Locksmith - "Clouds" Official Video


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    Preorder my album ALI: foundation-media.lnk.to/LocksmithAli
    Available 12/7/18
    Directed by Jose Godinez
    DP Francisco Godinez

    Track prod by Kato On The Track & Gummy Beatz
    Locksmith holds nothing back in his new visual for "Clouds."
    Thanks so much to Roundhouse Productions


    1. mommamogel 2

      Locksmith Dave east Vado neekbucks real ak they out here yall

    2. C T

      Never heard of u but I glad I found u. U are Legendary. Black eminem Officially my favorite rapper.

    3. Jj K

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 I need j Cole and locksmith to make a album

    4. Joanna Dawson

      Directed by Jose Godinez.... amazing direction man

      1. Joanna Dawson

        the shot with smith in all 3 windows is so good

    5. Christian Smith

      You got a new listener from the sway freestyle. knowledge and you my only competition. No Homo.

    6. Charles Pulliam

      Dude got bars

    7. TheyWantUSilent

      People: "_____ (fill in the blank with your favorite rapper) has the rap game on LOCK!" Me: [calls Locksmith]

    8. The Expert

      The way lock kills these type of beats....fucking ridiculous

    9. NIMMHATV Rap Beats

      everytime i check a locksmith song im amazed by his lyrics.. FOH!!!!!! damn

    10. Chad Morrison

      It's a damn shame this dude isn't recognized as one of the best lyricist in the game. Instead we have bums taking over the hip hop world. You have J. Cole, Kendrick, Nick Grant, Tech Ni9e, Hopsin, Locksmith, Big Sean, BOB, Yelawolf, Joyner Lucas, Rittz and a few more the rest can kick rocks.

    11. Jon Doe

      Sick As Flip Truss Mii

    12. Shawn McAllister

      Holy shit you the truth...

    13. MasterPsyi

      Locksmith too dope for these stupid new school beats. Stop picking these shit beats

    14. Robert Alexander

      The Reeeeal, HIPHOooP

    15. D. Ras

      Volume mad a road it shot💪💯🔥🔥🔥😤

    16. John Fernandes

      The 105 of ya the pushed the 👎 button 🖕 You!!!!

    17. Anubis Daniels

      U have a new follower love your vibe

    18. OneWay Rompers


    19. #1NATUREVERSE {ME_Rambo Inner GorillaYoda_365dayz}

      🔥🔥🔥🔥THIS S***!UP2020🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️ AND BEYOND LET'S GO🥊🥊🥊🥊

    20. WaveOfBlacK

      LOGIC got his competition cut out for him don't he? :D

    21. Jayson Tamura

      Only 276k views is blasphemy this man deserves all the views

    22. Mark Frantz

      always fire Love from Tel Aviv

    23. Jsson Hicks

      I'm feeling your jams and your flow is beastly positive your damned good lyricist so it would seem so far so good at three tracks in from ya !u have my attention!!! NICE!!!!

    24. Simeon Akpik

      Too much message, not enough listener's.

    25. CorLogic Music

      Lock and Chris Rivers would be my dopest collab right now! KILLAS

    26. Brandon Bagley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> "You can't rap, but your vibe is pushin' the immature recognize to provide a cushion. The more mature look aside at the times we shouldn't. America eats it's young, we subscribe to push it. We supply the dinnerwear, we been aware. If we don't feel instantly entertained, we look away for bigger fare!" Yikes...

    27. Krissy Bousquet


    28. R Waldo

      Lock if you did a collab with King Iso that shit would literally crash youtube servers.

    29. InfectedNueroPathWays

      this is necromancy because hes bringing something dead back "lyricisim" lock is GOAT

    30. Simon Mcdonald

      Hopsin, Tech,

    31. Kaloyan Nachev

      On the real tho, I think you surpassed all of the true hip hop artist. Maybe not Em but at least you're on the same level (to me). We need people like you

