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    Good day, m’ladies, m'gents, and m'everyone in between! Max Gentlemen with a mystery top hat challenge twist is, perhaps, the fanciest game we’ve ever played on this channel.
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    Publisert 4 måneder siden


    1. Smosh Games


      1. Alora Nygren


      2. AVERAGE 1

        Smosh Games m’lord

      3. Libby Burnsed


      4. Mitsuko McKinnon


      5. Kevsepticaye OG


    2. WolfSister 175

      Shane literally has made a Russel Crowe joke before, how did he not take the opportunity to make a Javert joke while he was playing the Constable? 🤣

    3. Lil Wolfie

      "Yet I still feel hollow and sad." -Damien explaining my like in 7 words

    4. AnaxErik4ever

      This was fun.

    5. Demon_Gorl 666

      Easy, breezy, beautiful, Sarah Whittle

    6. Blair Buse

      Both those boys put the cowboy hats on backwards 😂

    7. livdawg17

      Poor Damien 😂 he just wanted someone to play with him, it's not his fault he's too good lol


      Dame Raub

    9. Honey senpai

      I have a question for all of Smosh: You all put up with alot being in Smosh what is the one thing you won't put up with

    10. Aeryn Schuler

      Do you think Shayne and Courtney walked into work and pointed to each other like that one spiderman meme when they realized that they wore the same shirt?

    11. Paul Haynes

      Poor Damien, this is the ignored fist bump all over again

    12. Unicornwolf Girl

      my poor baby damien got bullied in the beginning

    13. Mia

      ok so no one is gonna talk about how at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> courtney is covered in confetti and then it cuts from her to the game and then to shayne who is then covered in confetti...

      1. Mia

        i dont care how many people i know see this

    14. Pete Artieda

      Damien is such a competitive nerd and I love him for that

    15. Kay Mastro

      a p p l e s a u c e !

    16. Teiokwirathe Deer-Toelle

      I wish damien was my best friend

    17. Teiokwirathe Deer-Toelle

      I literally Cried when nobody wanted to play with damien

    18. Abi Woody

      The despair in lazercorns eyes hurts me for once i can’t see the evil in his eyes. It’s honestly sad

    19. Kim Abrera

      NO ONE: LITERALLY NO ONE: DAMIEN TO COURTNEY: Cause I was waiting for you. Waiting for what Deem?

    20. Jenelle Cabinto

      Me as a normal person:*sees Shayne and Courtney matching shirts* Me as a recovering shartney addict: WHY ARE SHAYNE AND COURTNEY MATCHING

    21. Oppai Dragon

      poor damien

      1. Oppai Dragon

        also when did matt robb become escanoir

    22. Taylor j

      Why is Courtney so cute? Magic!

    23. PenguinMaster 118

      Shayne was already wearing a hat, and therefore he was destined to be victorious.

    24. Lexi Bindel

      Am I the only one that ships Courtney and Damien

      1. Baguettes are nice

        Lexi Bindel nope :D

    25. Zian Retuya

      justice for damien

    26. Pogo 2207

      I love how damion looks sad when everyone is saying he’s too good at games

    27. Chris Alexander

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="994">16:34</a> no one going to ask

    28. Lauren _thatsme

      ok but are we just gonna ignore how happy and good Courtney looked at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a>. like come on

    29. P_Browning

      Poor Damien he is just too good and nobody wants to play him Also that face is priceless 😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>

    30. DEKU

      Weeb lifes matter to right damien

    31. Raja Mims

      Maybe the psychic powers Damien has are too much of an advantage

    32. Larserus

      Damien is a psychic at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a>

    33. John Maine Ching

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="790">13:10</a>

    34. Alyeexa Myeed


    35. Alyeexa Myeed

      Ash Damien’s face he’s so adorable

    36. GrantYT18


    37. Bishop was here.

      he. Shayne Topp-hat. dumb joke i know

    38. Jim life24/7

      Actually felt bad for damien for being too good for a second 🤣🤣

    39. Heather Ker

      Poor Damien. I’ll lose to you!

