Mistake Moments in Football 2020



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    1. Drizzle TTV

      How is valverde saving his team a mistake

    2. Gospodin Jebacina

      Kepa is legend

    3. Rand pg


    4. El Pablo

      1:20 is the funniest

    5. Kelvin Gomez

      ronaldo sucks he is always selfish

    6. Almighty Compil3r

      lol when u give ur 5 yr old brother the fifa controller

    7. K. T

      Kepa is the worst GK in chelsea's history and the most expensive lmao

    8. Crista Chetcuti ganado

      Lloris wasn't a mistake he landed badly and broke his elbow

    9. suspicious looking guacamole

      2:47 what a save, even better than a goalkeeper

    10. sk sunny

      Where is the world cup goal mistake by France goalkeeper in 2019

    11. Gaijin Hakase

      Most of United’s clips are Pereira lol

    12. *insert name*

      0:08 do remember this is the man who says he can be his team's central foward

    13. 『brightside』

      7:20 don't worry Sokratis,all the good defenders went to arsenal end up like this

    14. 『brightside』

      Most of the mistakes are from EPL,that's why epl are poor this season

    15. EGS_ Rayan_khader

      4:32 the other player tried to steel it

    16. Ponioc XoxO

      wtf happened to hugo lloris

    17. Noël Triulzi

      Not surprised that the majority of the mistakes are from manchester united

    18. MufMcMuffins

      Most of this was arsenals defense

    19. Yoann Rakotoarimanana

      pereiras is always passing there

    20. Simon nilli

      Ronaldo defence against dybala was actually very good 😃😂

    21. Konica Tran Que

      Excelente vídeo. Parabéns JackieMT

    22. cokoroL

      Sadio Mane disappointed. He's offside.

    23. Imira Alkizwini

      If there were no mistakes in football then what would be the point of ever playing

    24. Robloxian Noob

      am i the only one having problems watching this vid

    25. studentinho

      Playing Rocket League with random nóbs.

    26. WWE Recap

      After all, they just super humans

    27. Sqormy


    28. Sqormy

      The Czech Commentator 😂

    29. alexx 19

      Okay but why are these mistakes mostly in the premier league?

    30. RightOnSight Oof

      3:25 wasnt much of a fail, or an own goal, he was running, and the ball happened to be played right into his momentum

    31. Elias Ayala

      Holy shit, I knew arsenal had been having some bad games but 7:14 was embarrassing

    32. Theo Brohme-Chen

      Some of these aren’t mistakes, they are more of fails

    33. Christopher Duran Coreas

      You mean Mistakes I’m premier league 2020

    34. Christopher Duran Coreas

      All of them are the premier league

    35. Lakinther

      6:12 is big brain not mistake

    36. Lakinther

      1:16 WTF

    37. Hammad Butt

      whats your country

    38. Simon Van Dijk


    39. Israel HDez

      Valverde mistake? 🙃

    40. Piggy

      Most of dybala’s goal didn’t count because of ronaldo 🤦‍♂️

    41. Phillipe Coutinho

      Lol 95% premiue lageue

    42. brennan hartshorn

      Lloris' injury looks worse every time you re-watch it

    43. Lost Gems

      could you upload it without the obnoxious music?

    44. Destiny

      its all premier league, and 4 of the mistakes are tottenham's. i feel ashamed for my club messing up that many times and not using the opportunities. thats the reason we dont have a lot of trophies...just sad

    45. Panalty Kick

      4:18 1 day ago 😂

    46. Ziad Hossam

      Where is dembele mistake at UCL vs Liverpool

    47. Elie Vetus

      The mbappe one at first was not a mistake

    48. MSS

      This distracted me while studying for an exam 😬

    49. Jonathan Middleton

      Pukkis one was in 2019

    50. Khudadad Shirzai

      That’s why Premier League is entertaining 🤣

    51. 林詠漢

      These were actually really painful to watch for any football fan

    52. Steven Taylor

      Salah is EXTREMELY over rated

    53. Steven Taylor


    54. at Sarkar

      1:41 OZIL ..KING OF ASSIST

    55. Abdul Hakim

      Thumbnails show Messi but... he know Messi didnt do mistake.

    56. Abdul Hakim

      2:47 Better goalkeeping than Kepa.

    57. Juf Mariano

      The liverpool one was 2019

    58. Jiovanna Flores Palomino

      Lo de valverde a morata es un completo asco. Que verguenza de jugador

    59. Shadow ツ

      Valverde Tackled Morata on purpose Which was smart. He had an Idea and his idea worked He got a red card yes but, They still won🤷🏽‍♂️