Locksmith - Gimme A Sec (Official Video)


267 k ganger28

    Preorder my album ALI: foundation-media.lnk.to/LocksmithAli
    Directed by Jesse Ray Diamond
    Track prod by Decap
    Locksmith rises above the nonsense in this captivating visual.


    1. Dan Willey

      Selling you lies cos you fresh out of truth

    2. Tales Of The Blue Eyed Indian

      Hopsin where you at

    3. Bolo YEUNG

      Who the fuck rap like that nowadays ON THIS KIND OF INSTRUMENTAL ???LOCK MADAFUCKING SMITH

    4. Henry Figueroa

      You gotta Huge fan inspired,Shout out Locksmith much Love and respect My nigga! #BUFFALO,NEW YORK #QUEENCITY

    5. Yiraiya Azrael Yisrael Bey

      This shit is fucking fire king keep grinding for self I.S.L.A.M #SHALAWAM

    6. moosaleene7 Superserious

      Congratulations the winner is LOCKSMITH!!

    7. Rashade butler


    8. Dj mike reda

      i'm locked in

    9. Michael Cobbs

      This video and song is fire! music.apple.com/ca/album/olive-branch/1200315009 music.apple.com/ca/album/no-question/1375747342 music.apple.com/ca/album/ali/1441821791

    10. Adam Johann

      Akhi need to gain weight

    11. eMCee Lo

      Ridiculously 🔥

    12. dark poetry

      that violin though

    13. Chris Random

      Locksmith is fire all alone. I'm not sure if there is anyone out there that could match his dynamic.

    14. Chris Random


    15. King J-dubb

      This dude is a lyrical monster. Love every song so far

    16. OneWay Rompers

      From the dirt comes nourishment!!

    17. #1NATUREVERSE {ME_Rambo Inner GorillaYoda_365dayz}


    18. Binx Negale

      LS been slept on. Lyrical beast. Dope beat #hiphopheads

    19. Vanessa Smalls

      his music is so underrated man .. ❤️

    20. King wallz

      I’m so fat I was like please don’t step on the food!

    21. Daniel Khashabi

      Where is the Persian intro tho? :-/ That was my favorite part ...

    22. jonathan gomez


    23. Robert Crinclesack

      this dude locksmith is a breath of fresh air I feel his message don't stop keep it pushin


      Hope 2 do a collabo 1 day soon. LOKSMITH ft. J-$PITTAH



    26. Joel Viramontes

      cypher Joyner locksmith logic Jarren Benton Torey Lanez

    27. Fikret Doğan Karaerkek

      I am gonna like every video of yours and drop a comment to support you I cant do much then this, I am from Turkey. Or maybe I can buy your album online, if I can I will. Love and respect from Turkey.

    28. Giovanni Jimenez

      Good video tired of all these green screens

    29. that408guy

      Violin killing it

    30. Gerio film Productions

      This needs a million views mannn


      True story

    32. Eric Bircs

      Dope ass vid. Heard the song 1000 times. 1st time w vid. Him and Joyner top 2 atm

    33. Cassidy Yeary

      Any chance we can spit this on stage together lol wishful thinking anywho love this song lock 🙌❤

    34. Vait TV

      wow lit lit... locksmith ft Dax will be crazy...

    35. Vait TV

      wow lit lit... locksmith ft Dax will be crazy...

    36. LegionDaGhost

      Lock, Joyner and Los in one track please, hip hop needs it...Respect as usual Lock...

    37. Zack Holguin


    38. Code Red

      Jesus Christ!!! This mother-fucker dope.

    39. Miss Miller

      so under rated its sickening man

    40. Lucifer's Luck

      Selling you lies cuz they fresh outta truth.... Nuff said sir

    41. Jay Worldforever

      The whole video and lyrics were 🔥

    42. Tony Sossa

      Hell ya Joyner and locksmith!!!! They both lyrically on another level. Actually talking about something. Genius's at work!

    43. Sujash Bharadwaj

      If I get a chance to see any song live it would be this dawg

    44. Sujash Bharadwaj

      Dude I found you on spotify and you are seriously straight up fire

    45. alyse deanda

      Like im legit afraid for you....