    32. EverytingsFx

      Head in the clouds I don't need handshakes and I don't need smiles I don't need nobody's hand in my pocket To siphon my profits or eat off my vowels I been on tour for like 52 dates I knocked a new one in 20 new states I been uneasy on how they receive me The crescents conceived me you cannot escape You ain't gotta listen but it's still fact Most of these niggas be steady trickin' but I still stack I know the difference between a sucker and a real Mac I am from Richmond, when I was young they instilled that I hear the shit that you niggas drop and I calmly (What?) Disregard any credit so you could never con me (What?) Now you got the nerve and the gall to ask me what I been feelin' My opinion is "Nigga, that's beyond me!" I gotta different kind of agenda than entertainin' pretenders Came in the game with splinters it was costly (Cost) I can remember when you had tried to dismember my credibility Silly rapper don't ever try to cross me! (Yeah) God bless you, I request you to keep a large gap Between me and the raps that you peddlin' (What?) Now you wanna come and play damage control Manage your soul, I be right here after the dust settles in, settlin' How do I take the negative, narrow it to a narrative Narrowly reachin' my goals, you froze when the air was thin (Hey) Would you rather follow a dream or a meme I rather follow my heart a stark line of comparison (Woo) Comparin' me to the next man is shiftless If you don't see it now don't ask later forgiveness (Nah) I don't do friendship, I do business Either you bear arms or bear witness Listen [Chorus] You fuckin' wit' a true one (True one) I can see the snakes when they do come (Do come) I can see the stakes when they do run (Do run) But you don't see the place that I grew from (Grew from) It's Richmond on mine You felt a way but act different online You take my kindness for weakness so fuckin' egregious you don't deserve none [Verse 2] I, I, I, I been in front of the fronters and front runners who front numbers Who run from us incumbent to come at you come summer (Ah) Some of you sonned under my under side are uninspired I come alive, you come at I with a sunken vibe I summarize your sum of lies And every son of a bitch bitchin' my sudden rise, suckin' life (Suck!) My undivided is unrequited I become quiet as soon as you niggas sigh or you sub a lie Don't expect me to write off with a light scoff The nights off you took predictin' what I thought (Yeah) So I bought into the bullshit that you sail with Now I'm much wiser a umpire your sales pitch (Argh) You frail bitch you're paperthin and unholy I tell you what the universe had once told me You can say what you like with no concern But every action comes back in return I'm turnin' my back now, I never will back down I bat down whenever you lash out I rather would hash out, 'stead of the fast route I cast out any distraction Niggas use social platforms for egotistical traction I cashed in on my own terms then ran back Self determination determines where I would land that I ransacked the industry fuck your empathy (Fuck!) Instantly niggas tried to retract from where they stand at You can't rap but your vibe is pushin' The immature recognized to provide a cushion The more mature look aside at the times we shouldn't America eats its' young we subscribe and push it We supply the dinnerware we been aware If we don't feel instantly entertained, we look away for bigger fare Pick a pair of hot artists I kill 'em both And watch 'em fall prey to my lyricism and growth (Yeah!) [Chorus] You fuckin' wit' a true one (True one) I can see the snakes when they do come (Do come) I can see the stakes when they do run (Do run) But you don't see the place that I grew from (Grew from) Yeah, it's Richmond on mine You felt a way but act different online You take my kindness for weakness so fuckin' egregious you don't deserve none

    33. Icy-E IMR

      The Norte grafiti haha <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>

    34. 1776spartan


    35. Dr. Michael A. Wright, PhD for MAWMedia Group

      Put in that work, Lock! #Inspiration

    36. Jeff Rankin

      Dude the growth since rare form is just incredible

    37. Eldrick Hall

      Fam, if you EVER come to Denver, I'll be there.

    38. Gabriel Rossy


    39. Josh K

      Raw Talent

    40. AbadazadYT Gaming

      This is insane

    41. PEP 3750


    42. oracle86_ _

      If anyone cares this video was filmed at Fort Ord in Salinas California. Place is tight.

    43. Tu Pac

      I'm here

    44. Billy Fergus

      Lock is like that crazy uncle of the rap game that you dont question or step to lol 🔥💯

    45. X6S+Juz+raper

      Locksmith with King Iso need do collabo track

    46. Trenton Streator

      A pair of hot artists? How about Joyner and Eminem? Time to get off your high horse, sir. Just because you claim to be one of the Goats doesn't make you one. lol you're an 8/10 artist...

    47. Zack Holguin

      Dam it! I didn't realize how big of a fan of Locksmith I am until: I started saying shit like " I Concur " Haha all good.. I thank God he blessed us with a MC like Lock... This guy is one of one!

    48. Level1up Chi_town420

      Fuckin lit 🔥🔥🔥🎤🎼🔊💯 game on locksmith

    49. Syed Isamuddin

      The dude is just like Logic. Both are biracial

      1. Zack Holguin

        Syed:: I agree with you bro as far a Lyricism.! And, I like logic always been a fan of Young Sinatra not young anymore. But, point being Logic is dope.. But, when I Hear LOCKSMITH bruh, i dunno man. Maybe, to me it sounds like soul to soul. To all his fans. But, most of all HIMSELF!

    50. Flash

      Locksmith here reminds me of NF

    51. Frank Perez

      He just went in with the submachine Gun.

