Matthew McConaughey’s Voice Puts Michael Bublé To Sleep | The Graham Norton Show

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    Michael Bublé discusses his unique way of falling asleep using Matthew McConaughey’s voice.
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    1. Roumya Pratap Singh

      Matthew McConaughey looks like DON JOHNSON

    2. Wendybabendy

      He does have an amazing voice.. no doubt.

    3. Rebecca

      I love that story that Matthew McConaughey reads, he is so gifted as an actor and now he has shown he is gifted as a story teller. His voice is incredible and it sounds like he puts his heart into it. His kids must love him reading to them ❤️💙

    4. Dawn H

      When Michel is saying what his wife says he sounds like robin Williams in happy feet

    5. Emerald Notebook

      Love it I want one lol

    6. Jacquelyn Nicole Castillo

      Hello, bye. 🙏💕

    7. May Rose

      The calm app is great I love listening to Eva green on there ❤️

    8. Debi Gates

      OMG, I love Judi Dench even more!!!!!

    9. Manhattan Blue

      Matthew can put me to bed any night 🤠

    10. dana purcell

      I don't want to be rude, but, what happened to Dame Judi Dench?

    11. sheilabernadetteclaire mcintyre

      Fab line up on sofa

    12. BAYOU Amine

      now I must hack another app on my android

    13. roxanna ramdunee

      Mmmm that voice can put anyone to sleep..

    14. Cassandra

      Michael and Kelsey could put me out! In fact i use my Frasier dvds for that purpose

    15. Kerry Fletcher

      He can read me a bed time story anytime ♥️

    16. Sunita Fisher

      🌸 omg I do the same thing I love Matthew’s voice 💕 I have really bad insomnia it works but it can have side affect for ladies ; ) He ends up in ur dreams lol 😂

    17. Lawrence McKenna

      If I had a gps I'd have Mathew voice directing me 😂

    18. Jeannie Salinas

      😆 😆. I love Matthews voice as well!!! 😆 This is soon funny!!!!

    19. Vicky Kirikino

      Holy sh!tballs I nearly drifted off just listening to that.

    20. I. Ma

      I'd rather listen to Morgan Freeman! What a voice!

    21. Jacinta Tate

      Wow what a voice, its so dreamy and soft

    22. ASMR with Sofia

      It's asmr at it's best!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

      1. Aziza Bakir

        What is asmr ?

    23. MsF

      where to downlpad that soothing voice? Iwant to sleep with him every night too

    24. Maureen Wagg

      My sleep will be very good now that I know I can have Matthew's help. lol What a genius idea.

    25. iNESi4N

      My boyfriend and his bestfriend loooooove Matthew McConaughey *thought they're gay lol until I watched more of his movies... I agree his accent and his voice is everything ahah 🙌

    26. Karmen

      ASMR KING Matthew McConaughey 🤗💯😴

    27. sograves11

      How many people are now purchasing Calm in order to listen to Matthew?😊 ME MEME

    28. Angelo Dela Cruzz

      Can't wait to try this out tonight

    29. Belinda Couch

      Where do I find this app

    30. Debbie M

      It cost me $80 buck....but’s was well worth it. Yesss.....yeeessssssss🤦🏼‍♀️

    31. Bob Doubter

      I want to hear Hugh Grant tell a bedtime story.

    32. acemax2803

      I used to sleep with Stephen Fry’s voice in that app

    33. freedom lover

      Too weird for me

    34. FlorenceB12

      I use Calm and I love it!


      Dame Judi Dench heard Matthew McConaughey's voice and became moist, 85.

    36. Gareth Colfer

      I could watch Michael Bublé interviews all day. Such a humble and down to earth guy👌

    37. allen chang

      Michael's impression of Mathew was impeccable!!. ROFL😆😆

    38. Tim K

      Say Buble, you gotta joint..? It'd be a lot cooler if you did!

    39. sportsfaan

      JHud looking good!

    40. Yo Mama

      He’s the New Morgan Freeman

    41. Gabriela Trindade

      matthew: hello- michael: *melts*

    42. Brison Wolf

      He needs to do audiobooks.

    43. Citizen Kane

      Michael finished his Pogey.🟥

    44. Sandra E Straume

      Only certain people are able to do something like that I listen to tape that was supposed to relax me suit me and when I woke up I was in deep deep deep sleep and often times we don't get that sleep that we need but it was like my inner soul actually got rest. Time


      Matthew McConaughey should have a nature programme, He's the American Attenborough!