    40. Miles Staron

      I meant to spell the f Ward wrong

    41. Miles Staron

      Freaking sexist

    42. Kevin Calderón

      Very funny guys

    43. Sampai

      As a non-binary person, I prefer to be called m'theydy

    44. Zach Edwards

      The largest pigeon ever pooped on Sarah's head. quite amazing xD

    45. Tara Cannt

      Shayne came out on Topp

    46. Imani Mendez

      13.08 just check it out.

    47. flippin peachy

      Do I keep coming back to this video just to see the adorable pure joy on Courtney's face when she realises it's a confetti hat? Maybe

    48. Crusty_ Bucket

      Court Bort's confetti hat is the most adorable thing ever.

    49. maybe it’s waybelline

      I, the straightest woman to ever exist, would die for Courtney. She’s so precious.

    50. Courtney Lowe

      Mystery pie face???? 🎂🍰🧁🥧

    51. Crystal Perez

      They let Lasercorn wear the cowboy backwards 😒

    52. MKfanboy 11x

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> when your SO good at the game they don’t want to play with you

    53. Jamie .Farrell

      Remember when Smosh said they didn't understand why other smosh members weren't allowed on Smosh Games because Defy said so? Cut to now where the same 4-6 people are on Smosh Games all the time.

    54. hateitorloveit69

      Damien is the new sohinki!

    55. BossKatMcKie

      I wish Courtney and Damien would start dating 🥰 they’d be so cute together

    56. Miguel Alvarez

      Mat was at wwe 2020 Royal Rumble

    57. Ashlin Gunderson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> Handsome young man <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> Sad young man

    58. Stevie Mugruff

      How did nobody think to make a Shayne topp top hat joke?

    59. MozzarellaDoggo !

      y'all ever notice how Wes and Shayne and Damien are the same 2 guys in different wigs

    60. Zestorn

      under.. where ha ha ha

    61. Armando Alonso

      I love you smosh I love watching your vid I’m watch you for like 4 years

    62. JD Hammel

      Pink M'lady

    63. Rami Badwan


    64. Zephyr Scythe

      yooooo Matt I love the Contra shirt!

    65. Katelyn Gibson

      Courtney is so cute in that hat

    66. Michael Kelsey

      Lazer corn def lost weight. Good for you bro.

    67. Leiane Almutairi

      Honestly I ship Courtney and Damien their soo fricking cute together

    68. Sophie Rapson

      I love Sarah’s top 😭😍

    69. Charxoc

      i think that they should do a mystery netflix and chill episode that would be AMAZING

    70. Maya Quezada

      I just loved Courtney's accent at the end of the video it is awesome

    71. grace

      oh, sweet, sad boii damen 💕💕

    72. Christian Walker

      Damien...... wearing shorts

    73. Bassell Webb

      sarah is not just casually wearing the patent Neil Miller sweater and she thought she wasn't gonna get called a queen of beauty for that?? i'm only <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> in so this is a prediction . don't @ me k?

      1. Bassell Webb

        just watched the whole thing and no one brought it up??? well fine i guess I'LL do it MYSELF *thanos puts on the gauntlet bows to sara* you look awfully ravishing today in your Neil miller sweater today Ma QUEEN!!!

    74. Elie AKA AmazingElie

      Honestly I got up and hugged my tv at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>

    75. gwen lathrop

      Poor Damien

    76. CloserCoast5018 Fam

      I hope next Video will be a bored AF, my favorite show on smosh

    77. Gir Zim

      They have octodad nice

    78. ben Parker

      What happened to the original smosh games crew

    79. KAITLIN hunter

      Both of the cowboy hats are backwards-if ya gonna look slick do it right

    80. SkarsgardLover1

      Matt Raub!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