Nia Long Talks Producing, Motherhood, New Film ‘The Banker’ + More

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    1. Chris Carlton

      Wow!!! She looks great for 50. That's wonderful. Salute to Nia.

    2. Tamika Boone

      Black Don't Crack!!

    3. Brother X

      she has a beautiful spirit

    4. Bo Smith

      angela yee is so fucking hot.

    5. gsleets

      Still a beautiful sista and talented professional.

    6. BEP

      You suppose to have 1 million on this one. This is freaking Nia Long.

    7. Mone Maria Rodriguez-Guzman

      That's her real hair too 😍😍😍😍😍😍 healthy and long

    8. Mone Maria Rodriguez-Guzman

      The most beautiful girl I've ever seen she so dam n fine, I always wanted to look like her growing up , pull off any hairstyle and EVERYTHING

    9. Katstacked8

      Loooove Nia so much, she’s so real.

    10. beverly hayes


    11. Cherish 709

      Wow 50. She looks amazing 💕

    12. Don Divaa

      I love nia!!!

    13. Elle Elle

      People, I usually don’t trust news outlets, but please watch the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC for up to date reporting on the Corona virus🙏🏾... It’s getting worst but we can all change the course by doing our part. We all have to do OUR PART! Stay safe. Stay informed❤️❤️❤️

    14. Tremaine Jyles

      Watching nia long in that interview made me think how powerful the 90s generation broke down barriers, 30 years later studio owner tp producers, more directors more black peeps acting, African Americans women starting to run things, if u look back in the 60s with berry gordy Motown that created a huge lane for singers, and not only that don Cornelius soul train put us on tv every Saturday at 11 o'clock down here in the sip, but my generation wants it all and thats the way it should be.

    15. Cee Cee

      Beautiful well-spoken woman

    16. Cynthia Garrett


    17. Cynthia Garrett

      Hiccup? Our sexual abuse has nothing to do with the movie? Important film? It's OUR STORY. Y'all don't know half the truth. his name was JOE MORRIS NOT JOE WILSON NIA. WOW. And NIA used to come over to my mom's home. LIES. Shocking and weird to hear a woman who knows nothing about my mom and dad's story discuss them. Nia plays my sexual abuser's mom (Eunice in the movie) and Eunice was long divorced from my Dad Bernard when he and MY mom Linda built their real estate empire and bought banks in Texas. In fact, LINDA was one of the white faces dad used because my mom is really fair-skinned and could pass for white. Most people know the truth that has been spilling out about the theft of this film story from us as the real family - but it's sad that the African American stars won't acknowledge that they have chosen to stand with a sexual abuser over the little girls he abused and there is little depth or truth to this film at all. The real story is so much deeper and to think this crumb gives Black people anything to be proud of would make my father sick to his stomach. Peace out on this LIE and her. If she cared about WOMEN she woulda picked up a phone and called to ask the truth.

    18. Chosen One

      Every time she says Trenton in beginning of video I immediately think of Big Momma House 😂😂😂

    19. SuperCameron77

      I like how she says that in the business the expectation is to behave & just say thank you yet she remained herself instead of just putting up a front. Thats actually reminds me of how Tupac Shakur was and how he even said that whenever he was around white folks on set and doing projects they wanted him to be a certain way i feel that cause im the exact same way I AM ME i mean manners is one thing but i dont have to be a certain way because everyone feels your supposed to just be proper all the time, dont get me wrong i can be proper because i was raised right but after while im gonna let loose and say whatever it is im gonna say sorry but not really though cause we all are unique individual's so to all my African American Men & Woman just be you please they have been wanting us to be quiet for along time & our black leaders died for us to keep on speaking up for ourselves i love yall 🥀

    20. ter f

      Shes God-jus

    21. Moni Chante'

      I love this with her. It shows her true personality, I can see myself in the couch having some wine and some deep real girl talk conversation .! Lol I’ve been a fan on Nia long all my life.

