Man Utd Confirm Funds For Sancho Transfer! Man Utd News Now

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    Man Utd have the transfer funds to sign Jadon Sancho and others this summer according to their latest Shareholder's meeting. Get the latest Man Utd News Now on The United Stand. 🔔 Goldbridge Cooks SUBSCRIBE here
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    Publisert 5 dager siden



      I'm very happy to see Sancho old tarford, am utd funs from Kenya refugees tnx

    2. Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform

      amazing video bro

    3. Rogue DarkAgent

      The United debt is a bloody disgrace. Keeping us in debt for so long for all these years is an absolute travesty They could have bankrupt us and I’m just relieved we look like we can ride out these tough times financially at the moment however I’d never want the Saudis to take over either. Money creates evil and allows evil to thrive Scandalous

    4. Tom Little


    5. Ryan Bridges

      Sorry to be blunt but you’re not getting Sancho. It will be like haaland all over again

    6. samira yakubata

      Hey we still need Coutinho. Koulibaly, Semedo,Sancho, Duglass Costa, Harry Kane, Werner, Haalaand

    7. Kjell Andre Egeland

      All the money that United have, that no one else have. Where do they come from? I would not spend the if I didn`t have them? Would you?

    8. Sean Mac

      Love that Jersey, Sanchez for the next No7

    9. gavin greensmith

      Anyone that doesnt want football back is an idiot. Its hilarious that the average joe has to work yet noone gives it a massive uproar about that. On top of that if football doesnt come back then football has a good chance of disappearing or at the very least we will lose so many clubs due to debt will be massive. Then footballers are fubarred because how are they going to get paid if there isnt a club to pay for? At least footballers will be the most protected people on the planet unlike the rest of us.

    10. Michael Ayitey

      I love manchester united

    11. Rob Johnson

      Maybe if United can fill their problem areas on the pitch with fairly decent priced players. They could loan out their deadwood if teams can't buy them and get them in the shop window for a future sale. With clubs having to sell to balance the books. There should be more squad places to fill with other clubs selling priced assets.

    12. Kevin Prendergast

      U realy have no fucking idea what u are talking about

    13. Immanuel Sundar

      debt is good for a well run business. helps with tax savings.

    14. Kevin Prendergast


    15. Man utd 016156 67

      BIG W

    16. Robert Riggon

      Loving that United top your wearing mate I think I'll be getting one

    17. Jake Peralta

      When you're not quite sure what robust means but you plough on anyway, lol.

    18. ravishing ric roo

      Nonsense. Debt gone up by 40% and rising . Its definitely affecting transfers. Prepare yourself for disappointment mate

    19. J WELSHEY

      Players who refuse to leave for first team football proves there priorities. Not every contract needs to be more salary.

    20. Warren Tate

      Bshbbzbzvzgzbzvbzb,bzvbz,b, vzbz be a this Papa's are going to happen so 757 /Ghzh,hzhzbznbbxnznxbnxb to get back to a 👍

    21. Warren Tate

      VnvncbvUith I have to know the have the same thing we can just say to you and the family had anybody decided not heard anything we need we can

    22. Da Emcee 86

      Mark & Rants show would be amazing!

    23. Abs Corleone

      Vintage shirt!

    24. Ethan Derrick

      I think Newcastle could be a good shout for buying Lingard, I feel like his experience could be good for building a new, better team.

    25. Nanu Miah

      Manutd and Glazers will put Old Trafford Naming rights up for sale and will generate £500 million then Chervelot expires new sponsor will come in £300m -£500m

    26. Notorious

      Your favorite top is blue? GTFU brummy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    27. forace 4ace

      I want to agree with you. But cant help but feel your opinions are biased. Brining the league back during a pandemic that is killing people to then pick and choose what matters and what doesn't. I think it does matter that Watford top goal scorer has a child who is vulnerable and bevuaze of that arent going to be able to compete on a level playing field. Because of that I think if the season is going to be restarted, it should be on a level playing field.

    28. J WELSHEY

      Football will be back which is great. We can strengthen our squad and be in a very promising position. People risk their lives in many fields everyday and never get the attention ballers get. Either they should change career or play with everyone else if they refuse. My mate got it working for a care home and is fine now but he earns less than 22K a year. Ballers earn that in a week. Evidence shows that "footballers" playing football or going to the shop doesn't change anything. It's just paranoia to not come back. They shouldn't be paid if they refuse but shouldn't be fined either.

    29. Marvin Edun

      Let's all be fair here the Glazer's paying themselves 11million is normal like you and I will be doing if we own the business or any order businesses out there you gotta pay yourself too, we seem to forget there was a time when we had over a billion in debt,come on they've also spent money if only we spend wisely in the last six years our debt would've been down alot more too,so let's all take this briefing today as a positives and a win then managed and spend wisely on the upcoming transfers from here onwards. GGMU❣❣❣❣❤❤❤👍

    30. clive gilbert

      Is Lingard harder to get rid of than herpes???....

    31. n cloud

      Why will club sell at knock down price if you are only going to give 20 mil this window...their financially problem is not going and they will loose their star player

    32. ohhdanielson

      My only concern is, talk is cheap. We always talk the talk but will the glazers and Woodward actually put their hands in their pockets.

    33. Anthony

      No way are a club like Dortmund accepting £20million upfront for Sancho, that's extremely silly. If the price if £90million then you're looking at around £60million up front. They work on an reinvestment type model that's been very successful for them.

