Nate Diaz Reacts to Conor McGregor DESTROYING Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds,Dana White,UFC 246



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    Conor McGregor on his shoulder technique,
    Dana White wants Khabib vs McGregor next,
    Conor McGregor on his next opponent,
    Courtesy-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter
    Conor McGregor celebrates his UFC 246 win,
    Courtesy Marc Raimondi- marc_raimondi
    Dana White on Donald Cerrone,
    Holly Holm sees rematch with Nunes going differently,
    Werdum calls out Oleynik,
    Yoel Romero signs Adesnaya bout agreement,
    Nate Diaz reacts to Conor McGregor's UFC 246 win,
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    1. Mr Royale


    2. jizzaymz

      Connor used to be a twig but now he has a bit more meat on his bones (although I still consider 170lbs to be on the light side for a full grown man) too many skinny boys in the UFC these days. Regardless I hope he gets the chance to fight Khabib.

    3. bstortz

      The Diaz Bros have amazing chins but holy shit they look like hell after fights

    4. Sim Bo

      Kahbib has already beat McGregor easily he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. If the fight was close maybe but it wasn't Kahbib dominated the fight. Done & dusted.

    5. H. Al.

      It is either fake or Cowboy is washed out!

    6. Jesse Rutherford

      They really dont want to see Masvidal eat McGregor alive

    7. said bd

      mctaper needs another slap from diaz and a chock and rip from khabib

    8. AZ Khan

      This rapist wants a rematch. Every time when he looses he wants a rematch. WTF. Offcourse opponent wont matter for you but for him offcourse. HE will decide about the rematch not you fuck.. you lost to submission remember fuck looser.

    9. Dr Fu

      Why does everybody think donor invented shoulder strikes smh

    10. Pete Spino


    11. Justin Mcintire

      Yeah its fake thats why cowboy got a hole punched in his face🙄

    12. IceMan ManIce

      Massive fight,Khabib - Mctaper 2??? Dana egghead,don’t disrespect the other fighters in line for the belt,you know that your cash cow doesn’t deserve that fight,let him fight Dustin,Justin,Max,Tony,I’ll bet that he will lose at least from 3 of them....

    13. Spade Caller

      Khabib should give Conor his resmash

    14. Moorish Pride

      Fuck the fucking Lauprechaun

    15. Everything : Everyhing

      Listen Conor was drinking alot and he did not see Khabib as a great fighter, well now he knows and he can adjust his technique if a rematch happens. At least he was like yeah he beat me.

    16. RaymoBTA

      Nate just doesn't know how to take a loss period. Masvidal beat the shit out of him and so did McGregor fuck Nate Diaz

    17. robert Lowendoski

      If it was faked cowboy would have gotten a lot more than 300k

    18. Bobby conway1

      Stay real Nate!

    19. Ned K

      Conor is trash

    20. harry b

      The smell of balls after a workout, can’t say I’ve tried that, but that shits pretty funny. UFC is now like WWF, turning into a joke folks. Gladiators need to die for tRump and Putin, the real masters of the universe. FU maga kuntry.

    21. Johnny Rodriguez

      10:19 it’s close to victory 🤣🤣🤣

    22. Anto Walk

      Masvidal should fight mcgregor a rematch for mcgregor should not happen so soon. He must earn his rematch

    23. Ray

      The only way the Khabib fight makes sense is if McGregor can put away 2 of the following guys: Gaethje, Poirier, Ferguson

    24. Vincent Storr

      Khabib is proving nothing in a rematch with Conor man of a million excuses McGregor. He's already utterly destroyed him. Let's move on

    25. Paweł Grzybek

      israel vs joel hell yeah it will be super fight 4 sure! cant wait !

    26. Sean Dexter

      Nobody wonder what he means by fake?

    27. Captain Chaos

      Yeah UFC is pathetic

    28. D Summer

      Nate is right.

