My Crush Was Spying on Me, he saw everything

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    1. Afera K

      Hmm interesting sooo where was the part where ur crush was spying on u and saw EVERYTHING??!!

    2. Dang_it's_POTATOES


    3. Fuck Off

      Good for all of you living your fairytales... Nobody has never even made a romantic gesture for me but that’s totally okay ofc🙄😑

    4. video star tutorials

      why does this sound like a wattpad story....

    5. Loonantix xitnanooL

      Idk why I’m watching these videos knowing they’re not true lol

    6. Jenae Mason

      Why is the title always nothing like the actual video 😆

    7. Bea.

      Can anyone tell me what the title has to do with the story?

    8. Princess Mokhali

      Her crush didn't spy on her 👀

    9. Hannah Bourque

      Who else has been watching this sense Quarantine?🤪

    10. sameena n

      This story kinda similar to me except the boys and love part: Unattractive ✔ Fat✔ Tragic background✔

    11. Jonon Munkh-Itgelt

      Why did you call him Troy if his name is tony

    12. Cheerful Cloud

      this channel always has cringy content in my oppinion

    13. Kerry Hughes

      the title does not make sense

    14. Adrian Akkari

      ew her friend is tall

    15. Princess Love

      Napapasana all nalang talaga ako.. 😭

    16. Chontelle cancelled the meeting 0w0

      PLOT TWIST: she was on LSDs and thus never happened.

    17. GASH Games

      Why doesn’t the thumbnail and title match the vid..? I swear the clickbait

    18. Chloe Sue Jupp

      Me: sees title *watches till the end* confused me: this was nothing bout her crush watching her and seeing everything

    19. John Paul Janecek

      Why does he love you?

    20. Tea& Cookies

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> hey what's wrong with being short

    21. Dally Trussell

      I’m watching this at 4 in the morning and I thought Sam was getting that shit but fuk him cause tony deserves it team Tony represent

    22. Kathy Baker

      I now see that every NOsel logo now has a mask on

    23. Toni Bragg

      I dont remember kissing this child

    24. Karla Bermudez

      It says my crush spyed on me but it never happens

    25. Mscplse

      Guy: asks girl to hang out and asks if she would like to bring her friend Girl: throws drink at him Girl 5 minutes later: kisses him Also girl: I HATE YOU YOU HUMILIATED ME This was certainly a roller coaster

    26. Ketut Muir

      Where was the spying part

    27. SweetTea

      And I oop

    28. KY LU

      Omg she must be a Cancer she falls in love so easily

    29. Nicola Battson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> well sort of What do you mean it’s a yes or no answer

    30. Al_leah B

      Am I watching a Korean drama

    31. Bruh ThisMoment

      And that’s what I like to call: Pure clickbait

    32. XxgachalelexX

      ooof this is not my love story for sure :>

    33. Jazlyn Keopraseurt

      The person who narrated this gives me Veronica vibes from the Musical: Heathers... Just me? Okay...

    34. Succulent Dreams

      She called him tony and then Troy-

    35. Nellys Chanel

      Oop which one are you with

    36. Deppresed Pikachu


    37. Xi Rya

      This was actually- cute😭

    38. Noa Calderwood

      Did anyone else hear that?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> she said TROY and not TONY

    39. Brionna Borntreger

      How is he spying on her

    40. xxMoonlight

      Her: I’m so fat and Ugly Also her: has 2 guys ask her out. If only this were true 🥺

    41. xxMoonlight

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="659">10:59</a> why does one of his eye suddenly get smaller???

    42. Hope Harris


    43. sadxmoonxmoodxunhappy stayedredmoon

      It was a good story but I don't believe in love

    44. YatoSwag Amv

      even tho the title and thumbnail doesnt fit with the story at all, Tony / Troy seems like a nice guy xD

    45. Frenchie Msp

      thought his name was tony, not troy?

    46. ꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂

      Five minutes worth of a ten second kiss in detail.

    47. Anvesha Srivastava

      who else thinks the fact that all the male and female characters sound the same? ps. what did ur crush see?

    48. Cynthia Womack

      I've never had a boyfriend Lol

    49. Emma Bowman

      I like this story alot but it was clickbait

    50. The Lopez Family !

      I feel offended 😂 I’m short and tall people like short people and short people like short people so... you should like being short.

    51. unicorns rule

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="661">11:01</a> why is one eyes a lot smaller than the other?

    52. Edith Balanay


    53. Katie Cullinan

      When Harry Potter and Velma (from Scooby Do) have a child...

    54. Kate Murphy

      This is clickbait

      1. Malynn Hickey

        Yes it is.

    55. Allisson Rrgngr

      My name is allisson and I have a story a good story if u want to know it write back

      1. Funny People and kids

        @Allisson Rrgngr what to hear your story

      2. Allisson Rrgngr

        Funny People and kids what do u

      3. Funny People and kids

        I do !!

    56. Ava Weaver

      I love your videos and she's not really the the ugly type she's more of the beautiful type

    57. Zoe Laverne Fan

      His lips r soft and warm

    58. Risaac

      Title:my crush speed on me and saw everything Me: (watches video) Also me: bish when??

    59. 2Tsketches!

      Best. Anime. Ever.

    60. Allama

      I'm sorry but this sounds so pathetic, how can you be so heartbroken and mad about a guy that didn't even HINT at liking you? She talked about how she cried and when he showed concern later on she wanted to slap him!??? And then she kissed him and told him that she hated him!? She then has her crush walk her home and kiss her. The hell? And then in the end Tony and her dance and they fall in love???? Okay the whole situation makes no sense whatsoever but, it's one of those stupid, sappy love stories that at the end I always fall in love with so, the hell with it, I can't complain.

    61. Nola Bradford

      why in every single video there is kissing??? its so weird...

    62. brianna. lunaaa

      she do be living the y/n life

      1. Funny People and kids


    63. TheModernFate

      Annoying and stupid protagonist

    64. • M Ï L À G Ã Ç H Ä •

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="411">6:51</a> *and then he waddled away, waddle waddle waddle...*

    65. Vivian Ju

      how tf was her crush spying on her wtf

    66. Kenzie Reid


    67. kvl. Idk

      Hold uppp, how does Sam know where she lives

    68. Brianda Mason

      Even though the stories make no sense I still watch this channel lol

    69. Nikki Lattice

      Tf is she mad for 🤨

    70. Life with LeeLee

      And don’t say I hate him that’s mean I feel bad for him :( ;(

    71. Life with LeeLee

      Her: I’m going everywhere Me: NO SCHOOL

    72. lilmothugs

      Proof females are crazy and confused lmao 😂

      1. Funny People and kids

        Lol , it's just our HORMONES

    73. Winna Tan

      She is the stupidest girl i've known

    74. Eurisco Phileo

      Lol tony is handsome than sam

    75. Liam Savage

      The caption makes no sense to the actual story

    76. Genevieve Heinz

      The title should be I fell for two men I can’t decide

    77. TheCinnamonArtist OwO

      The just like your mom part has me crying

    78. Jonee Krista

      HI HI H HI

    79. Taylor Hallmark

      Talk abt click bait

    80. Eyad Ahmed

      What is with you and kissing