📺Li-VAR-pool!📺 #13 Every Premier League Manager Reacts



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    Publisert 6 måneder siden


    1. Kyle Barton

      Dean Smith: I'm doing a WAY BETTER JOB *throws Cabbage Steve Bruce: Who threw that?

    2. lazy mich

      Umm did anyone not hear anything when paelengrini was talking If so was that intensional

      1. Sv Niederwerth u. Outdoor-Videos

        Me too

      2. Joshua Does MLP And Stuff


    3. spinach-colour-Joey

      Dean Smith?

    4. fsxlfcfandom 2013

      People keep saying liVARpool when leicester bournemouth southampton brighton and VARchester united has reaped even more benefits with VAR than liverpool

    5. Trouble Maker


    6. ALittleOdd

      Why is nobody talking about what happened at the start where pailandgreeny said nothing and then a odd sound played?

      1. Lucas A.

        442oons had to censor it

      2. Ismellpenies

        alittleodd that’s what I thought but nobody is saying anything

    7. Ruairi Mckiverigan

      What was that audio in the start

    8. Shay’s Studio

      Arsenal are crap

    9. magemasher1

      Who's here after they robbed Wolves?

    10. Dylan Bradley

      🙏 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">0:37</a> 🔥 👇 👇🔥

    11. Z0rr0_

      Wait what the hell? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a>

      1. Lucas A.

        @Z0rr0_ he used to say that his goalkeeper was so bad (Roberto Jiménez) that he was going to replace him the next match for a mentally retarded West Ham fan on the goal because it couldn't be any worse

      2. Z0rr0_

        If you know what he said you can tell me

      3. Lucas A.

        I think 442oons had to censor it for what he said.

    12. ThatMassiveFlop

      What is with the bit with Manuel pelegrini

      1. SweetLemon 99

        It had to be censored

    13. Nemanja Pavlovic

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a>

    14. Bernd Leno

      I only just realised u put 1-3 Wolves when we lost 1-2

    15. Shrimphammér

      Is it only me that hears “my goalkeeper” then random music???

      1. Lucas A.

        "My goalkeeper is so bad, that the next match i will put a retarded West Ham fan on the goal. Oh please, It can't be any woooooorse". He said something like that but 442oons had to censor it.

      2. TeemuPlays


    16. Stefan Turcescu

      WHAT is with the music?

    17. MP2S

      What happened to the sound <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a>

    18. 5Star Gaming

      Why was pellegrini muted at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">00:8</a>?

    19. dotpom

      It wasn’t like that earlier... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> probably an error

      1. Xander Grogan

        I've had that too..

    20. Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> WTF?

    21. Владимир Радмановић

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> he stoped with speaking but i saw he have mouth open i thought my headphones is broken

      1. TeemuPlays


    22. Khalednb06

      The Southampton manager will not eat his head

      1. Callum Law

        Khalednb06 ye ye var is our bitch

    23. Koychi Yamaguchi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> why?

    24. Iliana Juarez

      Premier League

    25. Swagmaster

      Hey, what the hell happened from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>?

      1. Lucas A.

        It's censored

    26. davemadson fan

      Upload it again, you left out villa and Newcastle

    27. Jakub Hanzlík


    28. xuanbao Xb2103


    29. Gentinis Bytyqi

      Who else will miss “good ebening”😔

    30. Trần Anh Nguyễn

      Newcastle 2-2 Man City LOL!!!

    31. atukwatse phionah


    32. Aditya Petkar

      25 straight wins to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Hunter Stanek

      Since Emery was fired, make an Emery Gud Ebening compilation!