    29. Juicy Jeff

      Good shit

    30. Sean Hanlins Daddy

      If you think this was fake, you've never been in a fight. A real fight where someone gets fuqed up. I was a wrestler and I have BJJ training but do not claim to be Hoe Rogan or Eddie Bravo. This is simply my opinion and what I see from my point of view. saying this was "fake," is an insult to the MAN that Cowboy Cerrone was and is now. Now to the fight...Conner comes in trying to land a KO shot, throwing a straight left (which puts people to sleep, ask Aldo) he had a plan if Cowboy was ready for it by throwing the left knee into a single leg shot. It was brilliant!!! That rocked him from jump and Conner did his homework knowing Cowboy would shoot if he saw the punch coming. Then the clinch with jumping shoulders. Flex your shoulder tight and make a fist. Now knock in between your neck and shoulder. Feel how hard that is? Now grab your friends right arm in a clinch (to give you leverage) to pull their face into that spot three times in a clinch and see if they're ok after that. Now your nose is broke, and you've got a slight concussion at minimum from the knee. It's time for you to try and block a wheel kick or roundhouse in under a second. Once you fail to block that, regain your composure and stop 6-7 left uppercuts to your soup cooler. Cowboy is tough, a great wrestler, and holds a ton of records. Is he out of his prime? Absolutely, but not so much that he shouldn't be fighting, especially against a guy who has an almost 2 year layoff. Conor looked like he did when he fought Eddie Alverez or Max Holloway. His use of space, angles throwing the left upper cut with power, and footwork is amazing. I'm not Irish, I just love watching amazing fighters and Coner will go down as one of the GOAT when he beats Khabib. Khabib is unreal, but he has one style like Rhonda did and the rematch will be very different. The best man win that night, but I saw the Irishman get hit with a punch that no pro MMA should've been hit with, which tells me he focused on all ground defense instead of using space and footwork to beat Nurmagomedov. Can't wait to see the rematch. If you think I'm wrong..then just say why so we can discuss it. Don't come at me like a fired up know it all thumb thug. I gave Khabib his props, I just believe in my opinion the next one will be very different. So if you disagree, just say why. I would love to hear a different perspective not a blue belt BJJ, or shoot fighter running their mouth.

    31. Aguafina

      Nate can’t even count to 10

    32. Brennan

      We want masvidal. Khabib is boring.

    33. Joshua Tisdale

      To MMA world wtf you put the part that ppl want to see and hear about at the fucking end or not in the video at all and the rest is just filler bullshit bud......🖕

    34. Ro _

      He didn’t say that when masvidal beat his ass

    35. Brenden Roberts


    36. John Bravo

      UFC sold out years ago...starting with Lesnar.

    37. alina iacob

      Connor who? Aaaaaa that guy that cant KO an old man and cheats on his wife? Maybe Ive heard of his feats. As Nate said, fake.

    38. Slick F4i

      Adesanya Romero 🤯😯🤯

    39. Luke Price

      Khabib makes sense? No it definitely doesn't unless Tony literally dies before he can fight Khabib.

    40. Mike Leblanc chance McGregor. Retire cuzz. Kahib looks at you like yer an amateur. You fought like one too. Tried cheating the entire fight. Good luck fighting in the future. Kahib doesn't need to fight you your second news now. He moving up, yer still a drunk old man beating loser.

    41. Admin

      I think cerrone just need a shoulder to cry on... lol

    42. Death ByBagel

      Anyone who thinks this is fixes is a complete idiot

    43. Randy Y

      Shut up nate you no longer matter. Go be mad and complain back in the hood

    44. Song Whisperer

      Sniffin balls? If you want the real smell of victory you need to drive those fingers right up your ass until the elbow, smell that shit dummy.

    45. Wolfie

      Poor Masvidal, all he wanted was McGregor to notice him.

    46. Dodge Ram

      Fact: Cowboy was injured. Fact: Cowboy got paid.

    47. Akariel

      This isn't the first time Conor has knocked out someone in under a minute. . The dude is just dangerous.

    48. Rights aren't Wrong

      Khabib will maul McGregor again of the rematch happens. Conor is outclassed vs Khabib.

    49. Stanley B

      Mike that was funny but nasty 🤢 as f*** to even mention

    50. Stanley B

      Mike that was funny but nasty 🤢 as fuck to even mention

    51. greg morrison

      Nate Diaz has it right

    52. greg morrison

      That's a bad sales job Dana $$$$$$$

    53. greg morrison

      Just like in rehersal Cerrone's head was placed in the right position for the shoulder strike All showtime . How do you spell dive

    54. Denize Pereira

      Much respect to Yoel, I don't care abt the money~ Nice

    55. Jerry Ricee

      Beating Cowboys who lost Two in a row and now khabib the fight to make 😂😂😂😂 gtfoh this shit WWE now !

    56. Ghost SS

      Khabib has the title, Connor has a long way to come back from it, although Dana wants that money so he wants khabib/McGregor so be can rake it in and fuck about 95% of the rest of the the U.F.C. fighters.

    57. matthew gomez

      Damn nate quit hating bro

    58. bee urbina

      Khabib is the best! The Mayweather of MMA.

    59. Mario Ramos

      Hagler...Hearn lmao More like Hagler...Charlie Z

    60. Jason Langevin

      Lol of course Nate would say it’s fake. Lol.