Mighty Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

The Vape Critic

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    1. Richard Streeter

      Can't work out why you haven't collapsed in a psychotic heap the amount you consumed in this demo, does THC do anything to you at all?

      1. HTYKJ

        @Star Gazer Qp with how efficient the mighty is? cant imagine your usage with smoking joints or blunts 🤣on some Wiz Khalifa and Oz a day shit

      2. Star Gazer

        The Vape Critic Me too I can go through a qp of bud per month not including the sift hash I vape on top of that...The mighty rocks it’s my baby!!!

      3. Martin Robert

        @Ts0usermax I wholeheartedly disagree. You're just burning the trichombs of the bud and you're not actually inhaling any plant material. Honestly? I think it's great. Not sure where you got your info from.

      4. A K

        Ts0usermax Interesting take...never heard any of this before. Learn something (dumb) everyday.

      5. strawberrycough22

        @Restricted Restricted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥢🥢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍣

    2. Dominick Perone

      Is this still something I should consider in 02/2020? My luck they will release a Mighty 2 as soon as I order this. Thanks!

      1. Cristian Torres

        Dominick Perone do it!!!

      2. Metallicalabrano4

        Very curious about this as well

    3. Austin Ackerman

      great review

    4. Coorsgood10

      What about the smell? Can I use it in my apartment without my neighbors dropping the dime?

      1. Robert Sutherland

        I own one and there's very little smell, maybe 1/5 the smell of smoking.

    5. Muk My Bang

      Great review

    6. john metrac

      Love the mighty 😃 the filling aid is a bit pointless though 🙈

    7. Michael Kenyon

      just got a mighty today. *cough* puffitup *cough* whew. ok. very very good. ive had an xvape fog, tera (RMA's 3 times now). the quality is so far beyond those. the xvape tastes a lot better than the tera, but its more annoying to load.

    8. Random Dude

      I think I’m gonna get one of these once my boundless cf is done. I’m satisfied with my cf so until it doesn’t work i don’t see the point of getting a new one lol

    9. Gary CoolBoobs

      lol only Americans use fahrenheit

      1. Sound Tribe

        lol idiot kid missed the point, vapes let you change and are supposed to stay when you shut off. why you even watching this?

    10. Star Gazer

      It’s not RIGHTY unless you own a MIGHTY!!!I would marry mine if I could I love it that damn much!!!Ive owned mine a month and already have vaped over 50 grams of bud and 14 grams of soft hash out of it lol!!!Tossed out all my papers and pipes and sold all my glass!!!

    11. trainer eSports

      The Mighty is the best!!!👽👽👽👽🍄🍄🍄🚀🚀🚀👁👁👁😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👀👀👀

    12. BattlePumpkin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> you know what's weird? using Fahrenheit in the first place

    13. club dore

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a> wtf is that white flying object ufo alien or just angel dust?

    14. club dore

      Lol the world doesn't not turn around the US. Its a German based company and yes the run Celsius ✌🤩🌟

      1. Sound Tribe

        most vapes, once you change to F, it stays, his kept reverting. but dont expect foreign idiots to get it anyways :)

    15. Ann-Marie Droukas

      can’t remove plastic mouthpiece Help??? 🤬😡😡🤬🤬😡 frustrated it’s brand new and haven’t been able to use it yet can anyone out there help me please?

    16. Ann-Marie Droukas

      hi there Please help just purchased the mighty and I cannot remove the plastic mouthpiece!!!! 🤬😡🤬 I have the glass mouthpiece, water adapters... but cannot get the plastic mouthpiece to pull out??? can someone please help me? It looks like it should just pull right out ... but it’s not budging and I don’t want to break this very pricey device anyone??

    17. New Russia

      The only bad thing is the cutoff, and how the temp will drop causing the battery to drain quicker from reheating it seems. Other than that its amazing. And I fit it in my pocket regularly. I just have to make sure theres nothing else in my pocket but it fits nice like a flask.

    18. Master Augmented Production

      Why do you need an app for a hand held 😂

      1. ben halpin

        its actually a really cool feature and a smart workaround

      2. Haywood Jablome

        It's not unusual for small handhelds to come with an app that mainly lets you adjust the limited number of temperature presets available.

    19. Brandon James

      I was mad at you cause Firfly junk and you make me waste $500 dollar on that 💩 several years ago but I is happy with you again cause Mighty is best vape eva🤷‍♀️👌💗

    20. Dan Estrada

      Great review

    21. HerrenGamingNews

      This vape is ugly but I want one

    22. I S Ekot

      I am not sure if I expect too much from a portable vaporizer, but this is a Storz & Bickel. a Volcano can make 4 full bags of vapor with .3 to .5 . I feel a bit disappointed that Mightly gives 15 big draws. So give and take, lets say 30 draws. 1 bag from Volcano gives 20 to 30 draws easily. 4 Bags gives over 100 draws. I just got a Pax 3. Only reason I am thinking of buying a Mighty is because I assume that Mighty may give just as much as a Volcano. Am I expecting too much?

