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    The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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    Publisert 5 dager siden


    1. DFG 7


    2. Berk Baltacı

      Inherent meaninglessness of suffering or joy when you have the ability to reset your life

    3. TripleJumpYTP

      *Vegan Leather*

    4. TemBark

      I knew jerry will ruin this

    5. GigaGamez

      Why does Jerry exist

    6. Emil Nielsen

      Man, where was rick and his portal gun when the plane crashed?

    7. Руслан Григорьевич

      Хуйня, а не мультфильм.

    8. Corin Hall

      This episode was hilarious

    9. tk woods

      Wait , so during their entire relationship Morty did not do a single save?

    10. Salar Yari

      Morty: *Finds love and is having a good life* Jerry’s stupidity: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    11. Toastte

      Who wouldn't save their game at the point when they acquired a girlfriend?

    12. Spartan005u

      This hurt....... Fuck

    13. Comunidad comuniosa

      Jerry eres un pendejo PENDEJO MAMON CAPULLO IMBEECIIIL

    14. Punga

      You had onde job Jerry, ONE JOB!

    15. The Fellas

      niggas when they don't quicksave

    16. Chalermchai Pohek

      Jerry always be Jerry.

    17. Franciscop98

      I haven't been following the season because real life (yeah, it sucks). What episode is this from?

    18. Sickjuicy's Jam Shack

      It’s little plot lines like this that make you wonder why he still gives a fuck about Jessica

    19. luca canova

      When you play a game without auto-chechpoint

    20. Daniel Alessandro Robin

      Es indescriptible el odio que le tengo a jerry

    21. kenneth Ortega

      fuck jerry

    22. Doctor che3ze

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> that looks like moes

    23. ElderJteezy

      Noooooo. Wowwww 🥺🥺🥺🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣

    24. Carlos Palacios

      This shit is traumatizing holy fuck 😂😂

    25. Sickjuicy's Jam Shack

      Such a satisfying and complete arc. And we never even learn her name

    26. Gucci Supreme

      And this is why Beth got a divorce with Jerry

    27. mixio hili

      Jerry: sees Morty happy Also Jerry: I'm about to end this man's whole career

    28. ye jung

      Good background music choice

    29. 4head

      This scene actually had me in my feelings ngl

    30. Raphael

      Its even sadder when you realize that morty didnt reset everything in the scene where he finds the remote because he preferred to die than live without her

      1. mixio hili

        Goddamit Morty never gets a break. Time to delete Jerry.

    31. The404Studios

      I know the movie reference lol

    32. A Guy

      Fucking stupid fucker Jerry

    33. Sovereign ASMR


    34. Abhijeet Sharma

      Why i watched this 😭

    35. polo3j

      I just watched a whole movies in 5 minutes

    36. Nelli De Vos

      I f****ing hate Jerry. He's such a loser. What a douchbag!!!

    37. Guilherme Guerreiro

      I hate jerry

    38. Andy Hanson

      Eh that ones kinda lame. Honestly would have been better if morty did it when at the plane. Jerry doing it is to weak of a throw away for the build up. Either make it sad where morty has to do it to save them or at least something more than the same old basic “hAHa jErRY sTupiD” way to much built up for a cheap cop out. At least make it a good cop out.

    39. The Latest And The Greatest

      Jesus how many morty’s did he kill simply trying to get the cheese puff in his mouth

    40. TownSparrow

      I know Jerry is not bad but he made the worst ever thing which about I hate him as more as never before

    41. Jamie Lipscomb

      Fantastic addition of Eric Clapton.

    42. 5ARGoN :

      I, mortino giorvanna,i have a reset ability

    43. Lorenzo F3rr

      This was fucking good imho, would like to see a whole episode of this

    44. lego legend

      jerry is fucking stupid all the time

    45. Danny D

      Goddamit Morty never gets a break. Time to delete Jerry.

    46. Marcelo Leal García

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> THAT FROM THE BACK IS MOE'S BAR FROM THE SIMPSONS???????

    47. Okkomonkiainen


    48. Gakker

      Holly shit is that a motherfucking Argentina Los Andes reference?????

    49. Josiah hill

      Bruh my whole heart got destroyed by this Imma go cry if you need me😭

    50. Tio Clotildo

      rick is the god of cruelty

    51. tenkai shota

      Khe verga ??? Voy por el clorox amigos

    52. Da Pe

      From what episode is this? :o

    53. R47m4n シ

      Por morty

    54. Petite_Boule De_Poil


    55. Billy Kimbell

      This should be an episode. Everyone liked it when it was separate stories and the family was messing around with an invention

    56. Silverboy12u

      Fukin Jerry always finds a way to mess things up😂😂

    57. Francisco Arzápalo Zapata

      This is a FoP episode

    58. Gus

      Damn its crazy how some decisions can pave a way for happiness and it can all get ruined by the wrong perspective

    59. ray jacobs

      FUCK YOU JERRY.......that is all.

    60. Jim Pickens

      I came here to laugh not cry

    61. Airrion Galloway

      Fuck you Jerry.

    62. Eyeless Jack

      Jerry goddamnit

    63. Vanilla Rice

      And this is why we all hate Jerry

    64. 10 pea em

      So Rick and Morty is a JoJo's reference too (Stone Ocean, reseting the universe)?

    65. Shaun Hopkins

      This the whole reason why I fucking hate jerry

    66. Roberto Vasquez

      1 like and one jerry died.

    67. SER

      Парадокс эпт хэх

    68. Mustafa Enes DEDEOĞLU

      Stop mention about Jerry. Fucking dumbs

    69. Joe Masters


    70. chilX3467

      What did we learn? Don't forget to save your game.

    71. Erick Jiménez

      Bar is moe's

    72. IAmLoviatar

      what's the song that plays while morty and his girlfriend are together?

    73. Arcilios

      Wow I actually hate Jerry



    75. KianGaiminYT

      Jerry was changing the channel to a Camping Channel

    76. LJ Clyburn

      “You blithering idiot” -prof magonigal

    77. Manuel Andre Garnace

      I can't belive season4 has come to an end

    78. E Calle

      Why are they outside Moe’s tavern in the beginning tho

    79. Mia Belluomini


    80. Mëebz0rp

      I'm gonna be honest, this hit harder than I thought