Locksmith - "Imperfect" feat. Jarell Perry


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    Locksmith paints a vivid picture of a past relationship for the official video to "Imperfect." The visual co-stars Tyra Young and Devon Libran and is directed by Amadeuz Christ.
    The track is produced by Locksmith & Mike Blakenship
    Co-produced by DJ D-Sharp


    1. iamlocksmith

      My New Album OLIVE BRANCH drops March 31, 2017. Preorder Here: bit.ly/LocksmithOliveBranch

      1. Raphael Hameed

        Rakim, Nas, Moss Def (Yasiin Bey), Black Thought or Talib Kweli but this flow sounds like Prodigy, the ' best friend' that Eminem sacrificed after stealing his style to be made a 'Star', sort of like what Lady Ga-Ga did to her 'best friend'... anyway, this is awesome R-age A-gainst P-oisonous P-eople

      2. jdbankshot

        have you ever heard hip-hop music? i don't think you have. stop insulting the b-boys & the true heads with your horrible beat choices. hard kick drum, hard snare, hi-hats, all in 4/4 timing, all in the 90 to 100 bpm range. fuck this, i'm gonna go listen to vinnie paz or some ol' black moon shit, i'm in the mood for some hip-hop. do a whole album produced by primo, or at least go to brooklyn or some shit like that. geez, wake up, you're one of the best with a pen & a microphone, but you can't find an sp 1200 or an mpc 60? c'mon.

      3. Carl Williams

        iamlocksmith bout time you crossed the pond fam! When you in the U.K??? 🎤🔥👊🏽

    2. Edwin Bair

      Right then I realized that it was never mine 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    3. Rick T

      Finally a lyrical rapper

    4. Jsson Hicks

      Now that was a really surreal track right there AND THAT IS DOPE CONTENT OF REALISM IN LIFE !NICE !

    5. lashawn photography

      Locksmith , the definition of a real hip pop

    6. Eyedeas

      One of the most real songs I'v ever heard. Keep up the work much love

    7. Joseph Mutenda

      lets share this video with friends and fam

    8. Joseph Mutenda

      Great story.. life lesson.. Delivery on point.. Instrumental is tight too..

    9. Y.P

      Deep and dopest song ever!!!!!! Keep it going locksmith

    10. Sol Ramirez


    11. MrSecretSentai

      always love it when I discover an artist that has a shit ton of songs I can digest. Just got yourself a new fan.

      1. Miss Miller

        MrSecretSentai I'm the Same way

    12. diamond city Battle LEAGUE


    13. Tay Red

      This is the realest that I've heard in my 30 years on this earth. Stay true!💯👐

    14. Boitumelo Modise

      my medicine ...

    15. Brother B

      From beginning to end this explains my whole relationship. We recently cut the ties for good and I've never been hurt this much my whole life. But Lock you show me that I'm not alone and there's light at the end of this dark tunnel. ✊🏽

    16. Mario Meeker

      I love you as a person man thank you so much for putting yourself and your thoughts and experiences out there for everybody to see and learn from, i truly deeply appreciate it . Your music is the truth and has saved my life by giving me strength to keep going despite my faults and dis accomplishments !!!

    17. Rickey Haynes

      Internet is filled with trolls and antagonist who just do stuff just cus they wanna see the world burn. No way the people who dislike this song actually hate it!

    18. James Bond

      One of the only comments section on NOsel that's not just people talking shit on each other.

    19. GILITEEN624

      wow substance by the gallons

    20. Michael Cobbs

      Nice lyrics.

    21. Branden Miller

      I don't usually comment on this stuff fam but if ur reading ur well under rated and u open my mind up from writers uninspiration, if that makes sense. Regardless keep it up fam, we're listening.

    22. nathan youtube

      I wish this guy had a lot more views he really needs it

    23. J Salamander

      fucked up ending but very nice song

    24. TheStreetZ89

      1st song I heard now I'm a fan. Knew about his freestyles, but I felt this on a forgotten level of real.

    25. Spud North

      this is hip hop man. wow, just wow. you cut deep man I love the meaning behind every bar you do man. real.

    26. tahleho mpapa

      locksmith i am african man believe me your one of the greatest lyricists of all time just keep giving people what they want to hear..Hardest song Ever,Imperfect and open doors my favorites

    27. Israel Ndoma

      Man ur great !!!!

    28. romoy gayle

      This song really speaks to me because of the fact that I've always thought about a lot of the things he's saying

    29. Digital Omen

      never thought a rapper could surpass pac, then locksmith drops bombs like this!!! incredible!!!!

    30. Trademark uk

      Just explains it all.......Islam is a deep belief system.

    31. PsyintZ

      Locksmith is so dope. It's like Immortal Technique's lyricism mated with Crooked I's flow and had a crack baby. Really wish people would stop sleepin' on this cat. He deserves a lot more respect than he gets.

    32. Grayfizzle

      i love you jaci

    33. Bernard Glover

      Locksmith and 9th wonder tune is a must.so underrated #slepton

    34. Official Inception


    35. Ari Tanriover


    36. stathis kapnidis

      PPL like the video to promote locksmith....btw i am just a fan

    37. Swrvy

      He for sure is apart of the top 5 real and lyrical rappers, hands down.

