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    Junaid Jahangir discusses the current state of Muslims in the LGBTQ community, and what we can do for them moving forward. Dr. Junaid Jahangir is an Assistant Professor of Economics at MacEwan University. He has taught a wide variety of courses at the undergraduate level including Contemporary Canadian Economic Issues, Public Finance, Money and Banking, Labour Economics, Resource Economics, Quantitative Methods, apart from Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory. He is active in Edmonton interfaith circles through community presentations and has consistently published blogs and articles at Huffington Post, Edmonton Journal and Vue Weekly.

    For over a decade, he has worked with Dr. Hussein Abdul Latif, a pediatric endocrinologist in Alabama to develop a renewed perspective of same-sex unions in Islamic law. His publications include a book chapter in the two-volume “Islam and homosexuality.” With Dr. Hussein Abdul Latif, he has co-authored papers that have appeared in the Journal of Homosexuality, Iran Namag, Theology and Sexuality and Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Their book "Islamic law and Muslim same-sex unions" was published in 2016 and was released in paperback in 2018. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    1. Splendid Truth

      very selective in what you present as islamic. very honest of you

    2. superior1’ Z

      Islam teaches that it’s only up to god to judge and it’s wrong for others to judge each other no matter the case. In these cases, if you consider yourself anything else than straight and still want to be a Muslim then you must know that it’s between you and god. And you have to seek forgiveness and repent every single day because it’s something that’s not allowed. If you can live with that then good for you. But unfortunately people like this person in the video only seek innovation in Islam and doesn’t really care about acceptance by families and communities as they say. Unfortunately There have been several examples of these people with their hidden agendas. One thing’s for sure: Innovation is not an option in Islam. And this should be respected and accepted as well

    3. SomeoneYouDon’tKnow A

      LGBTQ will never stop being suppressed in islam. It’s not a choice. Please stop saying its a choice.

    4. Cryptic

      there are no such things as sunni or shia or any other ones islam was one and was never split up into different groups this was shaytans plan he said he will try to split muslims and take them off the right path

    5. Mayorra Madrigal Mondragon

      You can possibly ILLUMINATED the young minds 😊YES YOU ARE.

    6. P B

      All Abrahamic religions should be mothballed and preserved as an art heritage, yet fully abolished from the influence in state and policy making.

    7. Far Away

      In simple words this guy is just running from the truth

    8. Nazia Sultan

      thank god you didn't got any response from muslim leaders!

    9. 多臨的黑鬼

      Muslims, hear me out. Just accept LGBTQ people, it’s not that hard.

      1. 多臨的黑鬼

        Mustafa M , ❤️

      2. Mustafa M

        Its a sin for us, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be nice to them. We should be nice and accept everyone and show everyone the same type of kindness. Whoever doesn't do that goes against the teachings of Islam

    10. tanawesomeomar 123

      I hope this man goes through the straight path to not go astray as he knows nothing about what he’s talking about

    11. Sakib Rahman

      This type of guys believe in flat earth theory

    12. Phillip Jones


    13. Fahd Badgaish

      This is misleading, complete nonsense🙈

    14. Yxng Trippy

      Ya Allah swt this world is going to end by seeing this kind of stuff within islam

    15. Nadir Nn

      The comment section was funnier than I expected it literally made my day 😂😂😂😭

    16. Misty Martin

      God complexes

    17. Misty Martin

      Take it how you read it

    18. Misty Martin


    19. Misty Martin

      Catholic churches

    20. Misty Martin


    21. Misty Martin

      66 from edmonton? Off the top of my head.

    22. Misty Martin

      💒 weddings

    23. Misty Martin

      Syrian planes???

    24. Misty Martin

      Syrian refugees

    25. Misty Martin

      Cultural differences

    26. Misty Martin

      Lakeside packers?

    27. Misty Martin

      I know of female circumcision in basements on children....why are we not talking about it?

    28. Misty Martin

      Boy scouts

    29. Misty Martin


    30. Misty Martin


    31. Misty Martin


    32. Misty Martin

      Youth...? Sodum and Gommarha

    33. Misty Martin

      Irish potato famines

    34. Misty Martin

      And potatoes 🥔

    35. Misty Martin


    36. Misty Martin


    37. Misty Martin

      Hes talking about pizza...figure it out.

