Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd | Van Dijk and Salah win it at Anfield | Highlights

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Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from Anfield, where goals from Virgil van Dijk and Mo Salah were enough to give the Reds all three Premier League points against Manchester United.
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    1. ibrahim Rana

      Wait did he do that on purpose 1:29

    2. Daniel Andreev

      HALLO MosLA🤯🤯🤬🤬

    3. Berriel Scott

      Liverpool champions premier league

    4. Fortune tv


    5. Ffhhdchfcbgf Fddgxsfhjvj

      Alison ♥♡ Assist

    6. Ffhhdchfcbgf Fddgxsfhjvj

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Alisson ran the full pitch to celebrate

    7. Rifki Marrley


    8. Pang ฺBaba

      Man U. lol

    9. Dodo Dodo

      My love salah 💋

    10. أحمد منصور

      Mo salah is Egyptian king

    11. ادم الصعيدي

      ف حد هون عربي ولا انا بس 😂

    12. Arsen Jan

      M.Salah - Cool - Like

    13. Anas Pro

      What is name of this manager?

    14. AMZMA

      1:14 what?!

    15. Estefany Ramos

      Manches united 2 vs Barcelona 8 y Juventus 3 va manches Citi 4 real Madrid 2 vs liverpool 3


      🔥 1:58 💚 👇👇👇👇💕

    17. Tim Reddoch

      There’s me saying ‘one minute left, take it into the corner like Milner did against Barca’. Alisson and Salah wanted none of that - bloody brilliant outlet ball and Mo held off Luke Shaw to perfection. Score still flattered United at the end. Go ‘da Pool!

    18. Redline16 Blue

      Mo salah the best player in Liverpool history

    19. Ronaldo Sucks just like sjfm1 and Liverpool

      Liverpool sucks. Ask them to play in the la Liga or any league that don't play like little kids and see how they will be no. 1 in the league

    20. Souna Samdy

      The son of LFC family mohamed salah the legend😘😘

    21. Ian Araújo

      Watch my highlights // Soccer Athlete

    22. Saud جميعاً


    23. malik rehmat

      I am pakistani i love mohammad salah

    24. lummi

      like big shaq vs serbitchia at the end good finish.

    25. tukang rongsok

      1:14 ?????😂😂😂

    26. Mohamed Ragab

      اذا قدر لنا الله أن نعيش ونرى أولادنا سنخبرهم اننا عاصرنا لاعب بقيمة صلاح اول عربي في التاريخ يحصل على المركز الثالث عالميا تصنيف الفيفا الاتحاد الاوروبي وثالث اغلي لاعب بالعالم بعد امبابي ونيمار سنحكي لهم عن فخر العرب محمد صلاح 💪🇪🇬😉😎♥️

    27. hobebude

      if you throw your jersey on the floor with the club emblem in front of and the number 96 on the back - that's a sacrilege

    28. Salum Msusa

      Salah favourite player

    29. saeyd tolba

      He who loves Muhammad Salah subscribes to the channel. I am from the village of Muhammad Sala. I need support from my brothers. I don’t see a single cam. He loves Muhammad Salah.

    30. Ali Al Nakhi

      Liverpool deserves to win everything in football this year

    31. Ali Al Nakhi

      Liverpool when Ronaldo retailers I will support Liverpool and my favorite player will be mosalah because I am Muslim like him and when I see you play remember this name Ali al Nakhi and keep the name Ali al nakhi in mind so can see you when I see you play

    32. Garry Rhodes

      "And Salah for Liverrrrrpooool, have a little bit of that!!!" Love it 👌

    33. Whn greece

      Liverpool for ever

    34. Ella Bidzar


    35. BeProBro

      4 - 0

    36. EBUKA avatar

      So sad john Abraham didn't comment on this lol

    37. Rifqi Alfyan

      Man utd is a sore loser tbh

    38. Alpha Romeo

      Isn't that salah goal offside? Or maybe i don't know enough about football. Can Someone explain me please

    39. Iqbal Pratama


    40. MarveL A

      Firmino's goal is a really good shot, too bad for him

    41. ihsan saidi

      one of emotional goal of mo salah... injury time

    42. iman setiawan

      🔥💥☝❤😎🚬☕ Liverpool 🇮🇩

    43. Highbury

      From Gerrard slip to United slip 🤣

    44. David Lalnunmawia123 Ralte

      anyway...Manchester Utd are


      Where is John Abraham?? Anyway, Liverpool defeated your team John. Ha ha ha

    46. Viloshnee Pillay

      Manchester city u are bed 🤦‍♀️👎

    47. Viloshnee Pillay


    48. Viloshnee Pillay

      Liverpool I love you so much 👍👍👌

      1. Viloshnee Pillay


    49. malik rehmat

      Salah love from pakistan

    50. Zubair Wardhere

      Alisson at goal ran and got first to sallah 😂😂😂

    51. أستاذ الإبداع


    52. yudhy tardjy

      liverpool king of england. man united king of underdog

    53. Mila Cut


    54. Fans Soccer

      Im watching this match in my tv channel MNC vision

    55. jasraj batra

      LiVARpool Virgil VAR Dijk

    56. Mario Tudor

      Firmino's goal 😥😥😥

    57. Mirhan GK

      Salah tak buat salah pon kan

    58. Juan Velasco

      ¿Podemos tomarnos un momento para apreciar que Alisson corrió todo el campo para celebrar?

      1. Brian Castellanos

        Traducir el comentario mas genial del video no lo hará igual de genial doc!!!

    59. Granagha Shazada

      Best player love you M salah

    60. Lucas Chau

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer pace of daniel james although he didn't stop him