Maurice Ravel: Bolero / Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Wiener Philharmoniker at Lucerne Festival 2010



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    At the closing concert of the Lucerne Festival 2010, the Wiener Philharmoniker performed Maurice Ravel's probably most famous piece of music under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel: Boléro.
    The concert was broadcast live in more than 50 cinemas in Europe on 18 September 2010.
    Recording Date: 18 September 2010
    Composers: Maurice Ravel
    Orchestras: Wiener Philharmoniker
    Conductors: Gustavo Dudamel
    Director: Michael Beyer

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    1. bravaLiz

      something tells me that all of those hours practicing snare drum in his parents' basement, PAID OFF. This performance is seriously OUTstanding! EVERYONE here magnificent.

    2. José Ángel Morales

      Tram-tram tram tarara tram


      Like si ses ta maîtresse qui ta dit de voir sa

    4. Гадский Папа

      потрясающее исполнение

    5. immigrant

      Its amazing! So beautiful! Thank you!

    6. Roberto Torres Correa

      Me encanta muy completo en todos sentidos...

    7. Guido Declercq

      This is no music but sex

    8. Michael Petrick

      Maybe I don' know what the Wiener Philharmoniker, but are here no women at all in this orchestra?

    9. Jade Othen

      spot the woman! ;-)

    10. Helberto L. Hurtado Rojas

      Me encanta esta versión. Recuerdo que al comprar una radiola estéreo por allá a finales de los 60, obsequiaban un acetato con esta melodía, para que se probara el sonído que se producía en los dos parlantes, como pasaba de uno a otro y luego se envolvía todo el ambiente con los acordes a lo máximo.

    11. samirsito08

      que musica de mierda

    12. ALZIN xl

      I love

    13. Thilak Hettiarachchi

      Follow me on instagram @thinira_walker

    14. Philsos Shep

      Original drummer must have read the music and thought oh come on I want overtime pay here 😄 but beautiful anyhow and always reminds me of my mother doing the ironing but that's a different story

    15. BAKSIU


    16. Batibot étoile

      john bonham will be bored if he's the drummer.

    17. Keith Naylor

      It takes you breath away!

    18. Azr.桜夜

      授業の参考にこれ聞けって言われたw てか、日本人おる?

      1. 1919helio1919

        私もですw 綺麗な音楽!!

    19. carlos eduardo facanha antunes

      Como ele é bom 😀 . Eduardo 24 05 2020

    20. Saionara Oliveira


    21. ara198228


    22. Poparita

      Yo solo vine por tarea :))

    23. Doc strench


    24. Doƃƃo

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> the english horn player looks like he's constipated . and yes, i know how hard it is to play the oboe so don't judge meh

    25. Dasha Q Noble

      Thank you Q!!

    26. Жанболат Байгазин

      Сунуть рекламу в этом видео на 14 минуте, это преступление.

    27. Josette Bergaud

      tres jolie musique

    28. Muhammed Can ÜNAL

      23.05.2020 ''Limit Yayınları Jet Paragraf s. 259 23. test 15.soru'' şu ana kadar çözdüğüm en harika sorudur kendileri.......

    29. Robert Petrey

      Can't stop thinking of Dudley Moore and Bo Derek

    30. musahi koedo


    31. Pindrop Events

      Brilliant. But dreadful. A militaristic interpretation. No dance, no joy. Too many males involved in this. IMO.

    32. danielemelfi

      This shows all the power of the humans. This is the perfection.

    33. Trinidad Duarte Giménez

      Like si estás en 2020 y estás acá pq el profe de música te dio de tarea anotar q instrumentos aparecen XD

    34. Vladi Arauzo

      View this at 1.1 speed. It is much better.

    35. rodrigo sanchez

      I meet this song for Digimon!

    36. F Terry Smith

      Thanks for a great upload...

    37. James Chow

      Every instrument has a chance to show off their skill. How cool is that?

      1. Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

        I think the melody is (intentionally) too simple for showing skills, it could be intended to entertain with the different tones or maybe to picture a caravan/fanfarre passing by the listener.