    23. Smooth Groover

      U gay

    24. SydDaveRickRogerNick

      The Vape Critic: Nice video! how can I clean the capsules? I boil them in water with bicarbonate but they lose brilliance, they become faded. I'm not sure it's safe.

      1. LinkinPark4Ever1996

        Use 90% or more isopropyl alcohol, the one without colorants and perfumes, spray the capsules and even the insides of the cooling unit and wait a bit, then rinse with warm water, I do it twice usually, 100% safe as any left alcohol quickly evaporates away but after rinsing with water there will be none left.. You can also put isop. alcohol on Q tips and rub inside the herb chamber, then use water-soaked Q tips and do the same, I tilt the vaporizer while doing this to make sure that no drops, especially water drops, will get through the metal mesh and inside the electronics. Use dry Q tips in the end for every part/accessory

    25. August in Cleveland

      You would do a great Christopher Walken imitation

    26. Psychedelic Ape

      Hhahahaa United States’s people are weird! You like miles instead of kilometers, you got farenheit instead of celcius what the hell is wrong with you guys? Hahahahaha. Man, now I need this vape!

    27. Liam Bouffard

      Bruh that's the ugliest thing in existence, jus buy the pax3 sleek af

    28. Ts0usermax

      these things are fucking garbage, all they do is put shit in your lungs, tiny particles of crap. squish your buds with a hair straightener and smoke rosin in the wax pod of your vape, don't vape dry herb its really bad for your lungs.

    29. Chris

      yeah very weird that the german vape shows C before F ... very very odd

    30. Kyle Pugh

      Does this method get you baked?

    31. Raoul Martinez

      Are you from new jersey? You have like the slightest accent!

    32. Marco Pikachu

      Hi Bud ! i'm new in vaporization (because of one of your video that one day appeared on my youtube suggestions ^^) . i decided to buy the Mighty... and you are right, it's awesome ! i have a question : using the liquid pas, is wax dangerous for my Mighty? i mean, can it fall down to the core and damage it ? thank you ! Marco420 from France

    33. Ben M

      Someone probably already mentioned this but I’m sure it’s default temperature reading is in Celsius because it’s a German company.

    34. Acid Commander

      Had never seen a dude making an indoor NOsel video with Sunglasses on.

      1. Jimmy Grizz

        That's like the modern day Lone Ranger mask.

    35. Hardocore


    36. Matthew Davies

      Does it get you as high as a spliff though The Vape Critic? If you say yes then I'm sold

      1. Sound Tribe

        comparing combustion with tobacco vs a $400~ vaporizer from a company that has the only medically certified products. id say short answer is yes.. lol. itll pay for itself real fast...

    37. New World Disorder

      Mighty is a must.

    38. sexydaddy761


    39. Jean-Charles Navet

      it shows in Celsius because it's from Europe , when I buy a American car it's also a little weird to have to do the same thing LOL

    40. Ernst du Pon

      Could you show how you vape hashish with the Mighty.

    41. Daniel Miller


    42. Mike Hat

      Fahrenheit is weird and makes little sense to most of the world.

      1. Sound Tribe

        and every vape just about has a setting to change to either, but it's supposed to stay when you turn it off/on. but seems 90% of people were too high to understand this part lol. or just angry non US citizens I see on every youtube video trying to talk shit. Either way..

    43. REM lag

      I love him, my Mighty, he made me discover the pleasures of vaporization, it's the best! So, I even made a "little" chain just for him! :) @ +

    44. This is my Boomstick

      Celsius > Fahrenheit :3

    45. Calam Transgression

      The rest of the world uses Celsius, kilograms, metres, cents, and kilometres awesome vape!!! USB charging although somewhat convenient but wall chargers charge a lot quicker

    46. Jason Huber

      I bought a vaporizer for like $300 15, 20 years ago. Was a glorified hair drier lol. Was very turned off since. Does this actually vape it properly? Like since my tolerance is high will a vaporizer be worth a purchase?

