Most Amazing Cakes Ever Made Compilation - decorating hacks, recipe ideas & tutorials



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    Azzyland - Most Amazing Cakes Ever Made Compilation - decorating hacks, recipe ideas & tutorials - There is nothing more delicious than cakes. Some of these cakes are unbelievable and the hacks are out of this world!
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      So satisfying!!!!!!!

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      Don’t let azzy eat all this she’s gunna get diabetes

      1. Urmomsmom -_-

        Love u azzy

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      Omg all the cakes is just art to me

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      Ohhhh the rainbow fish I absolutely loveddd that book I think I still have some left over from wen i was younger

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      Dorothy I actually read The Rainbow Fish

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      They are macarons...not Oreos 😂

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      Before Coronavirus

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      What if your bed is cake

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      Roses are red vailots are blue I love sssiniperwolf do you to?

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    25. Don't Mind The Lamp

      Is it only me who couldn't find out whether the bedroom was real or not ;-;

    26. •Delilah Lemon Drop•

      So nobody gonna talk about how the amazon cake was for Dwight lmao

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      Me like pausing every second a cake appears Im like "Okay Let's just watch Mr Beast NOT a food thing"

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      RAINBOW FISH SQUAD * I will share the cookie cake with you* 🎂🍰🧁🍪

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      Jazzy he put the pole in the middle of the baby yoda so it would stay in place

    43. Mateusz Matee Holc

      Including the galaxy cake

    44. Mateusz Matee Holc

      The pheonix cake looks so cool and it probably tastes delicious

    45. Zoe MacDougall

      My most fravret one is the galixy cake and all of them are my fravret

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      Not in one day

    47. My New channel

      I love cake I will eat all the cake right now all of the cake and one day but I just love cake and dessert Yum

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      Stranger Things Cake..? WE EATING THE DEMEGORON HERE

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      I've read the rainbow fish!-

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      Azzy:showing off her room Reality:she has a green screen

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        It fooled me at first lol but yeah!

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        Yeah :/

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      How are you able to make reaction videos and not get copyright claims please help

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      I read that book in kindergarten too

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      Anyone see that azzys beak was see through at the end -_-

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      What the heck man canibalism man

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      i have read the Rainbow fish,and my sister loves to bake food love your vids!!!!!!!! (I'm not very good at spelling)

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      It wasn’t Oreos it was macaroons

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      I had a Dora cake in my birthday 🎂🥳🥳

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      that "stick thing" is called a cake rod, it helps the cake stand up straight. love ya!

    66. hakim lengani

      that cookie cake is not what it seems its DIEABEATES!!!!!!!

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      This is how many cakes we saw ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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