Megyn Kelly Roundtable: Trump Challenges Sen. Elizabeth Warren To DNA Test | Megyn Kelly TODAY



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    At a Montana rally on Thursday, President Trump mocked the #MeToo movement and unleashed on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, challenging her to a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage. NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk and “American Ninja Warrior” co-hosts Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and Matt Iseman join Megyn Kelly TODAY to discuss. “For (Trump’s) base, this is what they want to hear,” Iseman said.
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    Megyn Kelly Roundtable: Trump Challenges Sen. Elizabeth Warren To DNA Test | Megyn Kelly TODAY



      Elizabeth Warren LIED!!! Plain and Simple!

    2. Empress Wise Turtle

      90% Nigerian and you speak very fluent English.....humh........that's funny huh? Yet he doesn't have the Natural tongue/Mother language of the Nigerian people!!!!!!!!! It is Very Distinctive......


      #MAGA2020. Vote for Red & NBC is fake news .

    4. Chris Keller

      Trump is the best!

    5. SandcastleDreams

      All of the Native Americans I know, laugh themselves silly over it! I am one, my husband is one, my brother-in-law is one! LOL!

    6. David Parker

      Trump was right. She is less than 0.1 percent Native American. LOL ....she's a total fraud.

    7. Momzilla

      Oct. 16, 2018 Update. Elizabeth Warren is 1-1024th Indian. Do not pass go - No whampum

    8. Chuck Reed

      The Boston Globe did an investigation and found that all the crap presented on this show about her benefiting educationally and professionally by reason of her supposedly claiming to be native American was untrue. Think they will back up ……….? nope.

    9. Chuck Reed

      These people who mocked Mrs. Warren before she took a DNA test can now only say "so what." They don't even have the intellectual honesty to say "ok, I was wrong. "

    10. Maria B.

      Megyn Kelly sounds like a hater

    11. politicjunkee

      I’d rather have bamboo stuck under my fingernails than listen to this valid panel.

    12. Bonani Mathambo

      Could that guy stop talking about his wife?! We're talking about Elizabeth Warren.

    13. doitee52

      Is that all she has to do???? Lyin' again huh Warren? You are 100% GOOFBALL!

    14. COO415

      What a despicable POS. Hon. Senator Warren, the Pocahontas did take the DNA test and the results backed up her family claim. Now, pay off the $1 million dollars . The con man that you are, won’t pay. SAD!.

      1. Kevin Topel

        1/1024 proves nothing dotard. DJT can pay her $977 which is 1/1024 of the 1 million. "A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to North or South America. Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, who ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is prove. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage." - Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr.

    15. Prophet YouTube

      And the results are in OCT 18... So, Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that provides “strong evidence’’ she had a Native American in her family (1/1024 Native America)... Proof, NOPE! Pocahontas is so full of sh*t, and took advantage of the system, that is the real issue!!!

    16. Poppy Ohio

      Guess what Trumpsters, here's the proof! Pay up the million dollars clowny!

    17. Izzie and Ava Da Nuggets

      I saw her supporting Blasey-Ford. That filthy piece of sh*t liar. Warren wants to support that liar? That makes her a liar. That makes Elizabeth Warren cursed and the one that will lose. After all the women who were telling the truth. Who were brave and stood up to Cosby but not one word from from Hollywood who still supported him. Fame, money, revenge and a few other reasons were thrown at those women but Ford lies and makes all women look bad when the truth is known. How could she? Her defenders ask why would she lie. The same people believed Cosby was innocent no doubt. Then they had reasons why women would lie. It is sick and karma is going to come around for Blasey-Ford and Warren alike.

    18. tawonga munyanduri

      Well since democrats always want to take the moral high ground they should not defend this at all and trump's comments were funny

    19. bigbaba1111

      This guy is a savage. 😂😂

    20. leroy jenkins


    21. rob farris

      Trump is the MAN!! Your ratings go up when you talk about Trump. Keep it up morons.

    22. Sven Nielsen

      Elizabeth Warren is a fake.

    23. TUBI DU

      Matt Iseman is brilliant! I love him! I like the way he looks at Gosk. Thinking probably the same thing I am.