    38. Zesty B

      like damn throw sum aytul Kursi at this dude.

    39. Zesty B

      why was everyone okay with this dude talking about the wrongs of islam, and how there's 1.8 billion islams. like where? honestly like i try not to judge but like man..... has this guy not read the quran THOROUGHLY. Even states in the quran that iblis (The shaytan) will try and make people people pray differently and practise islam differently to a certain extent where that's not even islam.

    40. Pete Sahad

      Wow. Either his brain is dead or he never read the damn book!

    41. allergic to humans not animals

      bet shaytan doesn't even whisper to this guy anymore

    42. Mobi Adam

      Snake has no idea what he is saying 😂😂😂

    43. Anas Raza

      Unsubscribing TEDx due to such B.S. No clue, nothing notable. His own personal thoughts. Useless.

    44. maroua Ben

      Who ever let him do this should be fired he clearly have no idea what he's talking about

    45. Ar Kay

      Dis is the shaytan himself

    46. Tyto Alba

      This comment section is full of homophobes.

      1. person

        No it is because this man claims that Islam allows it which is FALSE

    47. Hallowed Productions

      Guys im a Christian here, Just be tolerant of people. So many Muslims in the comment section being Hateful of Gays. Did God teach you to be hateful?

      1. Hallowed Productions

        @Marwan . B some of us have no desire to procreate. Is that your concern?

      2. Marwan . B

        @Hallowed Productions we exist because our parents are straight

      3. Hallowed Productions

        @chansaw fangirl :3 explain

      4. chansaw fangirl :3

        No, but this guy is talking with zero logic so that's why

    48. Parth Gaikwad

      he is old, so I think it's fine

    49. MD

      Islam is a religion of unity, not 1.6billion different ideas...

    50. Sumit Dev

      Why is this thing even in tedx why is tedx downgrading their credibility

    51. Ifteqar Ahmed

      I thought id find some reprieve from his speech but i am more confused now than i was before i listened to his discourse

    52. Theodore Roosevelt

      Lord Voldemort y’all

    53. Ahmad Al Sultan


    54. yasmin

      shaytan, you there?

      1. chansaw fangirl :3


    55. Quazi Rahman

      I wonder what was dangling in his trouser's pockets.

    56. Out of the Box

      Why does he sound like he's about to reveal the secret of Birmuda Triangle?

    57. Maxx Us

      does this guy really know what islam is?? or just he's an actor?

    58. Ibrahim Patel

      If your trying to learn more about Islam please don’t watch this video and believe everything he is saying, there are a lot of different variations of Islam and people have adding a lot of things into it that’s against the true Islam. In Islam we believe that we aren’t allowed to be LGBTQ , in this world there are men and women who are meant for each other and I think how only two of opposite genders can make a child shows is that god only wants opposite genders to be together

    59. Clarence

      He needs to the least recommended to explain islam

    60. Muin Omar

      This guy sounds like jafaar

    61. NamesNot Joe

      Fun fact: the guy in the video stated more sources than this entire comment section.

      1. NamesNot Joe

        @Jabril04 Count the amount of sources he stated and then compare that to the amout of sources that were potentially stated in this comment section. Good luck finding them, and have a good day

      2. Jabril04

        Sure he did

    62. TheXxx131000

      Who molested this guy?

    63. SAM Uk

      What you on about mate ...

    64. forhad karim

      I hope Allah will guide him towards the right

      1. Juan Marcos Quiñones

        Allah is satan

      2. Real life lesson with Prashant chauhan

        What do you mean by right way ? Do you mean who are from LGBT they are on wrong way ,we are also human being like other people.

    65. S G

      Dear LGBTQ Muslims, No matter what anyone says to you, Allah has made you in his divine perfection with no flaw. He loves you and don’t let misinterpretation and outright hate make you think otherwise. We have existed, we exist and we will always exist. May Allah bless you.

      1. chansaw fangirl :3

        Bruh no

      2. Jabril04

        Dude stop spreading lies

    66. Moe Flames

      Astakhfarallah I'm watching this and I feel so bad that people had to see this may Allah bless everyone inshallah

    67. Kim Jong Un

      Is is bad

    68. Farhan Labib

      I came to the comments before i even started.

