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    1. edy eduard

      girl instagram ? =)

    2. Tom Benson

      This is sick! unbelievable tune and very unique

    3. lil ketchup

      Only thing that annoys me here is randolph saying INNE

    4. one million subscribers with no videos

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> that had me crying with laughter 😂

    5. ParkerIsBad

      We need a version without the helium as well

    6. DSB Gamer

      jj's reaction video has 3.6 M video while the original song has 2.8M view lol

    7. SC TUBE

      This is a better version of that squeaky song by 645AR

    8. firas basly

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> that effect was used in travis scott's song "highest in the room"

    9. Jason Shiels

      This is probably the worst NOsel song made but you all Diss rice? Come on

      1. Nameless 261

        You belong to the streets

    10. LS Compact

      The comment section: hehe Harry does drugs Me: wtf Simon be spittin straight fire

    11. Dr_Taco

      This would be sick without helium

    12. fazed raven

      Can someone please make this video without the voice change


      I honestly think this song deserves way more views then it has... also read my name

    14. Tom Hoadley

      Ksi reaction has more views

    15. vledermau5

      Can't wait for the follow up song 'THE SULFUR HEXAFLOURIDE SONG' :D

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        The fact that 10k people disliked this means there is no faith in humanity

    16. 10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

      "Woke up so high" HARRY: FINALLY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        damn this was sick but yo who was the girl in this?

    17. Mikkel Nissen

      This is a banger

    18. Dipesh Menon

      When jjs reaction has more views then the helium song.

    19. Bunkster

      * Simon and Randolph look at Ricegum* I’m ending this mans whole career

    20. Comicwool

      This is genuinely bad lol

    21. Ustrana pubg

      It is not good song

    22. DuranoPlayz

      its sad that ksi his reaction has 1.2 million more views...

    23. Xd_Genji1707 _YT

      y all the gen 2 pokemon


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> *thank me later*

    25. DANJACK 8844

      All I can say is wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf

    26. Befalen

      Who is the girl asking for a friend?

    27. Hayden Robinson

      2x speed is mint

    28. Forkieee

      harry *laughs inside*

    29. Tia Khaira

      Simon should do a clothing line!!

    30. Sunny Garg

      damn this was sick but yo who was the girl in this?

    31. Xeno core

      The fact that 10k people disliked this means there is no faith in humanity

    32. Morrison Productions

      I love nightcore too

    33. Rustopher The Great

      Can we just appreciate Kon for this video? 10/10 man

    34. RazerBlazerXD

      -Helium fits the tone of song surprisingly well. -Lyrics are fire. Literally better than most non-Sidemen rappers

    35. Torin Mchalebarrett

      So how much autotune do you want? Simon: YES

    36. G1nger N1nja

      If u just wanna do joke songs do one with Stephan tries bc he's hilarious and can actually spit (plzzzzz)

    37. giannis tsanas

      anyone else getting portal vibes? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>

    38. Rhys Atkinson

      The Helium Song - Randy feat. Miniminter

    39. Dylan Hudson

      Such a bop

    40. ElitelifeTTV

      Simon my guy I swear down ur bagging this music ting Idc my guy u actually spit wen u wanna

    41. Xi_lias

      When JJ’s reaction video has actually more views:

    42. Cel

      Simon my favorite Butterfly

    43. Submarine Man

      I thought the thumbnail was the battle bus

    44. RgB CLAN

      If you listen closely, it’s actually harry singing

    45. Alqha

      yo whats the girls @

    46. Efrain De La Torre Ramirez Jr.

      imagine this Trippin - KSI ft. Miniminter

    47. MYS_ HARRY

      everyone: wow simon killed it Randolph: what about me

    48. MYS_ HARRY

      harrys favourite song

    49. Stealthy XD

      This should have way more views!!!

    50. Nut Supplier 69

      That's pretty much a POV from Harry's vision during a Sidemen video

    51. crovey

      This video is harry POV when he hangout with simon and randolph after smokin weed

    52. oli2801

      This is better than most of jjs songs tbh

    53. Justin Smilo

      How about sulfur hexoflouride song next

    54. Harvey Dobson

      I recognise the beat at the start from somewhere else I swear

    55. Bondz

      I want to hit randolph so hard in the face

    56. Give me Da chipilin

      Miniminter watch Pokimian react to your deji diss track and go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1656">27:36</a> and show it to talia

    57. El_3skrAziz_Gmz

      Inspired by lacazette

    58. SwaizzyPLAYS

      Bro this actually bangs, you make these sort of vids then you will be able to pursue a rap career

    59. Zione

      Okay who's the girl?

    60. Eesa Shazad

      We need simon and jj on a track and than jj and randy and simon and then the whole sidemen

    61. W2C-Crazy

      This Is Sickkkk

    62. Gamer King

      The video he and Randolph made thats called raping with minimiter with helium So maybe they planned to rapp together to years ago

    63. William Doyle

      Tbh I think randy made it worse ngl

    64. Josh Bergman

      " Woke up this morning feeling so high " Harry: This nigga spittin'

    65. niduoe stre

      Simon should actually continue doing this ting

    66. Asp_lemon

      Ksi reaction more views

    67. Fe- -zA ツ

      My mate told me to watch this when I told him I was high... best time of my life

    68. Bolt ghostz

      This is trash I can't even understand it

      1. niduoe stre

        Simon:woke feeling so high Harry:Simon I knew one day it would happen

    69. aaron

      those dislikes are ricegum fans

    70. Harry Anning

      In my opinion this bit is the best part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a>

    71. deathly gaming

      Jj simon randy and talia should make a song who thing they should

    72. Pickle Frog

      Loved the model in this video she was gorgeous, also liked how you had Ethans kid and wife in it

    73. Luke Davies

      Sub to cat tastic

    74. Rian Murphy

      Why for the post malone verse did they use beer pongs and bentleys background and they didn’t use the stoney background?????

    75. harry_ Cassidy

      Dis was out when it was my birthday

    76. Billy Scott

      Oi Simon be spitting 🔥

    77. Valtin Fetija


    78. trippy boltz

      What a shitter hit still better than ricegum

    79. Colin Desmond

      Simon killed it

    80. Andrew Northen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>