Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Review



146 k ganger36

    Capcom's latest Legacy Collection brings the six Zero games into the modern era, and they're great.


    1. Maverick Hunter Zero

      The most badass quote from Zero in the MegaMan Zero Series: "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"

    2. Maverick Hunter Zero

      I Have been a MegaMan Zero fan since the first release of its game and my childhood revolved around MegaMan. This game was literally like a brother to me. I cant believe my very own eyes that MegaMan Zero is finally becoming relevant again and getting adored by everyone IT FEELS LIKE IM IN A DREAM!

    3. Najeeb Church

      johnny yong bosch is the best thing to ever happen to ZERO. Why isn't this man in more games!!!!

    4. Rashad West

      never played megaman before but im buying this today for my switch pretty excited it looks fun

    5. mohd hafiz

      Megaman zero is the reason why i love playing dark soul it hard and challenging but never unfair. Lot of death trap that you must be careful while forging the path. Playing it on small screen nokia 6600 at the factory or harpuia stage really put my heart into panic... Oh the memories

    6. No Name

      So many games on Switch I want to get. But I hardly play the Switch anymore. I've already bought 2 additional sets of Joy Cons but all suffer from drift.

    7. D M

      cool so im going to need a back up battery for just listening to the music for hours

    8. Ricardo Garcia

      this game come about last week 👍

    9. Shona - SoF

      is there anyway to get unfiltered mode with integer scaling so that the pixel sizes are consistent? If you look at the health bars in this video you can see how everything is uneven.

    10. therock238360

      So how exactly does the DS games work on this collection?

    11. Joshua Hunt

      I wish they would’ve turn Zero into anime.

    12. TJunreal321

      Sigh.... Can we get a Megaman X Command Mission remaster/remake please? IGN please inform the proper channels... 2D is obsolete, underwhelming and played out...

    13. Chris 414

      Hopefully we get some brand new megaman x games after all this success with the remakes.

    14. ShadoWARE :P

      can i play it with my pc with a ps4 controller?

    15. James Philip Tan

      I hope they remake the legend series

    16. Ellie May

      “These games are pretty tough, as was the style in the early 2000s”... is this really where we are at nowadays?

    17. Picasso Black

      Come on Battle Network star Force collection!

    18. Ninja Brian

      IGN: 8 Dwayne Wade: 9

    19. Mehdi Escobar

      How does it compare using switch Xbox and ps4 which is the better version?

    20. Thái Trần

      Me and The boys still waiting megaman X9 and Meganman z 5 :)

    21. Alessandro Cipriano

      "Really makes you feel like zero. This is the dark souls of megaman games" 9/11 IGN

    22. Umaru Doma


    23. ChrisCa1601

      A Battle Network Collection should be next. Also, Capcom needs to make a Ghosts n Goblins Legacy Collection.

    24. Trap Factory

      HELL YES. So happy about this collection releasing. Hoping for a ZX3 or Legends/battle network legacy collections next!

    25. Ramdan Awang

      shuld upgrade the visual like mario odessey.totally buy it without thinking twice.

    26. Kicapan Manis

      I hate that you can use ZL and ZR buttons on the Switch for Zero 1-4. I feel that those will have less wear than L and R.

    27. Josh Dog

      yo do y’all know what “spin off” means ?

    28. Ariel

      Ok if all MegaMan and MegaMan Zero series are now in Switch, I might buy the switch.

    29. Gary Morin

      The review opens by saying the extras make the collection and closes by saying the extras aren't anything special. Very odd.

    30. mylittlepkle 1

      I hope this means that Battle Network is next, those games were awesome.

    31. YondaimeRaijin

      The extra stuff is just a bonus for me. Im reliving some of my childhood gameboy games and i couldnt be happier :')

    32. fami ivt

      Spin off? This guy knows the game at least?

    33. sparrows quacksalver

    34. Black Pilled Son

      Therr is no decent d pad on the switch to actually play it

    35. Link -kun

      MMZ Zero is my favourite Zero design.

    36. Backlog Rob

      Should be a 9

    37. Heat Man [DWN-015]

      They just gonna skip over the game boy games or what

    38. New Gabe Order

      Nowadays it’s “Press any button” instead of “Press Start” like in past generations.

    39. Fanno

      How did you completed the 6 games in less than 24 hours?

    40. shanaynayisthename

    41. Mario Vasquez

      Still waiting for zero to put his helmet back on😢...

