Locksmith - 2017 Freestyle on Shade 45 w/ Kay Slay


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    Purchase Olive Branch here: bit.ly/LocksmithOliveBranch
    Shot & edited by Josh Eichenbaum
    Locksmith stops by Shade 45 with DJ Kay Slay and rips an 8 minute freestyle.


    1. iamlocksmith

      See u all on tour!!! 4/25: Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium 4/26: San Diego, CA @ Merrow 4/27: Las Vegas, NV @ Shattered Bar 4/28: Tucson, AZ @ Ceedee's 4/29: Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room 4/30: Amarillo, TX @ Leftwood's 5/1: Denton, TX @ Andy's Bar 5/2: Austin, TX @ Barracuda 5/3: Fort Worth, TX @ The Ridglea Lounge 5/4: Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon 5/5: Mobile, AL @ The Merry Widow 5/6: Athens, GA @ Vega Studios 5/8: Raleigh, NC @ The Pour House 5/9: New York, NYC @ Drom 5/10: Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage 5/12: Boston, MA @ Lilypad Cambridge 5/14: New Haven, IN @ Carl's Tavern 5/17: Evansville, IN @ PG 5/18: Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room 5/19: Wichita, KS @ The Elbow Room 5/20: Denver, CO @ Moe's Englewood 5/21: Colorado Springs, CO @ Royal Castle Lounge 5/22: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Loading Dock 5/23: Idaho Falls, ID @ The Gem 5/24: Boise, ID @ The Shredder 5/25: Salem, OR @ Tequila Nights 5/26: Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater 5/28: Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur 5/29: Portland, OR @ Paris Theatre 5/30: Redding, CA @ The Dip 5/31: Sacramento, CA @ The Blue Lamp 6/1: Santa Rosa, CA @ Whiskey Tip 6/2: Nevada City, CA @ Haven Underground Tix: iamlock.com

      1. SpiritualViking

        Locksmith we need you in Norway, the masses here has been comsumed by mumble rappers talkin bout bitches this and bitches that, money drugs and partying. We need a real lyricist, wake em up, bring back the old days. You the only one who can do it! This is straight FIRE 💯👀

      2. Sean Washo


      3. Dexzy 15


      4. Silliest Goose

        Dammit Lock why u gotta be coming to seattle on 5/25 im gonna be in greece for a wedding for 2 weeks im leaving in 3 days. Ive always wanted to catch one of ur shows as u are handsdown my favorite artist(not rapper, cuz what u do takes talent and actually invokes emotional responses , to me thats art, call me an old fart but for the life of me i dont understand the mainstream mumble music these kids seem to enjoy for god know what reason.) Really wanna catch a show , i buy all ur albums and try to support as much as i can. Hopefully next time. EDIT: Ive always wanted to know, i like buying physical albums , and ive purchased urs in a variety of ways but where is the best place to buy them where YOU make the money from it bc alotta times ur website is sold out and i gotta go 3rd party?

      5. Mattress Medi Centre Alberton

        We love you LOCKSMITH you the realest with love from South Africa

    2. MrGladBEASTftw

      She don’t understand half the words he sayin lmao

    3. JA W

      He said some things, one thing he said, perhaps cause it was on outro, one thing he said was"tell a n***a your dreams and he'll tell you some bad news." 123s and ABCs on mine though.

    4. Scott Stlaey

      I hear you fam Thanks for the olive branch! I wish more ppl was real in the game, but that would interfere with there programming.......

    5. Noah Jones

      Praise the Lord

    6. Chris Brown

      Let me get a cypher of Lock, Black Thought, Mos, Talib and Nas please

    7. Varun B Kumar

      What is the name of the first Beat?

    8. Roadto1ksubs with0posts

      Can we have this dude and eminem in one song.. i wanna see something

    9. Saky VeVo

      Lock wont blow cuz he keep spitting that real shit

    10. Charles Viney

      Speak so much truth these idiots around you kslay have no idea you opsosing the elites in your verses

    11. Shaun B

      Holy moly this guys the real deal Mofo Beast

    12. Eliminate

      what is the name of the second beat

      1. AssKickingDork

        Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm

    13. Name Again

      Dope verse BUTTTTT we are NOT all immigrants bro. An ENSLAVED person did NOT immigrant here. Peace

    14. Julian Maclin

      REAL TALK...EM, Dre, whom ever. GET LOCK sign this guy, dude what the fuck is wrong with you guys... EM you were the TRUTH... now listen to LOCK.. he is the TRUTH .....45th and Cutting all day

    15. Brian Scott

      It's a damn shame this video only has 456k. He murdered that shit

    16. augustus seward

      Locksmith knock that s*** down

    17. Silky Johnson

      So many bars the pop filter said fuck it

    18. Michael Cobbs

      Good freestyle.