    24. TUBI DU

      Stephanie Gosk isn’t really that smart. Interesting. How did she get her job?

    25. Praise Kek

      Welcome home Megan

    26. SoCali

      Elizabeth Warren is ashamed to be white just like most white liberals.

    27. Innerpeace

      What a load bias crap, could you imagine if Donald Trump claimd to have Cherokee DNA or Black DNA he would be rubbished like no one has been in the history of politics and they would be demanding a DNA test. I agree with Trump, and it's true that claiming to be a minority has helped her get her position, it's a fact get over it with your PC crap!!!!!!

    28. Alfred Guajardo

      Interesting discussion ! But your Dress is way to long ! shorten it up and help your ratings ! Al

    29. Jerry Parker



      Too bad about Lizzy Warren it's just so sad it's so bad she could die from it sad sad sad tisk tisk tisk!!!! Trump derangement syndrome!!! hahaHAHAHAAAAA

    31. Work Hard Play Hard

      When I see Matt Iseman, all I can think is Buzz Lightyear.

    32. Jean Jones

      Socialism only works until you run out of other people's money. Sanctuary Cities" and "Open borders" - two reasons that should implore every voter to vote AGAINST every Democrat/Socialist on their ballot.

    33. Axiomaticness

      Crazy people are ok with Elizabeth Warren getting money and into Harvard by claiming she was Indian American.

    34. Wizard of Aus

      Warren is a total fraud The left wing must love being lied to

    35. Jon Emery

      Trump should take a DNA test to see if he is actually human........

    36. Zachary Pearse

      NBC, how can you give this piece of trash a show? This argument is beyond embarrassing. I don’t know how anyone can go on television and defend what Trump said. She is a garbage person

    37. Vartox

      Pocohontas hilarious.

    38. Raoul Fleckman

      Sen Warren should accept the challenge under the condition that he takes an IQ test. LMFAO

    39. martin saathoff

      what about sexual abuse of men ?And boy`s

    40. martin saathoff

      warren is a corrupt lying hack

    41. American Patriot

      These hypocrite lying wack jobs are so much for the MINORITY, that apparently they have not bothered to note that since President Donald J. Trump TOOK OVER the reins from King Rat the Unemployment amongst Blacks is the LOWEST in History.

    42. Sara Oswald

      Is this the new birtherism? She says that she has this as part of her heritage. Even officials...the people who hired her said that in her hiring in Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Texas and the University of Houston law center she was hired because she was outstanding teacher, and her lineage was either not discussed or wasn't even a factor. Mr Brown a candidate who was the one who brought up used it as a smear and Trump has nothing else to bother her about so he keeps bringing it up like petulant child. Warren mistake was not endorsing Bernie Sanders which makes many progressives question her motives as a senator.

    43. Gérôme LEVET

      I believe we have come to an era of excuses. Sexual harassment sadly truly exists, racism sadly truly exists but some people tend to take those as excuses to justify their behavior or the behavior of others. i take the example of an ex-coworker (woman) of mine that would perform poorly and then answer criticism by claiming sexism.

    44. carmytil1968

      Megyn, shut your mouth.

    45. sandhogssundays

      The question is, "Does Megyn Kelly create any condition that's better for the world or does she simply poison the well?" Despite her pretense of good intentions, her true colors is glaring.


      Megen Kelly's ugliness is seeping out--very Fox news.

    47. Indie Rivers

      Meghan you slimy garbage bag...i hope they cancel your show soon...

    48. SweetIslandgirl

      Elizabeth Warren just needs to put this to rest. Go on that TV SHOW all the stars are in the show by Educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. - Finding Your Roots and prove it.

    49. John Z

      Then we challenge Trump to releasing his tax return

    50. Carl Creighton

      The Declaration of Independence contains hate speech, doesn't that bother Megyn Kelly?

    51. Will work for guns

      Shes so hot

    52. Eric Edwards

      How about she take DNA TEST when he releases all his tax documents.

    53. Carmine Parente


    54. Jacqueline Jacobs

      Get real where is Trump's tax returns. Talk about something that makes a difference. Remember when Kelly argued about Santa being white. I don't like her. Tried but can't.