      1. Anas Raza

        Me too. :D

    69. Kuch Bhi

      This guy is opium sodden

    70. Mr Xain

      i request all of the people listing to this person. He introduced his self of islam. If u wanna hate islam u can listen and enjoy if u share same thoughts. If u want to know islam listen Quran and hadith. This guys is showing his personal views or a views of little amount of people who r Out of islam. Read quran u will know everything. Jazak Allah kher

      1. Sadiq Khawaja


    71. Emerald Valdez

      follow on Instagram to learn more about Islam.

    72. Ansar Bahrun

      Don’t spread wrong information man. It’s haram read the Quran, listen to Hadith. I’m sorry that some people may not like it and abide by it but it is haram. Estagufurillah.

    73. Ashar Buland

      So what was this all about homosexuality is considerable or non considerable?

    74. zadose

      You were lied to about the Crusades... the Catholics fought back because of 460 YEARS of ISLAMIC OPPRESSION.... WAKE UP. It's happening again! Muslims are invading Europe... AGAIN!

      1. Mohamed

        @The Honest Truth I have 130 IQ. How many you have?

      2. The Honest Truth

        @kaisar amin hahaha, keep dreaming. you guys lack basic iq in modern times. the future is for those with high iq to move the world forward you only eat sleep and and give birth.

      3. kaisar amin

        Yeah we are but only this time we shall be victories your cities shall have Eastern names your children shall have Eastern skin we well outnumber you in the near future and there is nothing anyone can do about it

    75. Bangin’ Brah

      Dajjal all over

    76. Youseph Hojeije

      “There are 1.6 billion islams” 🤦‍♂️

      1. Hami Hassan


    77. Abdikarim Ahmed

      I wish I could have a debate with guy I ask Allah to make it happen to have a debate with guy to teach him about Islam and make realise u don’t have to change Islam to fit to the western countries no one is forcing u and LGBTQ is something that Allah prohibited us from and we seek his protection from it

    78. Anass El Rebbate

      First ted talk i ever saw that is absolutely confusing and makes no sense, this guy is a bluff

    79. Juan Marcos Quiñones

      Islam is a cult of terrorists, founded by a criminal warlord and a false self claimed prophet muhammad

      1. person

        Juan Marcos Quiñones KKK

      2. Juan Marcos Quiñones

        @person find any organization that represent christianity that makes terrorism you will not find any.

      3. Juan Marcos Quiñones

        @person hindus is even much better than islam atleast they are not being taught to hurt others they don't just attack random people like what islam is doing and commanding of their followers

      4. person

        Juan Marcos Quiñones So by your logic, if go do something crazy like killing people, and then claim I am christian, immediately this means that the bible allows this 😂🤣 You really are that deluded...

      5. person

        Juan Marcos Quiñones Narrated `Abdullah: During some of the Ghazawat of the Prophet (ﷺ) a woman was found killed. Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) *disapproved the killing of women and children.* حَدَّثَنَا أَحْمَدُ بْنُ يُونُسَ، أَخْبَرَنَا اللَّيْثُ، عَنْ نَافِعٍ، أَنَّ عَبْدَ اللَّهِ ـ رضى الله عنه ـ أَخْبَرَهُ أَنَّ امْرَأَةً وُجِدَتْ فِي بَعْضِ مَغَازِي النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم مَقْتُولَةً، فَأَنْكَرَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَتْلَ النِّسَاءِ وَالصِّبْيَانِ‏.‏ Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 3014 In-book reference : Book 56, Hadith 223 USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 4, Book 52, Hadith 257

    80. Juan Marcos Quiñones

      Islam is like a time machine it takes you back to 7th century

      1. Mohamed

        @Juan Marcos Quiñones You give your opinion, then you say no one is asking my opinion. Ok I also didn't ask your opinion soooooo ............ EDUCATE IN POCO MARGINADO

      2. Juan Marcos Quiñones

        @Mohamed no one is asking your opinion

      3. Mohamed

        @Juan Marcos Quiñones Do you think I care about your opinion? Well, the truth is.................. I DON'T CARE

      4. Juan Marcos Quiñones

        @Danyal, RP i never liked islam in my life

      5. The Honest Truth

        @Danyal, RP because muslims are trying to live like a 7th century man mohamad