    34. Gd2knw

      Debt debt debt debt

    35. Juan White

      Are 1st installments in the players contracts or written up by the club when negotiating the fee? And how does it work? is it percentage based depending on the players fee?

    36. Keith Mc Auley

      I don't remember that shirt.

    37. David Brent69

      As long as we don't spend any on Hudson-Odoi. The lockdown sexual assaulter

    38. Søren FORUM


    39. Derick Williams

      Mate you was well optimistic every season can United still finish outside the top five 😂😂😂season upon season is the same 😂

    40. --

      only release clauses paid up front. 88% of Bournemouths income is Tv money , this shows how cash poor most clubs are

    41. Paul Synnott

      I would prefer Jack grealish if pogba went

    42. Alan ong Guan Loon

      Ed Woodward can't buy new players. Don't have money . Need sell off club. To Saudi Arabia crown prince much better

    43. Anthony

      How ironic is it that the same thing that the club has been slated for (running as a commercial entity and not a football club) is the same thing allowing us to take advantage of the market in this situation

    44. Gabriel Elvis

      does anyone know where i could get that jersey

      1. wynnieboi2010

        Ebay but it will cost ya now a days lol

    45. xpkx360

      That jersey is pretty slick ngl

    46. Lee 89

      crazy to see that you're almost at 700k now i have been here since about 15k well done mark keep it up

    47. Aaron Matthews

      Bloody love that United shirt. My favourite shirt is the home kit with Old Trafford on it. Think Cantona loved the collar on that kit. 🤣

    48. Elliott 1243

      My ideal transfer window is timo, sancho, and Bellingham

    49. Ashis Bhowmick

      Debts are not our problem.Bring in sanchoo and the money spent on him will come back with all the shirt sells endorsement etc

    50. Aakash V

      Where can i buy that kit ? Please reply

    51. Daniel de Gouveia

      @MarkGoldbridge Most major acquisitions of large businesses are done on debt. Anyone can do it. It is called a leveraged buy out when you use the acquisition target's own balance sheet to buy them. Put together a bunch of top business people and you could buy ManUtd.

    52. Daniel de Gouveia

      I am sure in this economic environment the reference to 90Mill is a reference to operating capital, in other words the day to day running costs of hte club, and not a transfer kitty. That's my guess.

    53. Steve Gardener

      These ads are too much can’t watch

    54. Christopher White

      Where can you get that shirt. It's nice as

    55. Shanil Ramkumar

      Hi Mark, are we still on for Werner?

    56. jon waddell

      wonder if poch will go to newcastle

    57. lewispolden

      bro leave ur face alone

    58. affaan ahmad

      That shirt😍😍😍

    59. Abhaydeep Singh

      Great jersey Mark.

    60. Ashien Success

      That’s lovely shirt you have there

    61. LL Kobe

      I say we sign sancho grealish and bellingham (loan him to a ajax or bvb) then if things dosent workout defensively , we need to reinforce partey and skriniar in januar. League title guaranteed✅😎

      1. Marvin Edun

        People like you are the ones who can't manage money or a business lol, I mean look at your idea,its crazy you brought up such ideas then when it fails you will be calling for the managers head and that of the owners too lol

      2. Gozz

        Not guaranteed at all

    62. Ahmad Ridwan

      There is also rumours that man utd are going in for AS Monaco Left back. Which we need!

    63. Chris Evans

      You can't let players dictate that they won't play because...... Got a little tongue tied and didn't know what to say lol

    64. Sanit Tamrakar

      Wow what a jersey 😯😯😯😯

    65. The Narcissistic

      Sick shirt mate

    66. Harris Ajaz

      i've got that top but it doesn't have a name or number on it :(

    67. TOOLfandomania

      We could send veterans to clubs for their young prospects

    68. TOOLfandomania

      The black shirts with the small white stripe at the neck were my favorite. During the ronaldo years

    69. Paul Randle

      What a great kit jealous

    70. Yeesack Films

      Even if cases doubles why can’t they come back? They are still isolated and heavily tested

    71. abdul kamara

      we need sancho

    72. Paulo Ramírez

      Apple juice

    73. n cloud

      did they give target of how much dividends they will pay them self in next one year....bcoz that is how our transfer budget is decided......they may take loan to give themselves dividends

    74. Scott Mottershead

      It's a shareholders meeting , all that's been said the shareholders , is...... ' Don't worry shareholders , we've kept some money back for your annual dividend ' . As I've said before , Klopp is very happy with his team , why wouldn't you be ? . I'm sure he feels there's no need to upset the apple cart when he has the best team in the league.

      1. Jay DalyPT

        Absolutely spot on

    75. The Cafricaan Goat

      Follow me @scholezandgiggs for more news from 🇯🇲

    76. pedro nunes

      If we keep Pogba and sign Sancho, we are instantly a world class team

    77. bigcee75

      Been a subscriber almost since the beginning back in the days of Martin, Kevin, Alex, Hannah and co and it's taken all this time for you to wear a top i actually like, that is probably my favourite United away top ever, i love it

    78. Rich

      I love the white and blue 90-92 season - it’s lovely & the black 93-94 season 😍

    79. S Peled

      If second wave comes it wont be because of football. Anyone against sports coming back has a different agenda or ignorant. Not playing football wont help the people who died

    80. Seán Fitzgerald

      I love that Jersey want to get it myself but I'll have to wait until I get paid .