    46. Aaron Mcnamee

      What a story it is though, puts me to sleep every night 😴

    47. Javid Gadirli

      Imagine how much would it cost if Morgan Freeman's voice was in it?Morgan Freeman doing documentary about King Penguins life in Antarctica. Now that's what mostly put you to sleep like in a matter of seconds)

    48. Heather Teles

      100% recommend the app 'Calm.' I've had it for years.

    49. Bhavya Thakur

      that impression was so dead on! Just love it 😂😂

    50. Enoch Hsu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> interstellar vibes coming at you!

    51. tokesalot42069

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> you can see Matthew mouthing the words, even he loves his own voice haha.

    52. mykamui

      Who else downloaded the Calm App after watching this and fell asleep to Matthews Bedtime Story? I love this app as someone who loves ASMR and other stuff that helps me relax and fall asleep.

    53. frank ferrero

      I grew a third testicle listening to Matthew McConaughey’s Voice ...

    54. Ugly Cactus

      I say Búble and I don't care

    55. Katherine Gabrielle

      *This one made me proud af to be Texan lmao!*

    56. Quín Villafañe

      Deberían de agregar subtítulos en diversos idiomas. Soy sordo y no se inglés. nulas políticas deberían de cambiar, youtube debe de apoyar a personas con discapacidades especiales.

    57. Hiana Silva


    58. Christine Uncommon

      Well I know what I am buying!

    59. WINSTROL A.D

      Michael Buble looks exactly like Chazz Bono.

    60. Bobs Vegene

      That yes 😂😂😂

    61. Miss Smarteepants

      Matthew McConaughey’s voice even started putting himself to sleep.😂🙌🏻

    62. Dark Knight

      “My wife and I sleep with you every night” Mathew said that’s not weird that’s my Tuesday lol

    63. JuicyTaz201

      I met Michael before a show of his. He was so nice and actually remembered my Mom and I from seeing us in the crowed multiple occasions and gave us a shoutout during his show. Needless to say we’ll be seeing him in May again 😂

    64. ringodingo

      Hugh Grant should read bedtime stories: "So, um, sorry to disturb you, it's just, it’s rather late and, obviously, aaah, time for a bed time book, that is, story. Right, okay, fantastic! Now I think . . . you’re really going to enjoy this book, uh, story rather. I’ve, I’ve thought it over a lot, you know, maybe too much (considering). Well, there seems to be, uh, yeah, anyway. Are you sure - and this is a stupid question - I just wondered, if by any chance you wouldn’t like, um, obviously not, but I don't suppose, um, you'd like . . . some . . . water first?" you're welcome : )

      1. Laffetum

        You my friend have problems and i love it.

      2. Nataniel Costard


    65. Sportz

      When Micheal Buble' said "My wife and I sleep with you....almost every night", I half expected Matthew McConaughey to say "Well, alright, alright alright!...."

    66. Karen Lm

      I hope Graham does a 'best guests' episode and invites all the best guests on the show.

    67. Brenna Barkley

      Jesus, I just fell asleep at my desk.

    68. Stevi Faccenda

      What is this app!!! I must have it!! Lol

    69. Angi Wren

      It's worked for me every time. I don't think I have ever finished the story so I have no idea what it's even about :)

    70. Maximo Gomez

      Alright alright.

    71. Kati N

      I'm not gonna lie, I could really do with that app and McConaughey's voice for bed too. Not saying I'll use it for sleeping, but, y'know... Semantics. 🤷😏

    72. Just Ben

      I'm sure Michael is on speed here. White lips and dry mouth.. ;-)

    73. v c

      I want this app

    74. Sheevam Shekhar

      McConaughey's age is showing here..

    75. chrissy chihuahua

      Michael Buble puts me to sleep always

    76. chrissy chihuahua

      Michael Buble does a sexy Argentina voice

    77. yesitsmeguru

      I love that app as well, but too pricey

    78. Bitupan Borah

      I will buy the Morgan Freeman version.

    79. Marita Bostic

      How right he is about Mathew. His voice is amazing.

    80. mIchael Sims

      When he reads Goldilocks, when she tried the baby bears porridge she found it was, "alright, alright, alright"