    19. Squizzle1000

      So nice

    20. Edwin Bair

      I really hope they don't kill him he's like big L status

    21. High Voltage

      One of the nicest...if not THE nicest mc's...period!!

    22. #TheReal #FobbDeep


    23. Mister Booth

      I've only just discovered Locksmith this week. I'm amazed

    24. Paul Martin

      Damn. Smh I can listen all day. There's something meaningful in every verse.

    25. StormTheArsonist NGW


    26. xMayhem22

      I'm so happy to hear real Mc's like him keep real hip hop alive. #Locksmith 2020

    27. soldierviejo

      That Banana verse was Bananas!!🔥🔥🔥 He doesn't spit fire, he spit Brimstone and Lava🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

    28. Simon

      I also got chills wen quiet storm beat came on🤯🙆‍♂️ #locksmith is the baddest in the game ryt now. Word to God🔥🔥🔥

    29. 22phats

      Yoooo!!! Locksmith Fiya!!! New York spit from Cali!!! And He a Woke Brotha!!!

    30. Anton Belsham

      This is not human guys on a different planet amazing skills bro

    31. Ivory Powell

      Yo shorty wanna suck him off AND have all his children 😂

    32. Tray Day

      I love this man no Gay s$@&:( people sleeping

    33. Chris Rosa

      Where did this man come from seriously like I was just getting over hip hop because I was so disappointed start listening to rock music and just saying you know what I'm done I'm going back to house music and arm because there's nothing worth listening to hip-hop is dead then this man just comes like a paramedic or a surgeon and just breathe life right back into it it makes me feel like what was I thinking like where did he come from I was about to just give up on this and I love if I buy grew up in that Bob I was born 1980 just when hip-hop really started to pop a little bit and in the 90s and then I was it it died and then here comes locksmith taking it away from some white boy that thought he was the Elvis of hip Hop yet Eminem locksmith get them get them don't let him make a song with you to two-piece it up with you yo rip him off his pedestal take over I don't want to hear that you're doing songs with Eminem and you know slim shady your boy you'll rip him he's going to try to sign you he's going to try to be comrades with you cuz he knows he cannot compete with you

    34. icefrizell

      He snapped!!!!

    35. Talksick SICKMOBB MUSIC

      THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!💯💪❤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

    36. Dharminder Bhambra

      You beast....now thats rap

    37. Ali

      Hopefully next time they can slap on a different beat. Always the same ones...

    38. Sunny Bronze

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> black and middle East a real beast..... What???!!!

    39. Jiganomics Outdoors

      What ever he spit in that bottle around (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a>) had so many bars in it lol

    40. Luis Sam

      The next nigga album should be called VEINS.

    41. smith delly

      Plse don’t hesitate to hit the like button 🤙bcuz any person who hits the dislike 👎button after listening to this Raw freestyle is a hypocrite ain’t no doubt 🤔🤔

    42. GSB 144


    43. Shaquille Oatmeal

      You know shit gonna be real when the veins come out the side of the neck

    44. Anfernee Neal

      Anyone else upset that this has fucking end? Damn

    45. Slydano1

      Good rapper but where is the album? ???

    46. Taco Blaze

      Okay. First. All i do is listen to lyrical rappers. Second. This man just made me fucking speechless. Thus right here is beating the song homicide in 2019. (Lyrically)

    47. Nathan Chase

      Beat is way too low and he didn't ride the beat. A great lyrical performance but it was seriously downgraded by *almost* no beat and a disregard for said beat by Lock. Still, this is a fucking great performance.

    48. Sara Romano


    49. Sara Romano


    50. hektor judas

      olive branch...cool reference.

    51. d c

      he is the GOAT

    52. ByBass ForBass

      The best part of the freestyle to me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="511">8:31</a> : "Everytime you come up in this motherfucker i spend money". lmaooooo locksmith the GOAT of this era 🐐🔥

    53. Aritra Roy

      I graduated humanity through this freestyle!

    54. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

      The only rapper that speaks on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox's bullshit. All of them only spread half truths and propaganda. Hell even 99 percent of NOsel commentators are only giving half truths cause they're buying all the bullshit propaganda coming out of the Whitehouse from both sides. The only people who know the full truth of what goes on are the people at the top of the totem pole. I have an idea. Let's stop all financial donations to government parties and candidates and you'll see how fast they start doing what we want them to do, not what the corporations want them to do.

