1. SlickWilly

      That didn't go too well LL lol

    2. Mr. Big Curved Johnsin jr III

      Ms Yee is so damn Good looking -

    3. Booman Hill

      Bill Cosby look like a Payday candy bar 😂😂😂

    4. Kaaron Clark


    5. Marlon Cheeseboro

      LL Cool J 👎🏾

    6. Marlon Cheeseboro

      Rest easy Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi,803

    7. david mclendon

      Bell bottoms were popular in the 70s. Not the 50s or 60s Uncle Charla 😂

    8. Maxx Madness

      Deon Cole gotta hold 2 L's for this...🤦‍♂️ Brrruuuuuhh, you came on the red carpet looking like you was about to compete as a finalist in "Blades of Glory" movie

    9. Isaac Annan Jr

      LL Cool J is majorly slept on 💯

    10. Julian Davis

      I kinda want to hear this KOBE gangsta rap album 🤣🤣🤣

    11. truestdude

      "I don't have competition, I'm bigger than a slot!" Hardest bar in rap history

    12. Koeal Braxton Photography

      CTG obviously don’t get what COLE was addressing. Can’t take the heat? Bruh cmon now

    13. A. Double

      Ima be honest, it didn't sound like LL at first to me either lol.

    14. Keith Norris

      Angela fine! So glad ya'll put the camera on her more!

    15. Tappita Wade

      Bill COSBY

    16. Latoya Griffin

      Is this hate for Deon Cole’s bell bottoms coming from this generation who wear and adore skinny jeans? GTFOH!! 😠

      1. Nellie K. Adaba

        His bell bottoms were oversized.

    17. Phoenix Cares

      Everybody judging Deon outfit granddaddy or great granddaddy was wearing bell bottoms 😑

    18. El Jefe

      Free Bill Cosby

    19. Rock Fresh

      Kobe cool but his music was wack 😂💯

    20. Lance Banks 💜🌟⚡🎶

    21. mscstapleton

      He wasn't mad about being roasted he was mad that ppl were giving him homophobic slurs!!

    22. Brooklyn Style ☑️

      The Cosby criticism @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="357">5:57</a> is crazy

    23. Kiki Eaddy

      Oh, he was serious 😂😂😂.... but, he didn’t deserve the hate backlash 😂😂😂🤯

    24. Kay Rene'e

      angela is over the show lol she just needa leave and find her happiness. she aint happy. its evident in her voice and and body language

    25. The Prolific Network

      Its time for this cast to retire Just like 106 & Park getting too old to be hip.

    26. Rob the plugg

      I thought this guy was a crack head

    27. Nicki Daniels

      I'm sure Deon is gettn heat from something else, Charlemagne.

    28. Bean S

      Deon Cole was never funny.

    29. ADMAFIA210

      Im not believing this LL non sense

    30. Deanna Green


    31. Lonzo Cash

      Why not...I wanna hear Kobe rap

    32. Von Devezin

      Kobe and Pac was long lost brothers

    33. Don Dada

      Who gon drink that green smoothie.

    34. s02 Pzychotik


    35. Yohan M. Gershy-Damet

      It's getting harder and harder to stand ctg... He is such a corny moron

    36. R. A The Realist

    37. TanTan

      @cthagod why have you not given Deontay Wilder Donkey of the day? Not just for the loss but for his poor excuse which he himself has debunked because of his own prior statements regarding his training methods?

    38. Marketa Bowie

      With Deon Cole they ''the haters'' also threatened his livelihood and wished death upon him which is not cool and he was on the show ''THE REAL'' and went on to explain he's not offended but wants to be a voice for others that are going through similar situations that don't have a platform..

    39. Kerra Johnson

      That really didn't sound like LL. Not at all.

    40. Omnitrix8

      Charlamaigne, it's Cosby's publicist.

    41. anthony whitehead

      love love the breakfast club

    42. junekid629

      fckn new yorkers...😒

    43. Jamal Burgess

      Niggaz be out here wearing tight azz skinny jeans like woman. So what he wore some bell bottoms 🤦🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️

    44. U C US

      Someone should have told LL the same

    45. Lekeisha Jones

      It's time for Bill Cosby to stfu

    46. ErickaAJo

      Angela needs a raise for having to sit there while CTG completely misses the point but SO MUCH confidence.

