🔴Liverpool beat Man Utd 2-0!🔴 "We're going to win the league?" (Highlights Goals Parody)



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    Publisert 28 dager siden


    1. 442oons

      442oons Manager - free!👉🏻 bnc.lt/xzHc/eeJXlY2rly #ad

      1. Phace Jones

        442oons oh those pesky scousers on the subs

      2. zaki kidd

        Best toon ever

      3. Door_ Frame.

        @Jvst_ chicken46 liverpool are the worst.

      4. Jvst_ chicken46

        Is this Liverpool guy who laughs at Gary Neville Michael Owen?

      5. Experiment Time

        442oons size

    2. Trump

      8th spot spender vs 2nd spot spender

    3. Ollygamer 14

      Btw who does the 44200s guy support

    4. Conor Harris

      Not only has alisson got more assists than lingard he's even baptised more people than lingard has goals and assists 😂😂😂😂

    5. Daniel Macleod

      Pereira is Belgium so that’s why his first touch is so awful

    6. RSR RSR

      We going to win the league

    7. Abu Sayed Mohammed Sayam

      Everywhere henderson has beard but while Alisson is running, hendo has no beard. :/

    8. andy dulson

      Says who

    9. Dodo Dodo

      My love salah

    10. Aditya Gupta


    11. Aditya Gupta


    12. Andy Drozdziak

      Man city

    13. Liam klous

      I know why not winning the league borsia wins it 9 times 😂😂

    14. Judy Chen


    15. James McMillen

      Wwe were

    16. Vicky Kenderdine

      Roy beating was funny

    17. Zhian Abdulwahid

      1:51 who's know why klopp has hit the premier title

      1. harry anfieldgank

        He must stay humble , dont celebrate early in public. But looking at dressing room.... 2:11

    18. HivinsoPlayz Games

      If Bruno Fernandes played for Manchester United in This Game. The Score would Have Been: Liverpool 2-0 MAN U

    19. Edo Brca


    20. Jari Due


    21. عماد احمد السعودي

      Mo Salah goal scoring 44 goals in 50 games at infield. Thats a record

    22. Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

      Carra's laugh is so stupidly funny

    23. Lucex

      1:45 S U U U U U U

    24. avinash jaiswal

      Alisson's knee slide was amazing

    25. Colyn Sharkey

      Man utd call us livarpool bit they had six 4 decisions going their way against just Liverpool alone this season

    26. Jeremiah Parker

      1:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. HaVoC YaBoiYas

      The Assist incoming for TAA is so true. His corners tho🔥🔥🔥🔥

    28. P. Sandra Tangkulung

      I love this video and the music so much I’m going to keep rewatching it

    29. Mary Achieng Atieno

      Harry maguaire😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Ryley Mackinder

      1:35 did any body see De Gea's soul again?

    31. Sony Hikmati

      I respect Daniel James how did he catch up too Salah Wished he stopped him tbh

    32. Elin Greaker

      Liverpol er best Liverpol Jeg har FIFA 20 og FIFA 19 heia Liverpol du må heia på Liverpol i fotball

    33. Ally m Ey


    34. LondonBusEnthusiast2

      is there a actual song for this, if there is please reply to me in the comments.

    35. Dois noobs no free fire

      Mano só eu não entendi pora nenhuma

    36. ruben julienne

      James running on salah got me laughing (United fan)😂😂

      1. Mason Arnold

        Which United? The good one or the dog shit one?

    37. L P

      Maguire dropping dead might have been the funniest things I’ve watched this year

    38. Jamal Nouali


    39. Anfield's 12th Man

      2:06 keep replaying it!!! 😂🤣

    40. Fiery wolf Gamer

      Come back when you’ve won six prem titles

    41. Eddie Mattinson

      Please make Klopp tarts part of your merch

    42. Sonny Dunn

      Come ed den

    43. Julian Braun

      Van dijk at the 1:0 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    44. Antonio Espinosa

      Nobody: Daniel James: I am speed

    45. Divalero

      Well they're 22 points now...

    46. Kayleigh and Izabella

      This is the tune to YOU HAVENT WON A TROPHY SINCE 1995 that Liverpool fans sing vs Everton

    47. Mr Rimaa

      2:08- when I fluke a win on my fantasy football team

    48. Lily Brady

      Fuck off

    49. Mohamed Salad

      Thanks my brother alisson

    50. Nathanael Marcello

      2:15 liverpool logo on van djik shirt is moving

      1. Nathanael Marcello

        @Aria Strwn thanks

      2. Aria Strwn

        You so detail

    51. The Lil' Demontz

      So funny to see Virgil always do moon walk🤣

    52. lisa wood

      *Solskjær has a plan..*. 1⃣ *Sign Ighalo from China* 2⃣ *Sparks an outbreak of the coronavirus* 3⃣ *Football is suspended in the UK* 4⃣ *Liverpool don’t win the Premier League* 😂😂

    53. Christian983

      Me at 1:22 when my crush said I am her best friend...

    54. Fast Battle

      Carragher hahahahaha 😂😂😂

    55. Azza Alhajri

      when i get candy all my sister come get it 😂😂😂😂😂 0:25

    56. Ha Lan Phuong

      Liverpool is champions (I’m not fan liverpool)

    57. Ray Ansel

      I like the music

    58. Shiv Pratap

      True soulless Utd.

    59. عبدالله سعد

      Best episode ever