      2. BAKSIU

        It's not

    38. James Chow

      Saxophone sound great in a orchestra

    39. panpan marie

      I grew up in the village where Maurice Ravel lived and and composed that piece (montfort l'amaury) our school was even named after him and i remember music lessons in elementary school playing the flute to the Bolero anyhow this brings power, joy, memories, chills and so on. Bravo Gustavo Dudamel 🖤

    40. Agustina Novo

      Hola!! ¿cómo estan todos?? La verdad es que yo soy más de el reggeton, el pop y el trap, pero mi profesor de música me puso una tarea con esta melodía. ¡¡¡Me gustó muchísimo!!!. Sigan así y los felicito. Saludos desde Uruguay!!

    41. Marika Szné

      Annyira szeretem. Olyan gyönyörű!

    42. NewGriff

      Good. But Valery Gergiev is the best of the BEST (Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev)

    43. ChitarraStelle

      Bo Derek

      1. ThePapasmurf1946

        This scores a "10".

    44. docchocobo

      Electrifying simply electrifying

    45. Aitor Martinez

      the director has to be a mozart relative just look at hsi face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="51">0:51</a> hahahaha

    46. kightremin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> Vengerov playing


      Félicitation M. Dudamel une interprétation très appréciée.

    48. Michael Brodie

      I'll never forget the excitement I felt when I first saw Gustavo Dudamel conduct. It was Mahler's 2nd at the Proms. I thought this guy is absolutely first class.

      1. Nancy Ayers

        I think I have a schoolgirl crush on him!

    49. Xavi Porta

      If I was that flute player at the beginning, I would nervous af starting to play

    50. benny madera

      this is garbage i have to use this for a music assignment and it killed my whole mood

    51. Maria De Las Mercerdes Muñoz Ferrero

      Simplemente fantástico 💓

    52. Bryan Tang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="988">16:28</a> when the pandemic of the coronavirus is finally over

    53. La Liz

      If you never saw Torville & Deans ice dancing this beautiful music, you should. Perfect scores

    54. TopShonuff

      I can visualize the music. It’s a Kid(the drummer), marching towards a battle. Picking up and recruiting other soldiers. The kid gets a mass of soldiers and arrive at the battlefield. They show up in time to give their Allies a second wind and beat back the opposing Army. The End.

    55. Diego Perez Perea

      Amazing Osquestra and fantastic Dudamel...

    56. Aaronic_sonic

      hey look its voldemort with hair

    57. Janet Cattier

      I wrote a Bolero aged 10 despite having Cerebral Palsy and being profoundly deaf...

    58. Brad Cornwell

      This is my favourite version, I would love to see him conduct in person in Oz

    59. Victor Bustamante

      Alimento para el alma...

    60. James Kramer

      Bravo! Brilliant and beautiful performance. But is it just me, or do you see an awful lot of white men? I saw exactly three white women among them. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but even in 2010 wasn't that kind of old school?

      1. Nancy Ayers

        Nah, it's just a coincidence, although, not as many women are into being a professional musician in symphony music! The ratio of men is higher than women in every symphony I've seen! Maybe it's the lifestyle!?

    61. Carlos Gonzalez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> That moment when the music disconnect you from reality and your body moves by his own.

      1. Nancy Ayers

        Ooh, you're right!!

    62. Junior Vallejo

      the joker in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a>

    63. Junior Vallejo


    64. ឱKokoro が好きな一般人༻


    65. Math'


    66. karla gonzalez

      Simplemente espectacular !!!! Bravo Dudamel, Amaría verte en un concierto, saludos desde Caracas Venezuela

    67. Geisa Pires

      I love the happiness at Dudamel's face. It composes the melody as well.

      1. Tim King

        Mirrors the mood of the song perfectly.

      2. aaron m97oh

        you can tell he is passionate about the work he does

    68. wijodiva diaz

      Ravel y su Bolero los músicos excelentes . pero , El director es un payaso ..

    69. Florencia Tavella

      Muy linda pero muy largo empieza a aburrirme

    70. Malena Ibarra Sufia

      Ojala tuviera traductor para entender lo que dicen

    71. marcos torres


    72. Rudy Godart

      Où sont les cymbales ?

    73. D7eg8_ 1441

      Baba Song

    74. Big Lebowski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> stephen hawking

      1. Nancy Ayers

        Hey, by God, you're absolutely right!!

    75. The new Genre of music


    76. Manuel Arenal

      Con esta música me emociono.

    77. Sana

      Y'a des français ??? Et qui est la pour un devoirs 🤣😭

      1. my name is gaëlle asmr

        Moi xd 😁😁



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    80. eroe210

      Very low volume in a music video is weird