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    Some videos of Navy ship's battling heavy seas around the world, getting pushed around by hug waves

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    1. JOY TV

      This is real ? Or fake

    2. Ronald Pervere

      No problem. Just take her down to 400 Ft and it will smooth right out. :)

    3. tj snipe

      It’s very strange after sailing through a few days of this weather to try and walk a straight line when you reach land. Served on USS Marvin Shields DE/FF 1066 and USS Turner Joy DD951 72-78

    4. Fred Reddies

      Captain says get that idiot off the deck

    5. Fred Reddies

      Not for me

    6. jazzmusic

      WOW !!Very good !!

    7. Henry Yeh

      Note: do not join the navy, unless you wanna puke your bile out.

    8. Михаил Южный

      Видос супер,но более отвратительной музыки трудно себе представить

    9. Pratham Shukla

      I'll be joining the Indian Navy this year, hope I get to see this kind of action

    10. ALOK BATRA

      Hi I am Deck cadet and I naver geting job I know distance work ,body lock, body flo,deses, and how to got taching cansal taching. Please help me.. thanks

    11. Henry Cook

      My youngest daughter served RN for ten years, told me of a trip through an Atlantic hurricane in a frigate. All l had was a gales in the channel. On a ferry. Flat bottomed.

    12. Ariba Siddiqui

      Allah sbhi ki hifazt rkhe

    13. jhuna taar

      Talalu sadis, Yg indonesia LIKe

    14. Siddharth Bhagat

      Fantastic !

    15. denis b

      original footages how it has been filmed and please, it’s not a cook competition, don’t make any rude comments ... it’s about beauty of the sea and ships in storm .... nothing more !

    16. Usama Rafique

      Fact: you have not searched this video. Awesome recommendation youtube.

      1. Shiv Kumar

        I searched for it

    17. Thomas Cenate

      That looks like a minesweeper...tied to the pier!

    18. Flat Foot

      I just don't understand how those ships don't sink when the bow goes under water.

      1. ابوبكر ابراهيم

        Me too😨

    19. Flat Foot

      NO WAY.

    20. Pacific Vlog

      Hi, I really appreciate your channel videoes, Can you please give some advice to new NOselrs to grow up their channel. I really appreciate your reply. Thank You my channel link is:

    21. Alysia Williams

      Been there on an oiler as a Radioman. Go Navy!

    22. Will Mason

      US Navy will f*$#@k you on the seas... and don't forget US Navy....has HAS HAS... Ground forces... The US Navy is the strongest force in the world 👍

      1. denis b

        you are a pathetic psycho

    23. Will Mason

      What ship is that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> on?

    24. Will Mason

      People forget..or maybe not... the US Navy can actually act as a proxy Marine Corp.. land artillery battery...from offshore

    25. RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman

      Hurricane winds add up, this warship likey flip over! USA

    26. Enz# home

      .....HOLY FAAACK...!!!

    27. Jannah Suhaimi

      How they record the video in heavy weather?

      1. denis b

      2. denis b

        follow links in my older comment

    28. Fred Rupert

      Please leave out the music. The power of nature is sufficient.

    29. denis b

      the first ship up to minute 2 is an previous generation anti submarine French fregate, the D646 Latouche-Treville.... it has been filmed in west of France, in the atlantic ocean next to Brest who have same condition as cap horn, and is one of the most dangerous sea on earth ...those images have been made by professional team, for a documentary about oceans . It’s not the maximum bad conditions that can happen, but west of France have often very stormy conditions and are some of the most difficult to drive through ... As former navy man, i can tell you that many sailors on earth met that kind of conditions; i can tell you also that some sailors are that sick they have to be treated with morphine , and have like in cartoons, a green skin ... but as it is there job, they always have to be able to work ... all sailors everywhere are incredible ! Something, you have to walk on walls . original footages there for those that wonder how it has been filmed, here is an exemple ( in french, sorry !)

    30. Jeff Harder

      Opening shot reminded me of when I turned 21 in the Gulf of Alaska 1986. We were supposed to pull into Kodak but couldn’t due to rough seas. I was so looking forward to legally drink 😂. Made up for it the next day though 🤣🤣

    31. Jeff Harder

      Opening shot reminded me of when I turned 21 in the Gulf of Alaska 1986. We were supposed to pull into Kodak but couldn’t due to rough seas. I was so looking forward to legally drink 😂. Made up for it the next day though 🤣🤣

    32. SDsc0rch

      came here for the spru-can....... was disappointed : /

    33. Vic

      Many years ago I crossed the North Sea one night in weather like this. I was as sick as a dog. Put me off for life. 🤢

    34. Hoan Nguyen

      I was stationed on Fast Frigate USS Downes FF-1070, we were in the Philippine and running away from typhoon, the sea was so rough and lot of crews got sick. I was one of them, face was green, sucking hot coco and noodles in, it came right back out. but I enjoyed my years in the Navy, done several Wespac.

