Locksmith ripoffs: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

CBC News

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    Who do you call when you're locked out of your home? A locksmith. But industry experts tell us some of them are duping customers with the promise of a quick and cheap fix, only to end up ripping you off. CBC Marketplace uncovers a network of fake local business locations and fake five-star reviews cluttering Google Maps in the Greater Toronto Area.
    We also rig up a house with hidden cameras to test locksmiths advertising their services online, and expose how some companies use low prices, fake names, fake addresses and fake reviews to lure you in. Google says it is now auditing every locksmith listing in Canada following our investigation.
    To read more: www.cbc.ca/1.5417931

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    1. MagentiumPRIME

      This guy looks like he's about to cry

    2. Just Missy

      Win you call them after they about to leave follow them

    3. Carrie Cruz padilla

      He asked for a Google review after he said he was giving her a discount and did not say if you leave me a great review. I will charge you only 80 he did nothing wrong he asked her to leave a review and gave her a discount xor a 4 second job and most company's ask for a costumer services survey how was this how was that on their websites they post then link that to their Google search account.

    4. Carrie Cruz padilla

      A Do they not ask for id or just pick the lock for me if I go to someone s house ? B for 1500 Ill bye a used car and a new window . c how sad is this that they take advantage of women

    5. Simon no last name

      I prefer to pick locks and just take my fill of loot 🙂

    6. Eugene Vaticinator

      You wanna see highway robbery You should look at the tow truck industry.

    7. kristal santos

      In a disappointing whispers " that was everything I didn't want it to be " 😂😂

    8. Government Agent

      we will be checking into that.

    9. dexter dec

      Good way to rob people pretend to be owner of house trapped outside without id

    10. Rai Mon

      What am I watching this again!!!! Common sense people... common sense!

    11. Spunky Bryan

      She thick

    12. Edgar Romero

      Lol us Mexicans when we are locked out of our house we break into our own house lol 😂

    13. Tobi or Not To Be

      so a discount inside edition

    14. Walt Miller

      The nature of the job allows many locksmiths to be dishonest with their customers.

    15. TortillaJoe Bazan

      One way to knock out the competition i guess.

    16. Generic VR

      This is why i have 2 keys

    17. Lol br

      Hey Ethel, remind me to stay the hell out of Toronto...


      2:50 why she looks so forced to say that lol

    19. Youtube user

      Looks like emigrants are doing good business lol

    20. Chester Shoeberry

      The carpenter is a real OG. I'd like to go there and thank him for helping her

    21. Kingsley Gordon

      I bought my own lock smith set and practiced how to do it now when I get locked out its easy to get in. Some neighbors call me when we they get locked out

    22. Cody Dorman

      I want to talk to that locksmith that charged that poor old lady $1,500 just me and him for a few minutes

    23. BuDDa ChieSeL

      i know how he feels because of locksmiths like that i had one come over to swipe a plastic card between the door to open it after it fel closed and i had nothing to open it with well he charged me 150 buck to SWIPE A CARD. since then i carry my own plastic card to open a door. i am thinking of doing the job myself because of bad poeple like this. but if poeple think like me and refrain from calliung a locksmith because of previous encounters then there is no job to be had since veryone does it by himself now

    24. David Adams

      Horrible host.

    25. Lucas T

      Would’ve been easier to just break the window and just pay to get it repaired, cheaper probably than 350 dollars.

    26. Coop R


    27. Alex Altamirano

      The other I locked my self out of the house, called a locksmith, after 45 min, locksmith finally opens the door, charges me $300 mx, in dollars that would be $15, it's a you open the door you get paid fully, you don't I would give a tip for your time but that's it kinda deal, your guys are getting ripped off waaaay too much

    28. Tom Larson

      That poor old rich lady.

    29. bradley noah

      That guy got fired

    30. Robert aponte

      I had the same happen to me

    31. beerborn

      Beware of the Indian accent. If it's an Indian accent, hang up. Find another locksmith.

    32. YuzuruSama

      "Thats the fourth time you've asked." Thats also the fourth time you've lied

    33. Bruce Morrisseau

      For 350 ill just break my window way cheaper lol

    34. MrNumberFour

      "hi, why don't you take a seat"

    35. Fred Bach

      Marketplace please please please keep going in your exposing criminal businesses. Our world has gotten seriously worse in the last two decades. I saw something like it first with a well known airline about 9 years ago. Honesty and caring and truth have all but disappeared. Lying and fooling of customers is rife. Honesty seems rare these days; crime is the norm. To wit, reference the cases of confiscation of cash from drivers by the police in the States on suspicion only. It's downrght immoral. And you have to sue to get it back and of course that only benefits the lawyers. As it is now, Google and Amazon can't possibly police their systems to the extent needed. They need help big time. It needs to start in the schools. Godless evolution is partly to blame. So are greed and human nature. But the lack of proper policing is a huge problem. Keep up exposing the real frauds. And I like followups too.

    36. Jim Pickens

      He sounded like he was going to cry

    37. Dingo Yang

      400 dollars.... you know what move over noob, Iam gonna kick it in and save me some money.

    38. Elite Warriorz

      I think the locksmith is wanting to change careers and become a drama actor


      Y’all corny

    40. jorge de leon

      so it’s a locksmith monopoly?????

    41. Mark Moffatt

      is Serge single because he's a hard working guy that just wants exposure

    42. 6977warrior1

      The LockPickingLawyer (NOsel channel) would simply breathe on the lock and it would open.

    43. 6977warrior1

      And the end result is that NOTHING will ever be done about it to the owner's of these unscrupulous companies and it is just business as usual.

    44. Joshua Shepherd

      'But you aren't suppose to give incentives for Google reviews. It's against policy. ....' blah blah blah get out if here! And call them out on camera!!! You missed the best part.

    45. Invasion

      That first locksmith kept about 400 bucks to himself.

    46. Joshua Li Tan

      You see Passion vs some guy who just wants money. Kudos to the real locksmith

    47. Mina Krupinski

      So you could break into any house with the help of a locksmith

    48. Toaster

      It takes you 1.500$ just to unlock? Here, it just takes 5-6$ to unlock and a duplicate key. 10-15 bucks if you call locksmith at mid night

    49. Matt Wood

      With the one about discounting it for a review. That's when you leave an honest review "only charged 80 if I left a review"

    50. Lil420millie

      I'm no expert but I think a window costs less then 450$

    51. sailetroyproductions

      had to choose a lawyers picture didn't they

    52. magma don


    53. Odysseus Psarros

      It's cheaper just to break a window to gain entry into the house. Replacement window glass fitted approx $ 60.00.

    54. William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX

      15:00 uh it's called d/b/a

    55. Kaylee Emmett

      Why people why I mean what the heck?!?!?!

    56. Jacob k

      I feel to bad for him :( hes made it his life

    57. Dylan Taylor

      man the professional looks like he's having a crisis. watching the guy charge $452...

    58. Dahlin

      whats the name of this reporter?

    59. greenspiraldragon

      What a scam. A few good kicks and just replace the door jam.

    60. Doodle dragons Toucans

      I thought only inside edition did this