      1. Sound Tribe

        i dont get how people even compare this to a Pax lol, they dont even use the same heating method. only difference is pax looks better

      2. Pete B

        This vape and the Pax3 actually work. I have used older portables - one that used gas to heat and this one demo'd and the Pax3 (I own a Pax3 but I will be purchasing this one the Might Vaporizer because the reviews are all A grade for it) and they work great. An issue for me was getting away from smoking product. I always had a tickle in my throat and a cough. Since exclusively using the Pax3 my tickle has gone and my cough. I do find I cough when vaping but nothing over the top at all. I imagine that the actual act of pulling vape filled with cannabis oil vape into your throat will have to have some impact and make one cough but it is so much better for you than actual smoke. I get really nicely stoned - I always use quality product - but be aware that the stone is different to smoking a spliff or a bong. You don't get that immediate heavy sort of psychology transition from being straight to ripped that smoking gives me. I don't really miss that and find that a vape stone from a good unit like the Pax3 or the Might Vaporizer is a nicer, deeper stone with more of a "body" element and it lasts. Of course - so much hinges on the product you use. Changing to vaping with a quality unit such as this has been life changing for me. Do it.

      3. strawberrycough22

        @Jeremy Onlycashcounts Hargrove What is a question? Is it not an answer to a question no one has asked? Dude, I've been using the mighty way too much!!!

      4. Jeremy Onlycashcounts Hargrove

        The best questions are always left with no answer lol

    47. Matthew Fagan

      Thank you so much for this great review!!!

    48. Alasdair Gillis

      Vape Critic the type of guy to wear sunglasses at night

    49. yellowsoapbar

      Hey vape critic.. I was wondering if you knew what the oven is made of? Stainless steel? Ceramic? Thanks a lot. Love your reviews!!

    50. Danny Fallas

      Should I buy the Mighty or the Volcano ?? :S

    51. Don Mox


    52. Addison Tharpe

      I’m finally getting ready to get my first weed vape! I’m leaning towards this as my first weed vape! I’m extremely excited to get this one! I was going to get the arizer air, then the solo 2, then the grasshopper, then the pax2, then the pax 3 but then I was like I’ll struggle for two weeks to get what I want so I’m getting this one and a quarter of bud!! I can’t wait til next Friday!! I’m so excited and I’m happy that the price came down!!

    53. bluefeather505

      Great video, one question though, I am a neophyte at vaping, but have been indulging since 1965. Ok, my question is, when vaping, I had been told that you shouldn't be seeing any visible smoke on your exhale. I* notice in the video, the fellow is blowing out large clouds of smoke. Is this right?

      1. Sound Tribe

        yes, because that's vapor, not smoke... smoke only happens when you combust (weed burns) with vapes you're just heating it up to extract the THC

    54. Taiyo Matsumae

      Dude do you actualy own all of these vapes? are you getting government funding or something like that? lol I'm envious

    55. Mike B

      You should say "Say hello to your Mother for me." at the end of every video.

    56. Wana Azizi

      why am i gay guys?

    57. h7opolo

      I almost went with the daVinci IQ, buuut, brand-loyalty... I know what I'm getting with S&B, which is durability, functionality, and safety. woot!

    58. Clutch Carabelli

      don't buy from vapemood!

    59. adramelk44

      Is this unit easier to inhale on than the Crafty? I'm looking for an "easy draw."

    60. Keemstar Love 420

      I just got the mighty today, tastes like plastic.

    61. giulio farina

      beautiful electronic cigerette

    62. raziel372

      Why can't anyone spellcheck before posting??? Anyway I know he's married but without the shades this dude is fine!!!! Good video! Just leaving this here, Marijuana has never ruined someone's life, it's the people that believe you should be punished for nothing that ruins lives.

    63. marcus g

      I vape everyday all day long and want to smoke weed using this device. will the vape be the same? no hard hit or nasty taste? it's the only thing holding me back is to know if this is exactly like vaping nic juice. thanks for the great, thorough video

    64. pierre richard Dalcourt

      I think my choice is made my first vape will be !

    65. Rich P. Top Tier

      This vape can pass as a portable charger lol awesome I'm thinking of this or the firefly 2

      1. liligman

        Richard Powell literally the 2 I’m thinking of, which one you get fam?

    66. Eddie Strike

      marijuena ruins lifes


      do you know what's the differences between mighty and mighty medic????

      1. Chris W

        KONSTANTINOS CHRONOPOULOS one is legit (mighty) , the other one is counterfeit 👍

      2. Red Eye

        KONSTANTINOS CHRONOPOULOS there is no difference

    68. BigH0804

      The standard temperature is in celsius because it's made by a German company.. The centre of the world is not North America for the majority people who live outside of the States..

      1. rrrtripler

        jón krázíón lol we saved the world from the Nazis and this is the love we get

      2. rrrtripler

        BigH0804 Thank you for teaching us here on NOsel. My little 8 year nephew could have told us that. But thank you, genius

      3. The Vape Critic

        those mofos

    69. The Vape Critic

      ☞ MIGHTY LINK: www.vapecritic.com/shop/mighty/ ☞ REVIEW PAGE: www.vapecritic.com/mighty/ ☞ CRAFTY REVIEW: www.vapecritic.com/crafty/

    70. maurice dorman

      What would you choose between the mighty and the davinci iq flavourwise?

