My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus



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    1. CaseyNeistat

      from Dan -

      1. Charles Leclerc

        Serve u right

      2. Sandy Scott

        Nick B Wuhan Virology Institute , one of two of China’s level 4 biowarfare facility located 20 mikes from the scapegoated wet markets.

      3. Sandy Scott

        No ,Casey, lack of work is not the scary aspect is that Candace, your children, your son ,your parents could become extremely ill, suffer irreparable damage to their lungs or heart or , is not the center of the universe when you are calling an undertaker for a loved one or they for you.

      4. Sandy Scott

        Knifeguy Please research the Wuhan Virology Institute ,a level 4 biowarfare facility located just shy of 20 miles from the wet markets now scapegoated as ground zero for the virus...a spill there is not unheard of if a worker is exposed to the blood or urine of the bats used in research there...Chinese scientists have released papers stating the virus didnot start in the markets but, arrived there via a customer.

      5. Mr. Lince

        sorry if i sounds paranoic, sure i am :D (or not) but i think its a human made pandemic .... it is to fast everywhere

    2. Fernando Kodiak

      12 million Casey, in between all that’s happening u might give it a vídeo to speak about ur journey as usual the present situation and ur future goes within ur community... 👊🏻💫❤️ stay strong ⚡️⚡️

    3. Corne Thom

      When are you coming to RSA again Casey?🇿🇦

    4. Never a Dull Moment

      The act of being outside is not dangerous. The emphasis is on avoiding people, touching surfaces, etc. One person walking around is not posing a danger to themself or others.

    5. L.V.V

      Casey i know this isnt the right time but in the future i know a NOselr who is inspired by you an want to do a colab with you hes near 1 million subs and his name his hayden pedersen (on NOsel ) and drop a dm on his instagram please he met you about 2 years ago as you went past him on your bike while vlogging

    6. Corey Malhiot

      Mar 21st, there were 22,738 cases of CV in America. As of Apr 6th, there were 337,933 cases of CV in America. How high does the number go? No one knows...

    7. Machi Titi

      @CaseyNeistat Well you can obviously see a lot of the comments are negative about you going out. Put it this way, we all concern for you and your family. No one wants to see a sad headline about somebody lost their love ones from anything if its not the virus. I guess we all wanna see more of your videos. So Please STAY AT HOME. STAY SAFE

    8. Sajj Vlogs

      I genuinely feel for Dan. Thank you for being awesome, Casey. You're an inspiration

    9. حمودس hamoods

      مين جاي من مقطع عبدالله النعيمي

    10. Rashed1rx

      اللي جاي من عند النعيمي لايك😂😍😍



    12. تصميم شاشات سوداء

      الي جاي من عبدلله النعيمي لايك👍🏼😍

    13. Dashbshots


    14. mad ass

      This shows alot of what's wrong with the world today.

    15. Pink No Copyright Music

      Is staying at home a solution? Or is something being prepared globally? Just ask ...

    16. Connor Sherman

      we love u casey stay safe my dude

    17. James L.

      When I saw the title i didn't want to watch, figure it was taking an advantage of a situation. However, i was wrong. Casey treated this with class, and honestly we all are feeling this way. We WILL get through this together, i promise I could be wrong but most of us will :P god bless U all from a non christian. :)

    18. Melk


    19. Andrew Boilson

      Good job Casey. ☺☺☺

    20. Jin Luncheonmeats

      I love how he still reads the New York Times. You can take the man out of NY, but you can’t take the NY out of the man. Sad to see that Dan caught it. Hope you recover soon and get well Dan!

    21. The Contentment

      Legend! Stay positive yall

      1. Take Over

    22. Sadri Ibodov

      Brother, I live in New York. Can you give me an old camera? I want to film a children's program. with my daughter. Children's programs for NOsel. I do not know English, I apologize if I am mistaken.

    23. Ryan Fan all fan all toy for u


    24. New Era

      Stay home and avoid people, please listen to your own advice Casey... you don't get to preach "stay home please" if you don't do it yourself, half of the video; you're not staying home.

    25. #5ergio

      Stay home and protect life....

    26. Janet Northam

      u still here.well when you quit i quit you haha

    27. Tuyen Nguyen

      12,000,000 Subscribe

    28. Bob Smithers

      Can't even find a homeless person now? Where have they been taken to?

    29. vitor fogaço

      Casey : says ''phenomenáh'' Me : Slaps him unconscious

    30. vitor fogaço

      did he dieded

    31. pierre pouget

      good morning america,too late as allways;

    32. Cut The Beard To Watch a Movie

      Come on guys, if you watch a movie like Contagion (2011), you can’t say that this pandemic was unexpected.

    33. Carlos Carbajal

      Come back to nyc man😢

    34. Joshua Zeegers

      I beg and challenge you to read the Holy Bible in these times. God is awesome and he is love. There is great reward for those who diligently study his word and believe in Jesus Christ.

    35. sine_p

      привет русскоязычные люди! залайкайте этот комментарий будто я написал здесь что-то крутое пожалуйста!

    36. R S

      Hmmm, let me c, lungs heavy +couldnt breath +feaver, yeah time to travel lol. Might want to watch some news insted of just Utube, dan.

    37. Discovery Mine

      Casey you also need to stay home, you are not "special" enough to go wandering around.

    38. Discovery Mine

      One thing I realize that most of Americans don't even wear mask. Unlike us here in Asia and Europe. Totally shame.

