Lost In RITUAL TUNNEL at Enchanted Forest

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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    Sam and Colby explore the haunted ritual tunnel of Cobb Estate in the Enchanted forest... TFIL and DangMattSmith agreed to come back to summon the paranormal next time...
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    1. Sam and Colby

      250K LIKES AND WE WILL COME BACK TO DO A RITUAL! go check out the new clothing line!! fanjoy.co/xplr/

      1. Chenda Hoeng

        Just wanted to make the replies 500

      2. Scott Scott

        Elton looks like he just came from a costume party

      3. Johannah Hernandez

        But just in case better bring holy water and sage

      4. meagan kelly


      5. Pratyush yadav


    2. Jesse Wagner

      Latest boiz

      1. Jesse Wagner


      2. Jesse Wagner


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      4. Jesse Wagner


    3. Hannaan Hussain

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1748">29:08</a> please tell me you see that fiqure of a man printed on the wall towards the right

    4. Pøtatø Berry

      “Listerine bitch”

    5. Misty Misterig

      aAaAaAaAa A BUG w- where is it OH THERE oh we safe now i mean like they sound like me

    6. Puspanjali Adhikari

      Sam and Colby : gets scared by a freakin bug and not by a ghost Me : what the heck ???!!

    7. Shayla Eden

      sam; get the video to 100k likes and we will sacrifice Elton video; gets 350k Elton; oh shit here we go again

    8. Blapers ll

      I died when you all screamed about a fly or sum

    9. Cyan Seraphim

      ASMR camera wiping

    10. vittoria abbadessa

      bruh this whole entire time i stress ate my cookie's until nothing was left lol

    11. Emo Bubble

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1628">27:08</a> play at 0.5 x speed right before Colby says "Elton?" I heard "She's..gone." in a whisper

    12. Acid Rex

      you got the like goal

    13. Logan Davis

      This is so sadFor all the animals

    14. Hailey Witham

      Most haunted place in America:not scared. A bug that’s not even seen:terrified 😂🤣

    15. š t r-_- w k e y.

      Why is it when they said they got a nauseous feeling I started feeling sick as well

    16. Cody Combow

      Sam be raciest at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="298">4:58</a>.


      When you guys were walking to the tunnel I literally heard a girl voice say hey. Anyone else?

    18. Darren Tan AKA SubSamurott Neko

      When he said wild Wild West I had an instant flashback to the Wes rap In case there are smosh fans here

    19. Vivid Strikes

      Matt: only white people xplr Also matt: let’s EXPLOR!

    20. Høney Férrét Lmfao

      It's been so long since I've seen this

    21. E.N.Dmusic.

      Ik this is a oldish video but I saw slender Mani kid you not !!!!!

    22. Madison White

      u guys need to do it agan

    23. Jess Brusso

      Wat NOselrs do for views😂😂😂

    24. n 0

      *them* *lets go find ghosts and not be scared* *also them* *sees a bug in the car AHHHHH*

    25. Donna Gallagher

      I will get you

    26. Donna Gallagher

      I see you

    27. Donna Gallagher


    28. stacy azurdia

      I love these boys cause they will get scared from a spider but for some reason they dont get scared from ghosts or haunted stuff

    29. Cora Stevens

      Why are you not scared of other things and you’re just like scared of bugs

    30. Tess Grogg

      Colby, has anybody told you that you look like Tom Cruise's younger brother?

    31. The Marie Series

      Elton looking like Jon Snow

    32. Adrianna Dillon

      what is Elten have on :\

      1. Adrianna Dillon


    33. Shaisohollywood Vlogs

      Believe it or not this is the very first video I’ve seen of Sam and Colby and I’ve been watching every since ps. I’m rewatching

    34. Logan

      now you know how ur character in minecraft feels mining away lolol who else here watching older videos in quarantine

    35. lisa pimentel

      Im sared

    36. ThatOneWeebGirl

      They look like there trick or treating lol

    37. Not Izzy OwO

      Probably the safest spot to be would be would be in the middle between them :v not in a dirty way tho :p

    38. Izzy Grace

      Colby: “13 is an unlucky number btw” Me: age 13 born April 13 Friday 13

    39. Jinx LJR

      Somebody said he could pretend to be the cult leader but all I'm thinking is that he could get confused as an animal offering

    40. Anime God

      If they do this there never coming back

    41. Luna

      Part 2 baby!!

