Locksmith - "Rederik" (Official Video)


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    My album ALI: foundation-media.lnk.to/LocksmithAli
    Directed by Jesse Ray Diamond
    Track prod by Decap
    Always displaying a passion for lyricism, Locksmith doesn't hold anything back.

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    1. The Geeky Hub Gadgets

      Why am I only discovering this album now

    2. IcyShots 710

      Anyone know where I can buy his albums?

    3. JgidHQ

      Imagine if TDE grabbed Lock Ab-Soul x Locksmith?

    4. HighOnAmmo

      top 5 of the new decade lets go

    5. KxNG SLicK

      Bruvvv, this guy needs to collab w Joyner.😈🔥 that shit would be fireeee.

    6. Robert Peppo

      One of the sickest videos. Lyrically 🔥

    7. Dj mike reda

      this shit should have more than 100k views i'm not surprised with the stuff you talk about they will never let you shine mainstream cause your arab and your believe smh

    8. Rashade butler


    9. Darren McDonough

      Why does this guy not have much views compared to others ? Hes way dope

    10. Sam Monteiro

      Been on Locksmith for a while this one goes ! Sway freestyle had to remind me still a beast keep pushing, carve your own lane !!!

    11. Gc0rD

      Jray Killed This Shit Salute Man

    12. InfectedNueroPathWays

      how the fuck this doesnt have more views? second coming of jesus just so he can like this video

    13. Voice Of Rogue

      Still dont understand how this only has 103k views.. this BAAAAAAANGS 💥 Big up from the UK

    14. Hollow Man


    15. Lorenzo Billy Begay

      I'm about 2 hit dis Challenge next 🤔 can't Bleave I didn't kno' about it 👀 check out my #OnGodChallenge 🔥

    16. Symes Alexander

      Locksmith 🔥🔥🔥👍

    17. Ben Becic

      This is my favorite song on the album

    18. Isaiah Nunez

      Why the fuck is he so underrated smh

    19. Tad Anderson

      Decap- This or That 🔥💪

    20. Luis Villagomez

      Locksmith needs more creds cause the man speaks trooof

    21. Mark Eli Music

      This beat is CRAZYYYYY!

    22. tyler edwards

      "You only give help when you control the narrative" - God damn Think about this statement. #truth

    23. Fate Created

      Fuck everyone that doubted me hits home for me. The sound of overcoming obstacles

    24. Barbarian Battles


    25. noun uneedtono

      This world makes me sick, can we all just leave Earth already?

    26. Greg Tobin

      Anyone out there that thinks this beat is similar to the forest temple music from legend of Zelda Ocarina of time???!!? Lock you killed this

    27. Kylan Simpson

      So underrated

    28. Tonki Osman

      80k views on a fuckin banger

    29. Pebbles Stone

      Never disappointed . Lyrical Master !!!

    30. Matt Natoli

      hip hop

    31. not bogus

      Bruh save some bars for the rest of us

    32. idrisou Abdi

      ....always appreciated locks honesty....quality over quantity....got the game on ..lock....🐐🐐🐐🐐this nigga just different ...

    33. joshua arguelles

      Dude keep going, I just found you and you are impressive, your style to the depth of your lyrics. You will be an artist who will be remembered for all fucking time

    34. OBEYwalker

      Get em Lock! No mercy from the Bay

    35. The Illustrator SA

      Dope video

    36. Orio

      This actually dope. The video and the music are both super cool. Imma have to check more of this guys music fr

    37. Aaron Carlson

      I accidentally disliked for like 3 days and I even listened to it like 40 times

    38. Andrew Bassett

      Everything about this is amazing. Lyrics, the song, the video editing!

    39. don shua

      you blowin up soon no doubt

    40. bobby cole

      i been sleeping on dude i cant lie...but im slowly starting to wake up

    41. Alizar Fear

      Needs at least 3million views

    42. Rashade butler


    43. Balanc3

      Dope Visual, ILL barz, Crazy beat... Locksmith might just fuck around & get a MILLION.

    44. Zah

      lock please engage with us youtubers more, maybe even some freestyles on your channel?

    45. SO LDN


    46. Tiffany White


    47. Guillermo Zazueta


    48. Jayoinavation


    49. Ensure Painting Plus

      A true man that takes pride in structure and lyrics, this doesn't happen often in Rap No More👍🏻

    50. Reism Up

      This is fuckin' dope.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    51. BonEndeavor

      Should have worked more on the camera movements imo. seemed very repetitive and not complementary to the beat. None the less been following you for a minute now, glad to see you elevate more and more.

    52. Jordan Carter

      Oooh the video!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jesse ray diamond and Locksmith did their thing!

    53. Corey Jordan

      Hey I started following you since the 1st freestyle you did on sway so I'm sorry for not subbing to you before cause I didn't know you had your own channel I thought it was a fan channel so I didn't want to but shit man this is crazy

    54. Vinika Williams

      Locksmiths one of the goats of my generation G

    55. Mellie D

      This dude climbing and deserves it . Wicked lyracist 👌💚💙

    56. Andrew McKenna

      This music video is dope as fuck!

    57. 5ALIL


    58. BRODA #InstantKlasyk

      Pozdro #RobSon ;)

    59. Javaris Fisher

      Bro this shit is insane🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Clay Wallen

      Better then dax

    61. Go White

      Awesome beat.. Awesome lyrics.. Awesome Music!

    62. Smooth Studios Sessions

      You Are Big F Krack Trip Bang Master 100%

    63. Ethan Craig


    64. JimmaJamma2006

      Love the instrumental not so into his rapping

    65. Jeff Clary


    66. Wendell Kilano

      Too much FIRE!! shout out from Amsterdam!!

    67. Last Key

      hope to meet you one day I dig your vibe bro

    68. Perspective Wisdom

      Bruh who the fuck are the 21 simps that disliked this........ Lock...... Straight 🔥 🔥 🔥 PERIOD

    69. Victor 47

      Damn this slaps hard asf

    70. Uziloeks™ Copyright

      This is called, “ SUPA HOT 🔥”

    71. Tyronne Jacobs

      when people say underrated its Locksmith -- we use the term underrated loosely, but Locksmith got the juice.

    72. OldBadReligionPunk

      Damn! Lock, You have been killing it. Easily one of the best lyricist in the game, but now with dope beats too?

    73. Christopher Dunn

      An iamtherealak collab would be fire

    74. Danial Brown

      This beat is super nice

    75. Danial Brown

      Nice camera ,beat, and flow.

    76. Aiden Allred

      This man is so slept on and it pisses me off 😡😪

    77. Mike Tuzzi

      Why only 40k though? Lock just talks to much real shit for people these days I guess

    78. Angel Chavez

      This is the kind of rap i like fuck that other bs any other rappers out there with this style of rap?

    79. Justin Zavala

      Let's all recognize real talent where its found. This is where we found it, with the Locksmith. Much love from Cali Fam. You got me as a fan fr

    80. RTK 615

      Bro I always known you as a freestyle artist please keep doing that. On the flipside, please put that shit and paper and make these other suckas look bad, get mad, and feel sad! This is dope and wish it was longer.