    71. Robert Kendell

      Which one would you honestly recommend is the better buy with the crafty or mighty?

    72. FimmyV

      I hate the idea of a $12 pair of 18650s wrapped up in a $400 device in such a way that the user can't easily replace them when they aren't holding a charge well enough anymore.

      1. No Name

        Its to be stupidity proof. Cause too many people put in the wrong batteries and shit ends up blowing up

      2. Rowdy Roddy

        FimmyV because some people will use cheap ass batteries *cough cough* then blame the company for their device fucking up.

    73. ActiveKoala

      I like your reviews, very informative. I already have a vaporizer on the way though. I finally had the courage to go to a coffeeshop here in my country, the Netherlands, and pick up some weed to ease my (social) anxiety (I don't like the ideal of chemical pills). The problem is though that the tobacco to fills up the rest of the joint is irritating my lungs. Thank God for these devices that make it possible to vape the weed instead of smoking it.

    74. Jonathan Parker

      I just received a Mighty. I've been using a Crafty for quite awhile now and love it. My only question about the Mighty is the booster temperature, something I use all the time with the Crafty for the last couple of draws. In the Mighty instruction manual it says it has a booster setting, but 2 taps on the power button do nothing. I realize it doesn't matter because I can set the temp directly with the +/- buttons, but I just want to make sure my new Mighty isn't defective. IMO best vapes on the market, despite their higher price. And, I ended up with the Crafty battery issue after about 1 year of use, and I was sent a complete replacement (new in box), so I consider my first runaround with customer service a good one.

      1. Bob Dope

        Does the vape still works and is there a difference in the draw between both unit or it's the same airflow and cloud size for both

    75. micromantis

      Keen to know if S&B will be releasing a version of the Mighty that is not made from plastics? Do you The Vape Critic, or anyone else, know if this is in the pipe-works in the near foreseeable future? I'm drawn to the new Firefly2 for this reason, but I'd like the Mighty to make a product with the same sensibilities in mind regarding guaranteeing no toxic vapors released as the unit heats, nor for them to disintegrate - in some way from use over time - and potentially emit harmful vapor the longer its owned. Plastics are known to change over time through heat and wear in a totally different way to ceramics and certain metals. I want to know these things given the price asked specifically for the Mighty.

      1. Ryan Hellerud

        micromantis not sure if any toxic vapors are released can anyone comment on this?

    76. Austin Tobin

      I'm considering buying the mighty. The pax2 was poorly designed, my warranty replacement is almost useless now for the same reason that my first one died: vapor gets caught under mouth piece, condenses into liquid and seeps into the control button.

    77. TrippingOnLifestyle

      Thanks for the review man, very helpful. I'm in Australia and the website I'm going to purchase my mighty from sells the Australian model with 250v plug. They mention that there is a new model with a two minute automatic shutdown instead of the one minute, so I'm glad storz and bickel have listened to their customers and obviously made changes to rectify this problem. I'll let you know what I think of it when I finally get mine. Thanks bro ✌

    78. Self-transforming machine elf

      It's for you to learn Celsius without realising it!

    79. Hatef F.

      Hey guys, I'm using the firefly 2 right now but Im used to papers, so I wish I could get more vapor. I'm thinking of going for the mighty. Any opinions/advice??

      1. Madtype

        got the answer you needed?

    80. Patrick Garratt

      Hey. I bought a Mighty this week based on your review (and some other research) and I regret nothing. Mad amount of vapour. Did my first session on it last night and finished space-high. I was looking for something that'd work both at home and when I travel, and this really does fit the bill. I didn't want something too "discreet" as (1) I really don't care, (2) the vape needed to be properly comfortable and powerful for when I'm sitting on the couch and (3) I always run into battery-life issues with smaller vapes. This just nukes the weed an even, dark brown and delivers all the juice directly, quickly and tastily into my brain with no fuss whatsoever. Also, the build quality's amazing. Just wanted to say thanks for the review. It answered every question I had about the kit and led to one happy customer. Keep it up!

      1. I S Ekot

        Not sure if I will get a reply. Its been a few years :) Should I assume that it only gives about 30 draws for each bowl? I was hoping that a mighty would give just as much or close to what Volcano can do. 4 big bags which is at least 100 hits. Am I expecting too much?

      2. The Truth

        He's too high to respond. Please try again, operators are standing by.

      3. Red Eye

        Restricted Restricted you wanna tell me u vape one bowl 45 minutes?? wtf

      4. The Ham

        Well how do you feel about it now? Is it still performing as good as the day you bought it? I'm considering buying it. Do you still recommend it?

      5. Zew Kee

        Patrick Garratt after ~3 months, are you still happy with it? I'm thinking of getting one