    55. It's Logic

      I can say more just by sayin' less I command a floor so they stay abreast Niggas rap for 40 minutes straight and say nothin' Then they turn to look at me 'cause I ain't impressed See it's quality over quantity I possess both so these other rappers should honor me I don't just boast, my main focus is honesty The game is on lock, ironically How do you play the game when the game is unfair, some bear I would rather separate than have to eat the crumbs there I would rather be myself doing something that I love Than get paid to get swept under the rug I don't give a fuck about your analytics, you full of gimmicks Real shit grows over time, and that's a given Slowly cultivate what I know is a fan base That is based on the truth and not a man made image As a man think it so shall it be I do not believe in your fallacy I will not concede or impede I just focus on me and take heed of your childish deeds Don't breathe is the concensus I know they wanna strive to desynthesize my senses I don't take offense to the fence you place in front But do the same when I choose to be blunt They say opinions are like assholes - I disagree a little Half are one side the other half is like the bittle The other half they only workin' to shine The other half only apply when they see a co-sign But me, I care less about either I'm not eager Steadily count checks and continue to live meager Mitigate the monetary sums I gross And reinvest in my dreams not material things You think it's all lights and cameras Til' you decide to stand with us Witness firsthand the circumstances they handed us Band with us if you sick of the banter it's time to banish Any and all negative draw within my canvas So I'm canvassing both coastlines most boast rhymes Claim they stackin' up O's but those folks lyin' Those tryin' to deny my acts I can only strike back with facts I run my own tours and own my own label Open my own doors and sit at my own table Half black and middle-eastern, full beastin' when I'm starvin' So I prolly won't be a little media, darling And I prolly won't eat the little crumbs that you bargain And I prolly disagree with your meaningless jargon You fake ass journalists, get your shit straight Your whole twitter-feed is a centipede of click bait Underestimated that state of me what they say to me's Nothin' more than a glorification of plagiary If I pay you a visit you better pivot Niggas say they want my spot but couldn't walk a day with me Who you know can do a show in the underground and mainstream Rock both crowds without sacrificin' the main theme My main stream of revenue is my honesty So I could care less what you execs offer me Off with his headphones, spittin' till the lead gone I know your girl well, her nickname is headstrong Heads or Tails either way, I prevail Let em keep countin' sheep I continue to count mail The best rapper in the bay for like ten years The best rapper in Cali' for like five There's really no comparing me to my peers As an artist I am one of a kind You can study my rhymes, you can study my grind You can research my work, see I'm humbly at times But when I do feel the need to stampede my position That's when jealous people take opposition They can make a claim, it's cool, no hate I do the same and feel the flame, 'cause it holds more weight But I could care less about a title When I'm more focused on opening doors for the idle It's vital that I express my feelings when I choose You tell a nigga your dreams he tell you some bad news I guess that's why I keep it to myself And I never show the cards that I'm dealt

    56. It's Logic

      Uninspired, unrequired to make a statement Unimpressive, someone invested and paid for placement Either you're braggin’ or you're crooning me The so-called progressive media, promotes the most buffoonery And tries to pass it as an exposè And expose what they say is a social threat go play Sway a politician you fishin I laugh from The same folks who voted for him, they elected the last one If you sad once you get the results then so briefly Disbelief runs deep in the very soil beneath me Got approached by a dude as I entered the Mo-Show He asked me if I still rap my reaction was "Nigga, no" If you know then you know, if you dont then why reveal 'em 30 minutes later I’m on stage engaging the building I'm building a repertoire, so massive I set the bar For myself high enough to get high off the very thought see Niggas with no talent try to reverse they debt By doing a reverse to be first or research the best It's less about the music more of a deep thirst for checks Turn around they sell you overpriced t-shirts and sweats Fuck your merch! I'm knockin' you niggas off of your perch Persecuted for being me and I'm starting a new church A new search for something greater than they doctrine No substance so they speed up they verses like an auction "Here we go, Here we go" Dead that shit, Illegible What's the difference between that and so called Mumble-Rap Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop stop the pinlashes Southern rap can be traced back to west-african syntaxes Bent-backwards tryin to segregate the artform 'diversity’ Some niggas steady street some trapped in the university Mercy me, no reversin’ the line between both What you call blasphemy I call necessary growth Look, every week I get a call text or email By somebody tryin' to sign me off my retail History [?] fits the need of a labels void Then they try to avoid any question dealin’ with detail If he sells hisself short for a lesser share Then he's less prepared when his ship's sinkin' and things fail Bring hell up the heaven’s feet Then watch the biased seek refuge in a huge hole where the sea dwells The heap hails the comparison so embarrasin' Either they want a thug or a safer artist to pair with him But fuck your label, judge a person by his merit and Watch the metric raise to a higher space where we share a win You sharin' pens you scared to stare at the glare within Every tear at him is a deep rooted generic hymn That's where the problem lays Social media rappers drop songs that coincide with every holiday Like Christmas-Day, MLK, Halloween, the Inauguration I'm sick of the saturation please show me imagination An inkling of maturation None of these rap niggas can even match what I'm facing I'm facing a new facade with every face that I encounter Counter-productive comments can never steer me down a Rabbit-hole I hold myself to a standard No other person can reach my only purpose is eat It's like we've come so far to go right back What happened to assimilation there is no white black One day you cuffin' your jeans banana republic The next day they laughin' at you throwin' bananas in public Fuck it, I'm [?] the feelin' you get when you passed on People pretend they wanna be friends but really just wanna be latched on Like a cub to a mothers tit, nothing speaks louder than a person's actions you can't retract him There's more than one way to spot a narcissist What more can one say, to stay apart from this They say it's just days before the darkness hits But I guarantee none of our past leaders had marched for this It's like hate is the only currency Planted in the soil that sprouted out from the current seed The current pleads with fear and intimidation Sold back to the public in fear of a timid nation Smear it in the face of the people you claim is ignorant No place to judge when you came from the same sentiment A regime-change is imminent You're not of pure and native descent, then guess what you're an immigrant Like we all are, nothin left but the bra fall, victim to a grudge when we all came from afar y'all Since the divisiveness how they split us and fight with us Pit us against each other and smother Indian sightfullness It's rules to the game It's rules to the game provided within Never take nothing personal, and ride for your friends Never sign to a rapper 'less you vibe with his pen Nine outta ten, they never let you shine brighter than him Then, develop your own spark try to empower your own art They flooded me with offers, I started buildin' my own arc You never find your ass set, 'till you become an asset I read the script then I wrote in my own part And I don't partake with these people and they opinions online My focus is me and improving my grind I'm using my time that I have on earth to unearth Any potential falsehoods exposin you false hoods You a farce a pathetic sum of all of your parts That's partially due in part to you refusing your heart You can start to analyze what they randomly speak Or just look inside and find what you actually seek Olive Branch

