Mixed Riddles For Strong Brains Only 💪

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    Increase your logical skills with a set of mixed riddles for strong brains only! If you feel tired or exhausted try to spend time solving brain games and tests! You will have some fun and work out your brain at the same time ;) You can solve these riddles every day and become smarter! Solving riddles on a daily basis is the fastest way to improve your logic, intelligence, and critical thinking.

    00:14 - Which spot is safe? Test your logic and general knowledge with this tricky trivia puzzle!
    01:34 - Why did Sally do that? This tricky riddle will test your attentiveness and boost your critical thinking!
    03:50 - Why did the policeman arrest Scully? Another riddle to test your logic and intelligence! Try to solve it before the time is up.
    05:19 - Where is the criminal? Help the policeman to find him! Pay attention to the smallest details and use your logic to solve this brain teaser!
    06:38 - Who is not rich? Boost your analytical thinking with these short puzzles! Leave your answer to the last one in the comments below :)

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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    1. Ma Nelissa Feguro

      Jerry had skills but rejected

    2. Nathan Slorp

      The jail breaker

    3. Nichole Dela Cruz

      Poor jerry has no friends 1 like=one friend for jerry

    4. mina hill Ghaffar

      Can't understand that riddle about jerry let me understand plz

    5. Aidan Steene

      how could it be a setup if jerry has no friends

    6. ndllaw ndllaw

      “Mixed riddles for string brains only” welp I have left this video

    7. Doris Ukwenya


    8. alice ngumi

      it is c

    9. B e a n y b o o

      *I* *really* *appreciate* *the* *fact* *you* *mentioned* *Ireland* 💗 *We* *never* *get* *mentioned* *haha* 🤣🙏

    10. Mamta Mishra

      Whoever lives in India will know that in first riddle the show's name Will be KBC

    11. Ravi Ranjan

      God promise I not see answer but I answer but i can give last 2 answer

    12. Bertha Alingkayon

      i love riddles

    13. Isabella Morales

      Hey I'm doing a test how many people hate when they say comments ⬇😅😅😅😉

    14. rebecca love

      i hate when it says put comment just put the right answer dang

    15. Brooke Lacewell

      The answer could be B because the well has a top/roof thing and he would land on that. Not in the well. Am I right? Comments

    16. Brooke Lacewell

      No dip. The prisoner because you can’t earn a lot of money. Like if you agree

    17. Hidori Akiyama

      5:21 it seems that they're just walking.... lol

    18. King Alex

      Who's still watching 7 second riddles in 2020? Like if your still watching in 2020

    19. Think Tube

      There are no deserts in Ireland!

    20. Buyiswa Buhle

      If I don't get one than I know brain aren't strong

    21. Mum mum


    22. Harisha Tharmarajah

      I hate it when they say to comment down below. Like if you agree to this

    23. Satpal Singh

      The one in orange It looks like he escaped from prison. Nothing to earn now.😞 Like if u agree and comment if you disagreee. 👇👍

    24. Kearra Azbill


    25. Kearra Azbill


    26. hamdha unicorn

      Who like this channel give Al like 👇

    27. Jillian Renne

      Who is not rich? Duuuuu the man in the orange suit he is in prison

    28. Lunie Joseph


    29. Zaid's Roblox

      Do you like 7 second riddles like if you agree

    30. Aparna Dey

      How tf would i know there's not any desert in IRELAND

    31. Moshimane Tsolo

      This riddles are so amazing you should make a lot to get to a million subscribers

    32. Dr Vinodini Patil

      Who is in the car is not rich as the car has a tag as rented

    33. Dr Vinodini Patil

      1st one is not rich

    34. Dr Vinodini Patil

      Because there is no red suitcase

    35. Dr Vinodini Patil

      Don't know why Sally did this

    36. Jennifer Kowalski

      piss this if you hate ads 👇

    37. Oluwatobi Kotun

      The guy in the orange suit

    38. Magda Sayyids


    39. Ana Lunger

      2nd said up

    40. Ana Lunger

      First d

    41. florence perez

      wow it to good lessons

    42. Sarah C


    43. Silvia Germosen

      I think it was the last person bc he had jail suit!!😱

    44. Jaliyah Elliott

      The second one got me mad at the end cuz he tried to help her like he trying to help yo ugly ass until lit was a set up but 😂😂👍

    45. anthony smith


    46. Riley Moss

      the last question I think is the man in the orange suit or the dude with the bike but at the same time, he did have a tattoo and tattoos are pretty expensive. so like if you think its the man in the orange suit or comment if you think its the man with the bike.

    47. William Hunter

      Or course the Guy in the orange jumpsuit was poor because if je was wearimg an orange jumpsuit he must be in jail.

    48. laylay the Cray Cray roper

      I think it was the guy at the end because he was wearing a prison suit.

    49. laylay the Cray Cray roper

      At the end I think that the guy in the middle wasn't rich.

    50. Rima

      7:54 the last one 🅱ecause he is wearing prison clothes! 😎

    51. Tomiloba Olagunju

      I love this!!!!!! like my comment, if you agreeeeeeee . i want to make 500 likes

    52. Nicky Kate

      Letter c

    53. Yum Me

      You can land on the roof of the well

    54. smita singh

      Orange person is not rich

    55. Theras Gracious


    56. Yasmine Elwakil

      The man in jail

    57. Charity Buckamneer

      Probably the guy that looked like he was from a jail house

    58. Devinder Nagpal

      the third one was not rich

    59. Glenis yesenia Villeda

      hi yall