    47. Shabadoo Jenkins

      Only thing wrong with what he wore is that it’s ugly. Then again, that’s thru my eyes. He clearly liked it so what. Ppl bashing him for that is waaaay too far compared to what other ppl wear

    48. Domino Effexx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> the way Angela Yee said "Judicial System" was SEXXXY AF!!!😍🥰

      1. Indy Brooks

        Man shut yoo ass up 🤣

      2. eyeimprovise

        Nasty award for you

    49. ZBEATS z

      I don't think Bill Cosby, or Harvey Weinstein raped any of those girls. Something went sour maybe false promises or they got cut off.

    50. sabrina king

      Bill Cosby..STOP!!!! NO Correlation...You standing up for Harvey??? unreal

      1. GantzIsSloppy

        Believe some of what U see and NONE of what U hear....

    51. Aaron Duhart

      Kobe shoulda did a basketball album lol

    52. Cole Murrell

      Bro just admit your feelings got hurt....clap back

    53. SkipG Lawson

      Ok so it’s ok to call him gay over his clothes,,, Now when he does A gay joke back at ya,, you’re gonna diss him twice? Gtfoh!!!!

    54. Jerome Crockett

      What they saying is all they have to do is accuse someone of doing something to them and they will get prosecuted.. very scary time for men in the limelight... Anybody can pay women to get you out the way

    55. poetmm

      Something wrong I hold my head Kobe gone Our Mamba dead 😢

    56. D Smoooth Rich

      L doesn't get enough respect for being an OG in this rap game period.

      1. COMEDY LAKE

        D Smoooth Rich well, u go be giving him the respect all day. That’s what i do and smile as I go home

    57. Devon Gray

      Black history is world history :

      1. Nellie K. Adaba


    58. Juice 423

      Where would you want to wear 😚😊


      “This rap game lovely,Konkrete play a part cause the feds want to bug me,athletes want to be rappers shawty trust me”.-C-bone-..Tomb of the boom.SpeakerBox!

    60. #PromosMakeCents 2016

      When Charlamagne said... Oh... You Wildin! I fell out. Deon Tho Shut TF Up 😂

    61. neshamck

      I forgot that LL cool J was a rapper

    62. Joe Brewer

      Bell bottoms in 2020 is gay. Sorry

    63. underwaterlady

      why do blacks call us becky?

    64. Timothy Henderson

      Guess people haven't seen I'm gonna get u sucks😆😆😆😆

    65. Anthony Moody

      Yee looking like a snack

    66. Nick Lee

      Kobe had some heat tho.

    67. Scooby MiKE

      "Where do wealthy and powerful men go to find fairness?" Lol wut

    68. keithc708

      You slipping CTG, they came for Michael Jackson Post Life and now Rick James . Not cool . Run back those slave master trials .

    69. Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

      Who gives a rats ass what one rapist has to say about another rapist just go away already

    70. Fredrick Mimms

      Ik her LV scarf is real but those logos are so big. It looks like the fake LV the boosters used to sell in the 90s! Lol jj

    71. Darryl Brooks

      Them: All lives Matter ME: Child Molesters lives matter? Them: Me:

    72. Steve B

      Somebody should have talked ll cool j out of doing the verses on addincen accidental racists

      1. truestdude

        I have 2 agree

    73. Samsung Backup

      Isn't D Cole gay though? So why would he he offended?

    74. rcandminilover

      Yeah,he is/WAS the Blk "Mamba".Not..."M.C. KOBE" haha.Good,advice LL.

      1. rcandminilover



        rcandminilover it’s called 3x’s Dope

      3. rcandminilover

        MRHIPHOPHEAD DON'T, remember I'll have to listen.


        rcandminilover Kobe wasn’t dope on the song he did with Shaq?

    75. All Eyez On Me * TMC *

      Aw i thought Kobe wasnt to bad on the mic lol

      1. Nani Wattz

        He's horrible. Glad that he quit rapping.

    76. Eighty B

      When people ask for their top 5 and never mention LL I'm like... forgive them for they know not what they do.

    77. Orlando nixon

      bill was right.. but very missplaced statement.. wrong is wrong. but i agree if we going 10s and 20 years back.. why not 60 years.. or a hundred.. facts..

    78. Tba Zizou

      Cole was wildin with that outfit..... only Prince can get away with that outfit on. 😂🤣😂

    79. Zykward

      That bill cosby statement a whole ass shitpost, it sounds like they paid some kids on reddit to write it but they got bored and just took random phrases from breitbart articles

    80. bob marley

      Singing a different tune about athletes and music since the AB interview. Odd.