    52. Jakub Niewiada

      Man, can you explain to me this line "Who run from us incumbent to come at you come summer" - WTF, I know that in-cum-bent but I don't get it.

    53. a.m.Rose Perspective Reflections

      TRUTH BE TOLD!!!!!!!!

    54. Ethan Ryans

      Why am I just hearing this for the first time ever 10mins ago?! Popped up on my spotify and its👌🏾🔥

    55. HalfBlood418

      lol just bought this beat


      Greatest rapper alive

    57. J King

      Locksmith and jarren Benton are my jam to my peanut butter

    58. a.m.Rose Perspective Reflections

      Marry me!!!!!!!!

    59. Joshua Gahan

      Fuck me why am I only just now discovering Locksmith. just fucking wow.. I thought this level of lyricism died long ago.

      1. Syed Isamuddin

        Joshua Gahan Alright hear these: K Rino - Duality MC Ren - Hounddoggz Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces Chino XL - Nahhh! MC Ren feat Big Rocc - Mind Blown Nas - World Is yours Wu TANG Clan - Gravel Pit K Rino - If Words Could Kill Rakim - Guess Who's Back The Firm feat Canibus - Desperados Raekwon feat Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, GZA - Guillotine (Swords) N.W.A. - Alwayz Into Somethin Kool G Rap feat Nas - Fast Life Raekwon feat Ghostface Killah - Rainy Dayz GZA - I Gotcha Back K Rino - I'm Not LL Cool J feat Method Man, Redman, Canibus, DMX - 4,3,2,1 Kendrick Lamar feat J Rock - money trees

      2. Joshua Gahan

        @Syed Isamuddin Care to give recommendations then? Like at the end of the day its purely subjective, but I'd say Locksmith if not one of the best, certainly is in the running. About the only thing I can fault him for is his his composition and structure can be a bit weak compared to his lyricism.

      3. Syed Isamuddin

        Joshua Gahan this is still average I'd say. There are a lot of much better rappers. No disrespect to Locksmith, he's still a beast but there are beastlier beasts

    60. Claude Smith

      Need to see a lock,eminem,JCole,tech n9ne,krizz collab 👏👏

    61. Claude Smith

      Lock would kill the majority of rappers now a days fr so slept on.

    62. T M

      Great song, horrible graffiti

    63. impirumcrypt

      Discovered Lock through the recent Murs tour and I'm genuinely mad I slept on him this long. A pioneer for the future of conscious hip hop 🔥

    64. Diezel D


    65. Daniel Camou

      The lyrics are fucking raw but the best is bugging me out

    66. Andrew Rutherford

      nosel.info/video/video/r6etn43bmY2j3ac.html "Words are weapons of mass destruction yet we all have the power to brave this journey, rap is an art, free writing is a start, now only you and I will ever be neat, try to discover the reputation I've had, gone from bad to bone and now the Devil wants a piece of Me well he can't have me I'm straight dog you won't ever be me, so childish, leave the heater at home when you come Son, I won't ever talk about my Family over Everything unless I need to, I'm the King of the Castle the Leech of the Beach that deeds me, Win everything, but, won't share, fuck this, no matter what I've been through - FreeSpeak - reality is a bit h these days, no matter how repetitive each song is we all get paid to be perfect so what do I need to do to prove to you that Biggie and PAC was small talk, I won't let Hip Hip nor Music die, we're all rich in time but the label's expect impossibilities that not even Me can win unless I free mix every Beat!!"

    67. Jj K

      Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. My Note 7 just blew up playing this

    68. Abdullah S.


    69. muhaDK


    70. Orio

      locksmith and joynar lucas??? locksmith and NF???

    71. Baird Carver

      King ISO, K.A.A.N and locksmith in a song would be a 12 syllable a second butter flow track.

    72. Teejay S

      yoo I hit dislike by accident bro!! just saw when rewatching man, you're of the greatest!!

    73. Brandon Mcdowell

      For those that put them dislikes on here go listen to "lil" whoever.

      1. Syed Isamuddin

        Brandon Mcdowell what about Lil Wayne. Oh wait he sucks too ☺

      2. BRUTHA WAR

        ha ha! Big Facts!

    74. Bellah Gage

      Love this song so much. Never get sick of it.

    75. BRUTHA WAR

      SALUTE Locksmith! Lyrical conscious hip Hop can shift the consciousness of the masses. That's why i still spit in spite of the wicked machine of the evil industry.

    76. 13RodFishing

      I want hear Lock and Token on a track

    77. Brandon Ohara

      So sick 🔥

    78. Nephibis


    79. biggest pac fan alive

      Euhmmm. Wtf this is good!

    80. lawrence Vazquez

      Crack for a lyrical fien like me