    35. Rick Marks

      Was in the North Atlantic in the middle of February. What fun, the ship had to go in the yards after that cruise. And that was on an Oiler. AO-99. Seven million gallons of ballast and it was still rough.

    36. Chris & Rolf

      Thank god I was a carrier sailor. We did however take solid water over the forward flight deck for several hours one time in the Straights of Japan. I worked in Navigation on the bridge and took some cool photos. We had released our escorts, so they could battle the storm at their own speed. They came sneaking back late that night looking just fine.

    37. Kevin Bourgeois

      Sir it's a destroyer not a submarine

    38. Sumtingwong Richard


    39. Vova V


    40. wack ky

      I'm concerned the people who inside the ship..

    41. Falcon 1

      Now go on deck and try to last eight hundred pound crab pots to it. Welcome to the Alaska fishing industry.

    42. Troy Fitzmaurice

      How do they stay above

    43. howard kingston

      I am so glad i was on green side for sea duty

    44. Коля Куевда

      А вот за показ нашего ,,штормующего,, эсминца, автору отдельное ,,СПАСИБО,,!А так вся флотская,морская тематика показана правильно,классно.Подпишусь,и ,,лайкну,,

    45. Darryl Spates

      I want that thumbnail!!!!

    46. James Bryan Ata

      Wow heavy waves storm

    47. mchume65

      I'm glad I was in the P-3 Navy. 20 years, never on a ship.

    48. Bryan Terrazas


    49. Bruce Jefferson

      Really bad sound track, great video.

    50. Lion Makachi

      أعتقد أن القبطان مريض نفسيا ويريد الأنتحار . لكن المحركات قوية ورائعة

    51. Thrownatbirth VA

      Had to hang on to the boat davit for dear life.

    52. FrizbeeツTV

      Watching this before joining Navy as a Sailor, Kinda scares me

      1. Majora's Mask

        FrizbeeツTV Ah being out to sea is tons of fun. Choose a carrier if this scares you. They still rock but nothing like the small boys do. Small boys have straps on their racks for a reason 😂

    53. Khởi Đặng

      Qua da

    54. Bob Zeitlhofer

      Why all the apostrophes?

    55. Bipolar Spock

      Lol so does a aircraft carrier get slapped around like that?

    56. Melissa Hopkins

      Oh the good times! It was better when you were the one driving!! Best sleep ever!!!

    57. Eh Gler Paw


    58. Eh Gler Paw

      EH GLER PAW. KARN 102.9 FM

    59. Eh Gler Paw

      Karn new radio

    60. Graydood

      Had to show this vid to the wife. Just to show her my sea stories weren't exaggerated. She admitted, she had no idea. What a great video that brings back memories. DD888

    61. Mohammed Amjaad

      حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل

    62. Plattform Internationalismus

      Es muss für die menschen an bord eines mittelgroßen schiffes enervierend sein, dass das schiff ständig am bug steil aufgehoben wird um dann in ein wellental niederzuplatschen und ständig wiederholt sich der vorgang, solange der wellengang rauh verläuft... wer kann mir erfahrungen erzählen? Wie ist das für die crewmitglieder.? Lg.ff.

    63. ihsan ihu


    64. Chad Wyble

      Its super fun for about the first hour then you realize they secured the galley and all your getting for dinner is a cold, dry, bologna sammy.

    65. Jonathan Mangold

      Would really be good without that stupid music. seriously.

    66. smile chae

      태풍오는 그바다에 왜가는거임?

    67. NICO

      🔥 🏁🏁🏁one must have the courage to drive this way🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> 🔥 👇

    68. Ariel Hernandez

      🔥 🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> ❣💖 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

    69. Akhila Akhila

      It's unbelievable

    70. Boy Advi

      Living aboard a destroyer is a tough life,thats why I kinda no complain and appreciate whatever i got on the land...

    71. le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins

      cool vid shit music

    72. danilo ramos

      If I was the skipper, I will not steer my ship the way he is doing...

    73. Trump 2020

      I got sea sick just watching the video

    74. Anon Nymous

      "Oh, the damn Tin Can destroyer was never meant for sea, You couldn't keep her steady in a lousy cup of tea, We carry guns, torpedoes, and, ash-cans in a bunch, but, the only time we hit our mark , is when we shoot our lunch... Oh, it's roll and toss and pound and pitch and creak and groan you son of a bitch, Boy it's a Hell of a life on a destroyer!"

      1. Charles Hines

        I almost lost my lunch watching this! Lol

    75. Joe Pusic


    76. Roberto Martinez

      So that's what it looks like been there just haven't seen it from beyond the ship. Nothing like the feeling when the bow dropps out from under you

    77. Sahil Savita

      I think it's fake

    78. NebukedNezzer

      I was on DD784 in this kind of weather. love the video

    79. geeftw69


    80. Jeffrey James

      I was in the coast guard fisheries patrol storm came in 25 and 30 fters came in the fishing fleet buged out