    42. Wahyu Aditya

      next Megaman battle network collection is inevitable

    43. Raito B. Asakura

      Did You just say.... *SPIN-OFFS?!!!!!*

    44. Shoryu Ken

      Both series are great, but please give me X9 or legends 3.

    45. CharleZ

      Picked it up, I remember playing the Zero collection on my DS! Awesome times! Battle Network and Star Force collection next please!

    46. MaverickHunter0

      I don’t have any money saved for this collection this time but I definitely hope to purchase this again when I can

    47. Boshwa

      All the best games in the Zero/ZX series...and Zero 1 is there

    48. AlphaPHK

      **"6 SPIN OFF GAMES."** WHAT?

    49. minipiwi

      Imagine needing an easy mode

    50. Hello Hello

      Doesnt work on steam 😤

    51. Raiho Kuzunoha

      Ware wa Meshia nari hahahaha

    52. Jazz9397

      I loved Zero 4. Can’t wait to reply these games.

    53. Alisson Monteiro

      What is he fighting for anyway?

      1. Raiho Kuzunoha

        For Ciel :3

    54. rohjani w

      Any news on Battle network?

    55. Callum Trent

      Hi, I post reviews on instagram. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out!

    56. Christopher

      both Zero and ZX belongs in smash brothers as a playable character

      1. Raiho Kuzunoha

        They belongs to Onimusha Blade Warriors and Capcom vs SNK 2 xD

    57. Jes Web

      Mega Man is still the king of 2D action games. Even with all the new indies and AAA contenders. Mega Man forever 😎🦾

    58. Cronostatis

      Mega man Starforce Collection please?

    59. Dr pepper Hecler

      I know the story ended in zero 4 but hey, a fan can dream for a sequel.

    60. okay_biel

      I just wanted X9.

    61. the legend

      Pre ordered this a few days ago. Can’t wait to play it today. I grew up playing the classic series and X series and have beaten them all dozens of times but I never played the Zero series.

    62. Black styfy

      When is X9

    63. SOTL 77

      I'm just glad the world still remember this game. At times, I really thought this has become a forgotten relic. Phew~

    64. Riley Mirk

      Man oh man I'm actually more hype to play this more than when it first came out, here is where I downloaded it: freeswitchgame(.)com

    65. XInfra RedX

      These are not Spin-Offs, IGN.

    66. Kaizame92

      I hope they do Battle Network next.

    67. Darth Shrek

      "Spin off" LoL

    68. Shiki Orochinagi

      Do the game will have Spanish language?

      1. Poison


    69. Dr. Johnny

      Why are these games called Mega Man in the first place?

    70. Macaroni

      Damn when i was a little kid these games were easy. I thought that because i am grown now and my brain has matured and i can understand things that my younger self couldnt that i could beat these games with ease. I cant even get through a whole stage to get to the leader🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Michael VandeVusse

        Honestly like I feel like I have gotten better at games since growing up. You probably just lost the muscle memory tbh

    71. Helvete Ulver

      Spin off games? Its after the X the same universe.

      1. Greatcoolman2

        "but the main character isn't megaman so it must be a spin-off"

    72. John Joseph Acuña

      Megaamn zero/zx pretty cool ⬇

    73. IamKnucks

      I honestly just don't get why online leaderboards are a big selling point for people. I've never sat there enjoying a game and thought, "man this would be better if I knew I was doing better than everyone else."

      1. Poison

        The speed running community says hello.

    74. Cassim

      So we really gonna review a game we played several times already?

      1. AngelDemon

        It's not just about the games, it's if they were ported properly and any extra content.

      2. Cassim

        Poison Ohhhh no, that never crossed my mind? I can see where you’re coming from, but I’m my eyes this is like reviewing a Naruto Ninja storm collection. I just “personally” feel like reviews should be towards a fresh concept. Not a direct port w/ graphic changes. But, to each it’s own 🤷🏾‍♂️

      3. Poison

        Ever consider the fact that these collections bring in people who havent played them? What a concept...

    75. thedreadedzero

      Picking up my preorder today

    76. Zodiaku

      Did they restore the Japanese voiced dialogue in ZX?

      1. Greatcoolman2

        they did

    77. Mike Smith

      I hope megaman battle network series comes next!

    78. 000mjd

      I hope they I'll release a legends collection someday so we will have finally the full main series in a console

    79. CoolWolf

      Still waiting for X9

    80. Ed Vega

      Sony is an Asian company. Did you guys know that?