    38. Maniacal

      I hit the like button before I even hear any Locksmith song as I know its going to be deep, dope, amazing and spine chilling. He speaks the truth even if it is keeps him hidden because the rap world is a big lie.

    39. bigshizhr1

      I've been rocking with Locksmith for some year's....incredible lyricist, i appreciate your talent bro (real hip hop)

    40. Bobby Baca

      DAMN!!! I cant believe i have never heard of this guy until yesterday!! He is dope as hell, keep doin your thang bruh...this is real hip hop!!

    41. Yaya Keita


    42. Peter Fisher

      i saw one video on Facebook. best thing that happened today.

    43. Officer Onduty

      do a collab with tech

      1. Ari Tanriover

        +Daredevil99 definitely a clash

      2. Bubdiddly

        Really? Feel like that's a clash of style.

    44. Jamie Sullivan

      I discovered you today.. holy shit dude your incredible

    45. Smanstew Comedy

      Man I feel the emotion in this.

    46. AcezS7

      50K VIEWS!!!! are you seriousssss!!!

    47. gangstarr 1333

      damn, love this man. Rap to the fullest

    48. Howell Family

      that #Lucky10Sweepstakes commercial song is 🔥🔥🔥

    49. Félix Gauthier

      Man you are saving rap not just with this song but all of them !

    50. thulasizwe thulani

      I don't ever go a day without lock in ma headphones cz man recently ma life seemed to be depending on your music now and it keeps me strong for the next day and it's challenges....INSPIRED BY LOCKSMITH

      1. Havoc1521

        Goodstuff My Brother. fill your life with only positive energy and vibes. keep your head above the water my Brother.

      2. Sam Styrax

        +thulasizwe thulani Man, Lock is so criminally underrated.

    51. John Michael

      Good video.

    52. Josh R

      So fucking dope.

    53. Kira Melly

      Maaaan, Thats A Crazy Twist At The End.....SMH... I Gotta Say, Though....I Admire How Locksmith Can Express Himself..... Keepin'It Real To The Fullest....Have Mad Respect For Locksmith.

      1. James Bond

        wow you point out the homie being a straight creep and you end up being a stalker creep type like wow dude.

      2. aj Jonson

        +Lady R Hayy

      3. Howell Family

        +Josh Guglielmo. oh lawd 😂😂😂😂😂😭

      4. NOBODY

        I made u smile. My mom told me if I can make a girl smile I can get in her pants ! And I already made u smile once .

      5. Kira Melly


    54. alberts1985

      Snap of the tangerine dream Out the bong

    55. Kelly Dale

      3 weeks ago was the first time i ever heard of Locksmith's music and its so heart-rending, dramatic, and touching. Its like a soft rap. He's from California. He's excellent thanks to my brothers in philadelphia never would of known about him. :)

    56. Sanguine

      DAMN last line love that shit

    57. MostHated Kemis

      Fucking aye that shit was intense... Amazing song and especially the end... Locksmith, u a pimp, a true emcee, keep doing Wat ur doin.. ur inspiration is alot to me

    58. RAWLE

      i like this

    59. 3rdDegreeOfficial

      Yo Locksmith, this song has made me a supporter for life. So damn relatable. I wish i thought of writing this song

    60. ninoroxsox

      aye lock was that dude in the video left?

    61. C.S. Patch

      "I been a liar, I been a cheater, I'd rather sleep with a stranger than be a man and leave her" WOOOOO I had to stand up and sit down. Lyric game on point.

      1. Yaniel Suarez

        That's the worst feeling. Playing with a girl's heart when you know she deserves better.

    62. Jerreal K'hari

      Wow. I don't a lyric has ever made my stomach drop before. @iamlocksmith you've definitely got a real talent here man.

    63. NRGvision1111

      Good music!

    64. ariesxflame

      thanks for writing this.

    65. t0pn0tchb0ss3

      I love a happy ending

    66. Anthony MacDonald

      Locksmith. The dramatic headbob thingy ya got going on...kinda old and cliche bro.

    67. Pailess

      I can relate to this...

      1. Christopher Bowley

        Me too, almost identically.

    68. Breeezy B

      If I were tech n9ne i'd scrape lock & jeff turner up so quick damn cmon strange please sign these guys

    69. Rob

      The video girl hurt as hell

      1. V Sanchez

        Flawed Da General which one?

    70. Tommy Dufresne

      sick rapper awsome

    71. Gutter Raised

      Great song

    72. ether150

      Locksmith the ONLY battle rapper I'm aware of that can make a nice album. Long way from GTSL locksmith!!! Keep up the good work!

    73. Fetamean

      That ending. Goddamn, Lock.

    74. LightWeight22

      this is aiight Lock, I need that shit i could be on the block on..that "street music".....you a talented brother..always kept my ears occupied.

    75. adashdre

      When you said, "Damn." I was like...Damn.

    76. Siva Karan

      Just WOW, delivers every time!

    77. Julian Cruze

      Epic ma nigga. #salutetoarealone

    78. 503RubenMusic - Ruben Malyan

      Incredible. Raw. Thought Provoking.


      GOOD JOB LOCK!!!

    80. natasha tomczewski

      wow this made me cry, awesome song as usual =)))