Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine

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    Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine
    Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and Charli D'Amelio stop by Flighthouse to play Suggestion Box. They prank call someone from the Hype House, play the "Climb Your Partner" Challenge and maybe give a cheek kiss or two.
    Comment your future suggestions below to be picked for the next Suggestion Box!
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    1. Sayli Sandoval

      Why would he say Addison first ??

    2. Joshcrafer


    3. Rusol Abed

      i love the guy he so cuet caharli is uh

    4. CookieDi Wolf

      Who came here just cuz u saw this on tik tok?

    5. Emily Palao

      Almost every secen is funny

    6. Rich Moeckel

      He's 18 and afraid to kiss her on the cheek.

    7. Isabel Keoughan

      When they do the climb my partner challenge chase has his hand a certain way so he could catch her if she falls🥺🥺🥺

    8. stanky fishy

      OoOoOoOw Cooties

    9. sotuur aeei

      Chase: just jump on me Charli: *jumps Chase: ❌❌ *legs snap

    10. Akira Yuukiシ

      Aren't they together?!?

    11. Faze Tequo

      Lil huddy a legs might snap soon

    12. Hey Nice and

      Why duz chase wear nail polish ?

      1. sotuur aeei

        1:18 o-o eh

    13. Sadie The Shepard

      1:20 1:35 *THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!!*

    14. Arin Barraza

      I love how Charli is straight up bossing chase around at the end

    15. Sophia Mena

      They are so cute

    16. Alfie Swaby

      1:03 when it’s not that soft’ish

    17. Txddy Nxtalie

      Chase: “Kiss on the cheek.” Also Chase: “eW cOoTiEs”

    18. Amir Inayat

      I Love you chase

    19. Angie F.

      „Act like you like me“ literally me to my boyfriend

    20. Sophia Allard

      You have to do *69

    21. BROOKgaming

      That face shift 1:47

    22. moetry

      1:19 eeee

    23. The master 123 okal

      Did chase tell Charlie your to tall

    24. Tsundere-Wolfie

      no one: Literally no one: Chase Hudson: "ewww cooties"

    25. Becky Smith

      Hi tik tok dancer

    26. Roblox Gamerproz

      Charlie:act like you like me Chase:I thought 😭😭😭

    27. Tiffany Rocks

      1:18 o-o eh

    28. Please subscribe Without any videos

      2:14 he was doing a thing where all boys do a grumpy voice to impress the girls lol

    29. asiya rahimi

      “act like u like me” LMAO

    30. Joelle Horsford

      chase- will you be my valentine? charli- no, do it again

    31. Ella Mullane

      Charli:”go” Chase:”oh ok”

    32. Molly Craig-Greene

      Why they so cute

    33. Shadøw

      This is literally just chase getting hurt by charli for 2 minutes straight

    34. georgia cleverly

      act like you like me!

    35. winter chins

      Hihiwalay Di yan as Huli waking forever

    36. Amaya C

      That is the tiniest fucking drinkbottle I have ever seen

    37. mikin lirou

      Chase: just jump on me Charli: *jumps Chase: ❌❌ *legs snap

    38. Isa Rainbow

      Alguien que hable español y no entendió nada 😂👍

    39. Mariah Brandeberry

      Is it just me or do they seem awkward

    40. a n n a b e a n

      it’s gross how lil huddy is 18 and she’s 15

      1. mikin lirou

        1:44 🥀Welcome me latter 😌

    41. Aragsan Nur

      Chase: n**** Charlie: give me a piggy back ride

    42. Sunflower Dust


    43. Amal Borhot

      U guys this is an act, I saw them doing it on tiktok, when he was asking her to be her valentine she kept telling to go back and do it again so he looks like he rlly likes her -.-

    44. swine harry

      He's using you for clout 🤣

    45. Sydney Crystal

      Wow love this

    46. Austin Crawford

      on one hand, they could be a completely manufactured couple created by whatever media company they signed to, on the other hand, why do I imagine them in their 90's (with popcorn lung from all the puff bars) together?

    47. los juguetes de fabiana

      Hello open how ha flighthouse

      1. soinu foig

        she has school... does she?

    48. Luca Liu

      NOsel rewind: In 2020 we made something OK so now in 2021 we will make a very cringe video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shows this video*

      1. soinu foig

        Chase: be my valentine! Charli: happy renegade intensifies

    49. Ozgur Caglar

      they look so sweet💘💘💘💘💘

    50. Chxrry playz

      Can someone tell Charli To give credit to the real renegade dancer? It's not Charli it's created by a 14 year old girl and not having a credit.

      1. Austin Crawford


    51. adorebecka

      i hate his voice

    52. I.M.M Channel

      By the way I liked and subscribed

    53. Lashley

      Him: but your so tall Me:*compares both of them*

    54. A. Asma

      1:44 🥀Welcome me latter 😌

    55. Diya Patell

      Aww their so cute

    56. chloe harrell


    57. Ash Limpin

      Charlie I want your shoes

    58. sad cat starting think these tiktok kids arent that bad lmao

    59. We’re Yeager

      You should’ve said no Charlie