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    WE STRUCK GOLD... literally.
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    Publisert 11 måneder siden


    1. Dude Perfect

      UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha

      1. Century Sasa

        I have always wanted to be in a dude perfect video

      2. Daniel Moygannon

        Geez he is blind

      3. ricky phung

        Dude perfect is perfect XD

      4. Lisa Dodson Young


      5. screaming baby every day

        Make a another video like this

    2. Darcy Gauthier

      congrats Garrett you found your wedding ring

    3. Papa Gamer

      Not sure if coby was actually medal detecting

    4. Madness999

      That was the worst ‘professional judging’ I’ve ever seen. Someone finds a can and some bottle caps and beats the people who found phones, necklaces and gold. Great work

    5. Ritvik S

      My favourite song in dp videos

    6. rutvej waghela

      you should do a underwater metal detector battle with @DALLMYD

    7. Wyatt Games

      If garret didn’t throw it blindly he would have won

    8. Kingdom Tonga-Doll

      Cory said the f word when he found his first or second piece of gold

    9. LEGO Star Wars Channel

      I don’t think that guy looked at the items

    10. Mietta SIMPKIN

      I legit cringed at the sight of Garrett throwing the wedding ring backwards and doesn’t find until after the video!!😱😟

    11. CA Avery

      Are you sure the ring didn’t go over the fence

    12. Luan Ho

      Can you do metal detector 3

    13. Badarhundaga Sainzorig

      Mongol hun uzej baival like

    14. The Bird

      Why is he in the closet

    15. Shadow Walker

      Why was me milliger in the closet???

    16. Viktor Stoykov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="332">5:32</a> Vin Diesel has lost something

    17. Little Man The Geko

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a> I am the king of metal detecting but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> look what happens🤦‍♂️

    18. gembox master 2.0

      coby won for me

      1. gembox master 2.0

        i mean cory

    19. Logan Shanks

      In <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="261">4:21</a> Ty's hair looks like Jimmy neutrons

    20. A170 Aceituno Hidalgo

      Gais. You. ar. Cuál Ai. Diego

    21. Elise Li

      Was dat hurikeen dorien

    22. Beans And Cornbread

      Mr Milliger: *looks at Coby's "That's definitely going on my list. Coby: Literally the first real person out.😂

    23. Ken Davenport

      How did garret get the ring

    24. Itzkenna

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a> is my favorite part

    25. Mehmet Yağcı


    26. ara araa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> 😍⚡😍

    27. Adassity

      The judge sucks, get someone who actually knows anything

    28. Sub#Zero 2.0

      Dude Gareth's ring is in the other side of the fence behind him

    29. Ynigo Yzahaille


    30. JOY HAZRA

      Garrett got too cocky with his ring 😂

    31. Jack McLuskey

      What that is gold

    32. Lego Star

      Jerry that guy in tom and Jerry show 🤪

    33. Paul Jonas Austria

      Tyler is monster

    34. Dr. Howl

      Did Garret get the wedding ring?

    35. Aydin Chrzanowski

      Your. Wife. Ring. Is. In. The. Pool. Check. It. Out

    36. Max Crazy

      Tyler THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT TREASURE HUNTING THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL while garret is golfing saying not bad wth

    37. Dzo


    38. Tre Brunaugh

      Did he ever find his wife wedding ring

    39. Marcus Ridge

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a> is that the snack cupboard?

    40. Greg Baes

      Who else is just watching this because they’re bored in quarantine because of the coronavirus in 2020

    41. Anooradha Chandrashaker

      Going to be real bad if Garrett couldnt find it.

    42. Joseph Grinshpun

      I love dopufter

    43. max cho

      Ty said, " Top five hundred % and I'm just like, if u can't beat nothing (Garret), than obviously, u will win.

    44. Bryce Olsen

      ger i would not be surprised if your wife divorced you

    45. Ritvik S

      Ty:dying Garret:chillin

    46. yvette chong

      PART 3 PLZ

    47. Lance Benedict

      I know where to find jackpots The Eastern or Western front especially when you find a German iron cross first class

    48. Elmo

      some say Gar is this looking for that wedding ring

    49. Nicole Mcguire

      Did you find Garrett’s wife’s wedding ring

    50. Kristina Fahy

      Haha haha TT your the best

    51. Leo Stauber-Levy

      pt 3 plzzz

    52. YUMad Productions

      Is there anyone else here that actually metal detects and knows the struggle with all of the trash?

    53. Noah Rahm

      you should follow the sidemen

    54. rosiedog

      Metal detector stereotypes!

    55. Soft latte

      I'm sorry but how did cory not win 😭❤

    56. William Lambert

      Nice find (eventually) Garret! 🤣

    57. C J Y

      I know it's late... Plot twist: A magpie took the wedding ring to its nest

    58. Andrew Dorinion

      A metal detector battle 3 would be awesome!! 🤣

    59. Arin Srivastava

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="419">6:59</a> Aww so cute

    60. Owen Stith vlogs and cooks

      Garret is a cheater!

    61. Jackson Castellanos

      I would give it to tie

    62. sayyan rasool

      DudePerfect should make another mettle detecting battle after the Carona 🦠

    63. Sürensen Kylez

      i hate this judge

    64. Sandhya Ghanta

      I disliked this video due to millingers judgement

    65. Petrxs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> How to doxx yourself tutorial

    66. josh sandhu

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a> you can cory is using garrett's meta detector comment down below if you can see

    67. Kelly Migliore

      Did you ever find the ring

    68. Ruben Camacho

      Cody the undefeated Metal Detector Champion Cory Undefeated i-phone Champion

    69. Sadie Robinson

      Imagine if he dropped the gold 😂

    70. Sniper King

      Hope Garret finds that ring

    71. Chris Dimovasilis

      Garret was living his best life While Ty and Cory were risking their lives (not literally 😂)

    72. Sami Ullah


    73. Sami Ullah


    74. Sami Ullah


    75. Sami Ullah


    76. Sami Ullah

      So far

    77. Sami Ullah


    78. Sami Ullah


    79. Holly Myers

      Have you found your wedding ring for metal detector battle2

    80. not someone taking over the world defnautly not

      The professional metal detector is wrong. Cory shouldve won