu. Po co to zmieszanie?

    64. Txong Yang

      Bill Russell wearing Kobe's jersey is by far one of the greatest things I've witness in sports. Period.

    65. Clamps

      LeDrip out here flexing

    66. Crazy Dave

      I think the reason why youtube is recommending videos of people that died recently, is because when they die, their name gets trended/searched on google so NOsel takes that popularity (since YT is owned by Google) as what people want to see so they recommend videos with either their name in the title or in the tags.

    67. tito jackson

      Bron goin ⛸ with all that ice

    68. Irwin Keitt


    69. dyllan studer

      love seeing a Kobe jersey hanging up in the locker room still

    70. pstolabros

      That Bryant deuce fo' jersey looming in the background tho!

    71. Melodysmusic100

      Look at that Ice around his neck! You go BOI !!

    72. Melodysmusic100


    73. Cartie King

      Man i miss kobe

    74. James Tiller

      What's wrong Bill Russell supporting Kobe Bryant Memory of his Jersey... These comments of by the commentators are dumb!!!! Rest in Peace KOBE

    75. billy mays

      Bron shining like E mutha fu$keR

    76. Mico Jones

      Appreciate the kobe Jersey in ur locker bro I'm sure kobe appreciates it king james

    77. kAy -O

      He better not accidentally put his address up !!! 😂

    78. dgames

      Lebron is the definition of "jumping on the bandwagon". Get that hat off your head.

    79. Brent Williams

      Lebrons trying to talk this game up to go to the finals to make it look good 😂

    80. Brent Williams

      Iced out Bron!