    55. Sentinal

      Liberals have no sense of humor.

    56. Johnny Walker

      No one spends time investigating Potus being blackmailed for by the Russians for sleeping with teen age girls.

    57. Michael Cristian

      Pocahontas! Pocahontas! Pocahontas!

    58. Terrence Myers

      Why is it so hard for Caucasians to tell the truth?

    59. Melody Erin

      Most Americans have native American ancestry. Both my parents great great grandparents were full blooded Cherokee but my mom is pale as snow with blonde hair and blue eyes and so is my dad but they tan a reddish brown and so do i and I have less blood than they do..if she can't prove her ancestry that is one thing, but alot of the people in this country are part native American whether they like it or not. My mom couldn't even get help paying for her college in the 90s because the government doesn't recognize the amount of Cherokee blood she has as anything. Trump needs to stfu and take a DNA test himself.

    60. doug thompson

      I went my whole life till age 36 believing my family was a substantial part indian. People looked Indian. There was a portrait on the wall of a distant grandparent who was full blooded cherokee. But it wasn't until a long time before we all found out we weren't her offspring. He had cheated on her. Liz Warren might also not have known.

    61. Peggy Williams

      President Trump is the best president ever! You idiots will hopefully figure it out someday. If you don't then crawl back in your mud-hole.

    62. Alaska Wings91

      and I'm chinese

    63. Justin

      What is with people just picking whatever race they want to in order to benefit themselves? Shawn King, Rachael Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren; I'm sure there are others. Why is anyone supporting this on either side? If she was actually Native American she'd just go get a DNA test and be like "bam there you go."

    64. Jenni

      Kelley sounds like such an ignorant person..that old Fox news personality is showing.

    65. Jenni

      Kelly did come from why are we surprised she agrees with Trump

    66. Lieawamtha

      Pocahontas has lied and benefited from false claims. Democrat idiots support her lies. You are the True Racist !!!

    67. Andwele Illes

      Oh dear... that discussion of identity versus genetics. Let's say her sevent great grandmother was fully native american but each generation of her descendants married white and yet stayed in close proximity to their ancestral native american community. It could be very well possible that some native american identity would be passed down, even if each generation would become whiter. In essence, the cultural distance to that native american identity would be shorter than the genetic distance to that native american ancestor. That genetic distance to that native american ancestor would be far enough that it would not appear in her dna results. It's called the dandelion effect.

    68. NOLA NERD


    69. Daniela T

      Getting privileges ...are you kidding me? They should get more after what it was done to them

    70. TheBestWayOne

      Get the test= and of story

    71. TheBestWayOne

      Time to grind the rust off, Americans will and should make products of every kind, jobs for all talents, don't support slave wages bad trade with low ball wage countries, and paid off politicians. No need for welfare and Government earned income or food stamps, when you have a decent paying job in America. Support AMERICAN MADE look for it, demand more of it = AMERICA FIRST Politicians better get on board or your OUT.

    72. TheJagjr4450

      The claws defending Warren are coming out... WARREN will NEVER BE PRESIDENT...

    73. A P

      I hear trump and his new Supreme Court will make it legal to hunt down and shoot liberals for trophies , but who would want a trophy for doing their patriotic duty ? Not me , its like ridding a building of filthy disgusting roaches or rats , because after all , liberalism nothing but a diseased plague spreading hatred and dissent throughout the world and as soon and its followers are eradicated and its movement destroyed , America and the world will be a better place for all to live

    74. TheJagjr4450

      Just take the test Warren... PROVE IT.

    75. Christopher Soon

      Megyn Kelly certainly doesn't belong here. She's too truthful, and the left wing hates the truth.

    76. holly rochford

      how about this, Sen Elizabeth Warren takes a DNA test & Donald Trump takes a psych test

    77. Boxcar Bubba

      Maggot Kelly still sucks just like she did over at Fox . Trump destroyed her as he does all fools who get in his way

    78. doitee52


    79. Yolanda Young

      Tax reports please.

    80. Josie Perez