    57. Michael koukoui123


    58. Cognitive Chaos

      Who the fuck are the 191 cunt-muffins that down-voted this brilliant blessing of real Hip-Hop!!

    59. NumbersAndSports

      Message was dope, lyrics were on another level, flow was a bit off because he was trying to fit a ton into each line so that's a given. Either way this was up there as far as radio drops in the last few years.

    60. Madu Nwagbo

      Her reactions in the background 😂

    61. Katlego Motaung

      I've heard so many freestyle rappers choke on beats. Locksmith chokes beats!!

      1. Corby Kafui Afetorgbor Fiagbe

        Katlego Motaung lock is the Zlatan of music

    62. Dauntless Shepherd

      Beyond amazing! Brilliant.

    63. jnf10596

      What's the second beat. Ik the song but can't remember. It's killing me

    64. çŁøÑę

      Yes! A Bay Area rapper who is this fuckin fire, and blueface tried to fuckin say he’s the face of the bay. Gtfo, this fuckin guy got it

    65. Amanda D

      Hes insane.So much wisdom!Certain words he says , if i cloae my eyes, i hear NIP

    66. Amanda D

      Certain words he said sounds sooo much like Nip

    67. Seldom Seen

      Locksmith is a beast, always coming with great content!!

    68. spontaneous news

      Dislikes are MAGA-t country

    69. brianwilson49

      Oh shhhhhhiiiiiiiiit ............! 🔥

    70. Yogi Wright

      Amazed by dude true story

    71. Eric Bircs

      Too much.... Thank God for rewind buttons...

    72. Silliest Goose

      This shit is so real the comment section needs another locksmith bar "they say lock ,you better watch what you say in these songs, being honest is a wealth deterrent"

    73. Hank Humoro

      This guy reminds of a rapper called K rino

    74. Cbd 420

      She wants his nut on her face.

    75. silentscribes

      Amateur on the board

    76. Sir Turtle

      I feel like people forgot what the definition of a freestyle was. I blame Eminem.

    77. Nevin

      Locksmith so nasty bro

    78. Elvis South

      Soooooooo... he goes off on the first beat... then had the DIRTY NERVE to do Super Saiyan on that second beat???😮😮✊✊✊✊ #Beast

    79. Voracity_T

      Just shwed this by a pal You got fire son. Big the fuck ups an keep 'em coming

    80. clay carpenter

      Ok I think a big misconception of freestyle is that it is made up on the spot. Its not. Lyricists now they are gonna be on these radio shows and have thought of these things. Its brilliant but think about it. There aint no way when they come up with a song they take time to figure out what theu are gonna say but they can spit this out on the spot?? Nah man. Its jist freestyle cause they spin any beat and the lyrics arent to set music that is planned out.