Mighty - Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 : World League Solo Wildcard

Mighty X E xion

37 k ganger3


    1. 음악을사랑하는남자


    2. Aldi AF

      If Hiss and Mighty in the same tagteam, will be ClickRoll Brother

    3. 루나익스트림


    4. ANDROPRO 657A


    5. !カンダイゲームズ!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>

    6. qoo 3047

      이레파가 너무좋다

    7. Diego Ruiz perez

      Soooo good dideeeee

    8. deku.


    9. deku.


    10. 음악보살


    11. Sonicboom Beatbox


    12. 박찬일 Ace

      you are really great, man.

    13. The Mind's Eye

      I think he's better than two.h o_0

    14. SamuraiYT


    15. CrlKaiju :]

      can somebody tell me what the insane sound he is using

    16. Zoka

      ur sound makes me orgasm

    17. Mr. Spud

      RIP mighty... I thought they'd give u a chance but.... he didnt pass

    18. Sanghyun Park

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> 진짜 존나 잘한다. 시벌

    19. jongun kim

      진짜 장난없이 존나 잘한다.

    20. Krys

      My man, go get it! Should be an invite not a wildcard

    21. Nilo Bert Banganan

      Our Legendary Mighty

    22. jobber precioso

      Click roll master.

    23. sLpt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> takes it to a new level

    24. Ulisses Mendes


    25. Shigeto beatbox

      I am looking forward to listen his music in 2030.

    26. HesSH

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> 와 two h급 관중들 난리나는 비트다 ㄹㅇ 꼭 가길!!역대급 쇼케이스 기대!!

    27. Joseph Gorgovski

      What is the inward sounding breathing technique that he uses through out this? It’s like he’s breathing in and out over and over again but there’s a bass sound to it. I’ve never been able to find out the name

      1. TurtleMonkey

        I could be wrong but try searching 'inward click roll'

    28. Wand Beatbox

      와 👍👍👍👍👍

    29. JVDYN

      I LOVE THIS 🔥

    30. Asylumental


    31. Robert Roman

      Guys what if he goes against TRUNG BAO 😲😲😱THAT WOULD BE A EPIC BATTLE

    32. Sebastian Kleinod

      i need air now.

    33. Shayce

      FINALLY , Cant wait to see mighty in GGB!

    34. Hank Official

      PASSED! no more words


      Wow Crazy !!!😂

    36. prince ben

      Click rooolllssss on point

    37. Akbar Hatib

      Good luck bro

    38. Stuart Smith

      One of the best beatboxers in the world and he doesn't need liprolls.

      1. Felix Fischer

        Clickrolls are so fast too

    39. RIFN _

      If this wildcard doesn't get accepted then GBB is 50% ruined for me 🧐😬

      1. RIFN _

        @Bubbie we'll see

      2. SeaStone

        HLA hahahahaha

      3. Bubbie

        Seen that on like every wildcard so guess its ruined confirmed

    40. Lyrical Spot

      This is the whole lyrics bekaoapqnwnebdjskaoawnbdxbjaiajaiaiansbdnxnskaianwdnkfpgigiegqbabdbfjlapqjdbrbsjkwnizwnutncuniznonzinixnaonxlancianlcnaicnwicniwnxoanidncidicencianoxnaocnaibciwbxuebcurbcydyxnauxnianxianxisbcurbchrncisnxianxianxiabxjabcjanxianxksowosisjansnx zipper

    41. 버터치즈물만두


    42. 디닥터D-doctor

      Mighty is Monster!!! Bug up!!!!

    43. Major bbx

      Very sick

    44. Beatbox Wonbin


    45. Echo BBX


    46. Jonas Thorstensson

      Holy s!

    47. Ultimator

      very nice man ! first video i saw - love it "skill level: asian" :D

    48. anju dinata

      Full power🔥

    49. SlyDx Inox

      the last drop is like two h on gbb 17 vs alexinho

    50. Fuchi 7


    51. Max Ng

      Dude this is fucking sickkkkk

    52. Samih Razramar

      Korean power !

    53. Sathwik Narayanan

      Who wants to watch kohey vs mighty.. Is gonna be damn fast!

    54. Napping BBX

      wasnt he already in because of beatbox to world

      1. Hisoka Beatbox


    55. Dat Flooz

      i want to see a Mighty vs Two.H battle . ABSOLUTELY .

    56. Mugetsu Rai


    57. awit TV

      oxygen: so am i a joke to you? 😅

    58. iranbeatbox

      mighty🔥🔥 goodluck

    59. Younten. Nurbu. Sherpa

      That was MIGHTY !!!!

    60. Havier Mukadis

      100% lit!!!!!

    61. Junna Mae Saguin


    62. azimoza


    63. Sgod

      Hope u will enter

    64. Firstyo Nugroho


    65. No Mad


    66. TRAUZ.X

      That was fucking lit..🔥

    67. K K A

      GBB 20 > Asian Beatbox Championship

    68. joeiznang

      This energy is amazing! I hope you get through! You have a lot to show

    69. Emile Coetzee

      Clean beats. Flow. Powerful combo's. He has a definite pass imo

    70. S2생갈치 2호의 행방불명

      팬으로서 앞으로 쭉 성장하시길 바래요! 아시아챔쉽때 왜떨어지셨는지 본인이 젤 잘아실테니😌

    71. PurpGuy

      this is a pass for me

    72. Prime Stroke Beatboxers

      Lit 🔥🔥

    73. Scribey

      Really solid stuff, hope you get in! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> is amazing

    74. tomi wingga

      Insane technique

    75. josh 22963

      Huge ups, hope u make it

    76. SeaStone

      This must be a pass

    77. YUNUS BBXツ


    78. Keramik

      This year he will win i believe in it

    79. 藍紹騏