    34. Natsu Kiiroi

      Nice Have U Back Mou 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    35. Stanley

      I'm so sad i won't hear good ebening again

    36. jack oldacres

      wers ASTON villa

    37. Tatiana Bogacheva

      whos here after emery sacked

    38. Excellent Ethan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> he will not eat his head. 1) Southampton might beat Watford. 2) It's almost impossible to eat your head

    39. ArchMears_


    40. Kirjih Tshombo Year 5

      If Southampton beat Watford it means they can do to 13th place

    41. Landon Halprin

      Wolves won 2-1 not 3-1

    42. Jamie-Minecraft!

      Glad Arsenal sacked Emery but no more good ebenings :(

    43. Parthj100

      Gonna miss emery in these reactions😂🙄

    44. PKthe Cartoon

      too bad Unai was not sacked in the ebening😂😂

    45. ImJoshhyy

      wolves was 2-1not 3-1

    46. Ceej's Pain Train

      If Liverpool and VAR is a love story then Tottenham and VAR is a dirty sex tape in a cheap hotel.

    47. Excellent Ethan

      "Sacked in the ebening, you're getting sacked in the ebening".

    48. Melvyn Cross

      Var has been so good to us ❤

    49. Naledi Gumpo

      Good ebbining

    50. trundlepuf Pendants

      lmao best one ever


      I hope Southampton losses again just so I can see their manager eating his head but unfortunately I think that they will win this time

    52. KENG

      This is too good

    53. maxsteve

      Roberto is utter shit, Hammers need Walker on goalie

    54. LTL Rules Football

      LiVARpool could have two transVAR targets: VARtonghen and VARdy

    55. Adam Rose

      bourmouth 1-2 Wolves it said Bourmouth 1-3 Wolves

    56. Mason Taylor

      Fuck you Burnley's manager you ginger bastard

    57. Fed_ricco YT

      A-Z of Van Dijk

    58. iiLaxz _48

      Can u plz make this kid friendly

    59. Folke Isdabæst

      Why cant you pick German teams in OSM?

    60. Kidz Japan

      Make zlatan ibrahimovic vs Diego Costa plss, it will be the best fight ever

    61. Carl Johnson

      Zidane slaps mbappe plis

    62. Marc Menon777

      Good ebening........

    63. Rajan -

      Dyche was class 😂

    64. J. Tasñym

      how many numbers bein sports channel???

    65. steven thereds

      Goog ebening

    66. ALBERTO CERNA (Student)

      The Burnley manager talks like a robot.

    67. arsya channel

      Way your server in osm football manager

    68. Iltbsm

      Brendan Rodgers always gets me 😂 Nuno Espirito Santo was good too, Wolves starting to attack those European spots again! Would be nice for English football to have a team that appreciates the Europa League, an English Sevilla. Every second-to-top 4 team (Liverpool and ManCity being the true top 2 teams) considers it a loss because they want to play Champions League.

    69. Dennis Mukoya TV

      Solskjaer: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> Have I lost the dressing room? No. Have I lost my job? Probably 😂😂🤣

    70. Drjfwlfc

      Hi Dean can you help me get better at NOsel stuff pls love all your videos

    71. The Faggots

      RMAVSPSG ithink it would be a tie benzema socres 2 goals and for psg its paulo and mbappe

    72. Chouda04

      Bad Ebening

    73. ming Li

      Public officials and experts from many different nations attended a public forum titled “Relevance, Urgency, and Actions: Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China” in Copenhagen on September 17, 2019. The seminar was organized to coincide with the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) annual conference, which was being held in Copenhagen at the same time.

    74. WEIRDO YT

      Wolves was 2 1?

    75. Blake Roddam

      Where was villa Newcastle

    76. Victor Molokomme

      my best comics: jose ole's at the wheel neymar😂 klopp's boom!!!!

    77. FF4 JLEO

      Nice these make me laugh

    78. Archie Davies

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> Would you mind showing me your trophy cabinet? I need to compare the 9 league titles Everton have to the amount of titles you have (aka 0)

    79. Archie Davies

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> I would like to thank VAR for disallowing every team's goals that we play against.

    80. Fabrizio Mariano

      Woah, this may not be a shitty cartoon and designed for kids