    42. Alex Bernal

      WHt happened to you 🧐

    43. Burnt Chicken nugget

      Today Matt is the murder

    44. Suzie Smith

      Dangmansmith boi we got to get that outa here


      Awwwww your toesies are cold colbie 🥺

    46. Marilda Najd

      If i was there i would totally get some ninja weapons😂😂😂😂

    47. Liliana Martinez

      Ok comment if you would get raped or get murderd what would u chose?? I chose Murder cause of i get raped they would still kill you after so why not choose murder :^ and watch anime in heaven :>


      Matt : * breathes heavily * Sam : you realize we have only walked a little less then a third of the way ?...... Matt : ......... * dies inside *

    49. Brittany Pugh

      They sacrificed Elton by kicking him out of the traphouse!!

    50. Melanie Mares

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2068">34:28</a> I swear he only blushes around Colby and Katrina

    51. Kgabane Lekau

      Did you guys make it out?????????????????????

    52. SQUIDNUT 69

      13 is unlucky? But that was my basketball jersey for like fifth grade Btw when they said gang members I thought they meant like the crips and the bloods

    53. vo simon

      dot go back plssssssssssss

    54. Jessica Skinner

      EVERY sound that happens there quiet

    55. Tea_Pot Milk

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1568">26:08</a> I saw a man in all black

    56. Tea_Pot Milk

      Is it just me or when Colby shined his light down the tunnel I saw a man in all black even his face was black anyone else

    57. viiccttoorriiaa3

      elton kinda looks like jeepers creepers 😂😂

    58. uwu Zephyr

      It's got 350 thousand likes so where's the new vid bro

    59. shayna l

      i heard help when you were moving the sticks

    60. Wolf Moon


    61. Adisyn Scott

      I want your merch so bad I am gonna try to get the black and while hoodie and the backpack

    62. Dawn Wairs

      goes to the most haunted places in the country but scared of a bug

    63. ninjaXpheonix Sc00t_4_L1f3


    64. Mar'Quan Mitchell

      Matt meant to say oh hell no

    65. Yulianny Mendoza

      Imma the only one who like to watch this at night and after words I can’t fall to sleep .🦠🤪🤪

    66. Marie Kraushaar

      wait what part of LA is that couse i live by Venice beach part

    67. Vivian Grace

      When the light went out and I saw that and I was like: HECK NO

    68. colby_ brock_girl_fan

      Colby:is hot Me:your hot as hell

    69. Tilted Reality

      Sam: were gonna get lost Me: there is 2 directions to go in, PICK ONE!

    70. Jullixman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1958">32:38</a> i thought Sam got scared of the scream but i guess nobody heard that

    71. Tegan Futch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1948">32:28</a> Colby: there were rocks there?

    72. Mrs.Chimmy BT21

      2020, and I'm still waiting for you to sacrifice Elton

    73. XxxLGBTQpridexxX

      If there was someone in there just say your there for a cult meeting and Elton is your leader and Matt is the one who is doing the killing eh?

    74. shelby_art

      Holly crap

    75. Brianna Vasssi

      I have the phone case of Sams shirt

    76. Alora Chandler

      heck ya sackrafice eltin *wheas* hahahahahah>O< :>:>:>:>:>:>

    77. Psyche Randomz

      uh, scared of bugs but not spirits etc...

    78. Kiara Jenkins

      It started flickering again😢😢😢

      1. Marcial Dejesus

        Call THE COPS NOW DUDE

    79. Kiara Jenkins

      Ok so I watch like all y'all videos but when I was watching this one my kitchen light started flickering and then my power went out

    80. Rose.Gold.369

      Sam and Colby:goes to queen Mary and many other places Also them:screams and gets out or car because of bug Me:....woooowww..just wooow...