    39. Emily Dimello

      My grandpa lives in California he surfs every day

    40. Decyfer Ax

      Marlin Casey ups

    41. Zaafar Vlogs

      Congrats on 12M Casey Love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰

    42. rob sniggers

      he got out of there just in time. however, it would be nice if he was in NYC so we could see the action on the ground

    43. Frank Rod Fashion & Travel

      Bro, We are CAUGHT ️ ️ in Istanbul Turkey, by The Closing of Borders by quarantine😭 ... We are a couple of videographers ... Well it's totally true. After documenting in Russia, we continued our journey to Turkey, to Follow Dubai, but we lost flights and our entire route, now we had to invest in renting here, this experience is crazy. We already did the covid test 19, We are healthy, Thank God, but we do not know that other things go through The pile of rumors that there are, and we must even process a residence stay, but The offices are not working with attention to the Public. .. is quite distressing. ➡️ If anyone else has this problem, or is also in Istanbul Turkey, let me know to give you the information we have. We admire you, blessings! And a big hug to everyone here!

    44. Denis Monti

      stay vegan and the covid goes fuck up

    45. Mucker3000

      According to Casey, if we all 'do what we can't' we should all be playing outside.

    46. Bruce Banner

      Just like movie " contagion "

    47. Eric Paul Goldie

      Still waiting for the "Tech Tuesday intro" from Dan :p hahaha

    48. Connor Lahey

      I don’t think people understand that it’s ok to be outside, especially while ur alone, u can’t get or give the virus.

    49. MARSYI04 SHOW

      Hi. From MALAYSIA

    50. Frank Lopez

      It`s not only about that your hobbies are social distancing, it is about precaution and not expose yourself to an accident or any event that requires hospitalization. And I`m not hoping any of these, but you fall running or have cramps surfiing, and you need help, maybe even an injury that has to be taken in the hospital, then you put yourself in danger, and your wife if she has to pick you up, and then your children... see. I know it is exagerated but you said it, it is a global matter. I know it is hard, for runners and people that have so much energy that everyday go out. But you have to be Strong and brave. For you, your familiy, your subscribers if they see you run and surfing, they will go out too. You`re an example!! A role model, so this time make it worth it. Thank you.

    51. TruthSeeker4Life

      He tested positive. The testing is the deception. Created by the CDC to help sell this lie to the public. The fox watching the henhouse.

    52. Bryan Hamstra

      I guess Casey hates weed

    53. Juhairi JJJ

      Plss Guys ... Stay At Home .. Be Safe ... This Virus No Joke!!!! ... Be Safe Stay at Home!!!!

    54. Cole's vlogs

      Now there is 300,000 cases in the us

    55. Mr Xenox.

      didnt u live in NYC?

    56. Apesocks

      Hey Casey. We could all use another video right now.

    57. Smil3yDude89

      So good to see you man and you have another baby congrats I followed you for years your awesome dude very inspirational I thank you for that I hope you have your family are well, stay safe my friend


      12,000,000 - f*ck I wish I had that much

    59. Ju no nime

      I have A similar youtube channel if anybody is interested I encourage all of you to come check, all feedback is welcome. If you enjoy my conten don't hesitate to subscribe and comment so that I can welcome you good

    60. anon anon

      Guys leave a Like on the NOselr „tomko yt” pls He is rlly nice

    61. Timmy Joe PC Tech

      Feel like you should be in NY reporting on the real shit... Priorities eh Casey ;)

    62. MrWetBlade

      Classic South African YA BREW <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a>

    63. Shungun

      Congratulations 12 mln! The best youtuber EVER ❤️

    64. Automatic Shotgun


    65. Leart C

      Hi Casey, tk's for this video full of emotions, as always

    66. saadd

      USA should brace for impact !

    67. Crazy Funny Cats

      Look at all the videos that show empty and or quiet hospital 🏥 activity . Look up the relation between sick 😷 and 5g. Who’s Q: ? Do your own research . EDMONTON Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 shit all 64 off leash dog parks today. All playgrounds were closed in late March .

    68. marvona

      Stay healthy - greetings from Bavaria 👍✳️👍✳️👍✳️

    69. Saad Maqsood

      You said 7 marathons a week?

    70. IvanChronicles

      I hope everyone stays safe! you are a big inspiration to all of us casey

    71. jeff B

      Fool! The virus travels in water. You cant swim. The corona is in the 💧. And you run on that walkway past other people. Do none of you sweat?

      1. helicopterway

        jeff B - well said and your one of the know WTF people. Thanks for your comment

    72. blabla62871

      already 3000 deaths in NYC. i hope countries will sue their goverments for ignoring this threat so long

      1. Crazy Funny Cats

        blabla62871 where are all the bodies ? Where’s the website USA 🇺🇸 said would get posted showing names etc in live time

    73. Frederik Kuemmel

      *CONGRATS WITH THE 12 MIL SUBS* 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    74. heyday77

      Think about things he could have filmed if he was still living in nyc... 🤯 this video is kind of depressing in so many ways.. so sad

    75. Sightseers Band

      You're washing your hands wrong, you get the soap with a bit of water then wash cover your hands with soap, doing all the rubbing moves, then at the end after 20 seconds you rinse.

    76. hoodie

      its also getting bad here in the uk

    77. Boundless Intrepid Discovery

      Important to help prevent the spread!

    78. billybob boggs

      Yup can't get a gas station hot dog but other then that no difference in my day to day. That's a bonus of not living in large shit holes.

    79. Branz Factor

      Hey, with all the anxiety surrounding this damn virus, I don’t blame the weed store staying open one bit! Lol

    80. chobanini

      In NZ it is forbidden to surf, tramp, hunt etc. Because these are dangerous activities and if you get into trouble you will be 'wasting' essential services.