    46. alyse deanda

      Locksmith... Please be careful ok. Your the only one left with anything worth to say. #ripNip

    47. Andrew Rutherford

      "so different than what I wrote before... ~ ...."weak"

    48. SCRIPT 707


    49. ryhe 87

      Locksmith with Pusha T with a Pharrel Williams production would be bass Phat dope. Coke to this

    50. vertex

      Is he a muslim?

    51. Vanessa Smalls

      can we all take a minute and think about that for a second .. this artist is murder man his songs are murder and this song has only 100.000 klicks? why man .. why these people listening to trash rather than good music good rap murder song .. i don't understand

    52. Matthew LaMacchia

      They forced me into Alcatraz against the word of God well their god....I can relate what your saying...

    53. RG


    54. Frank Perez

      Hip Hop.

    55. Tiffany White

      Please do a song with Joyner 👌🔥🖤

    56. Matthew LaMacchia

      The Alpha-Bet is fallen symbols the demi-urge....The symbol is a negative energy that's why the world is ran this way...The word is controlled how it's used to create destructions according to their heavens....That's why when people use the word they can become like God's like sons.....Because symbols alphabets are fallen(demi-urge) word is water....The liar Jesus says I have water that will never make you thirst again....do you know what I say Babel-on.....

    57. Kelly Bedwell

      That Persian Swag on hard beats is fucking FIRE!!!

    58. David A AFG TILL I DIE!!

      OMG the boy got Mad skills.. So underrated and hated, but still comes out harder than any of these mainstream rappers. Fuck them all.. My Nigga locksmith's Muslim gens put him on a whole nother level. Love your shit lock you honestly are the best hands down brother One Love!

    59. Rocky Hash

      💯💯💯💯 I appreciate ur music

    60. tapiwa gumbie

      Is locksmith islamic

    61. ASH


    62. Matthew Moore

      locksmith Token and joyner

    63. James 89

      How can you dislike this?? Perfect hip hop

    64. Uncreative Name

      I really like the name Locksmith I don't know why

    65. Ro C

      Here before 100 million views

    66. TheSomnambule

      Have listened to Lock's music for years now. I love the music, but I despise the videos. They all have him jumping around making hand gestures. It just looks really corny. For someone as intelligent and creative his videos come off really lazy. His ideas for the Rederik video were good, but it was basically just a compilation of him awkwardly moving around and making hand gestures.

    67. Matthew LaMacchia

      Sorry Nimrod there shouldnt be a table in the first place but haveing Rigel(feet) on the table.....Even man would hate that....

    68. Jez O

      Only 174,877 views??? Such a shame. People don't know real music anymore.

    69. Ryan Rust

      How tf are people still sleeping this hard on Locksmith?

    70. S.w.c m16

      got dammit he deserve recognition

    71. Lucky son of a gun

      This man is an artist, his words.........beautiful! Encore! Encore!

    72. Lone Wolf

      One day, I hope to work with you. -Lone 🐺

    73. Stefanie Renee

      That beat is FIRE, and rhyme of course....;) :P

    74. Matthew LaMacchia

      I like the flows but why does everyone bring in god...It doesn't exist....It just sucks I'm trying to explain it through your perception but I can't stomach it anymore...The Jewish diety called god doesn't exist....I don't live in that perception.....

    75. RAM

      I stand amazed that so many people measure success and fulfillment with "record signing" and money, and keep saying that Locksmith should get signed, he should be more acknowledged, make more money, etc. But all of his lyrics speak AGAINST all of that, and for all you too keep saying such things just shows that you're not listening a thing he wrote... Nope, Locksmith knows who he is, doesn't need insipid admiration, possessions or confirmation. Those who truly listen to what he says value him for that.

    76. Adam Finley

      Locksmith & Em. Would be dope

    77. Pharcee Rap

      underrated yet a god! mad respect from sweden

    78. Larry Flynn


    79. Markus Engfelt

      locksmith is so underated !