    22. Xavier Rainey

      Still can’t believe she married to a scrub ass ex NBA Player

    23. Blakz Trill

      Damn she’s so pretty

    24. Darion Foster

      Y’all wrong as hell for saying Ava Duvernay is the only filmmaker of that caliber rn. Y’all must have forgotten about Barry Jenkins and Ryan Coogler. I love Ava too but come on...

    25. bookmzz

      Having "Nia Long in a cherry thong with the lights on" is STILL on my impossible bucket list

    26. Derelle

      Charlemagne can't help himself but to spoil a movie for somebody.

    27. truestdude

      Nia still fine #dreamgirl

    28. ra dunn

      Charlamagne she was an attorney in the movie. But, her desire to run spoke to her desire to escape her life. She needed/wanted to run. The cutting of her hair and the dress and boots all spoke to her becoming who she really is...beneath the job and her life.

    29. Shenita Dewindt

      Nia is beautiful 🥰

    30. Lynx O

      Is it just me or does anyone else see a undertone in her complexion that gives her a slightly indian/Sri Lanka look?

      1. Laura P

        Her family is from the islands that may be why. It’s gorgeous

    31. Mathius S

      Hi I'm John Quinones, Wtf would you do?

    32. Sova wap Camp

      kind of remind me of my wife

    33. Joe Yaknow

      “My only regret was too young for Nia Long”

    34. Leia Richardson

      Nia looking a bit like Clair Huxtable...Can't remember how to spell her real name

    35. TYG Smoke


    36. Miya Givens-Scott

      Envy every kid in Trenton is not that stereotype you hear i wish ppl stop putting ppl in Trenton in the same category.... aside of the negative that goes on in the city...we have alot of talented ppl here in the town singer,writers, designers. Etc we have plenty of ppl who are about somthing then the violence .. I respect Nia for the positive outlook of Trenton...i remember Mr. Long at TCHS great man ...

    37. David K

      My only regret...

    38. T. F.

      My god, I love this woman! She's so cool, authentic, and smart!

    39. Sapphire Gem

      Nia is so prettyful❤

    40. NYC

      I always liked her movies

    41. Chloe Riccardo

      Love me some Nia Long one of my favorite actresses and love her style. She is right we do need a generation of men who add something greater to today in terms of art film culture and style. Our own flavor and style with it. I will be going to see The Banker next week. There's a beautiful theater in the FIDI section of NYC I have been meaning to go to finally have another reason to go down there. Great job and interview Breakfast Club!!!!!! 👨🏽👩🏽👨🏾‍🦲🥓🥯🥞☕

    42. n wr

      That was a refreshing and amazing interview.

    43. Beto Beto

      50 Single liar. Leave my president Alone you old crap

    44. L. Light

      Charlemagne, Queen and Slim was a great movie. Wow, I can't believe you didn't get it. Queen was an attorney, who recently lost a case and the person she was defending was innocent. That's why she went out on the date with Slim. Look, even as a criminal law attorney. She knew that even though they were right, and completely innocent. Will they be made too be guilty. And their best chance at being free, was to run.

    45. Tim Kelly

      They are different spirits

    46. Tim Kelly

      Wow I forget that sommore is her sibling

    47. Tim Kelly


    48. PYREX617


    49. TEE16S

      Love her work and spit 🖤💫

    50. Britt’s Life

      🙌🏾😍🥰😘 In love with this interview

    51. Leslie Davis

      Nia Long always give great interviews. Also dropping priceless jewels. She's just a class act. My condolences to Nia and her family for the loss of her father as well.🕊❤

    52. House of Matrix

      Nia Long is flawless

    53. infamousiconic1

      Thank you, Nia Long, for a great interview. Your insights on creativity and story are inspiring.

    54. Balance Your thoughts

      50!! Damn she looks great!! I love being a black woman. S/O to all my beautiful black Kings & Queens we rock!

    55. kiyan west

      Dear nia long, I’m not pulling out. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    56. PYT29

      I LOVE HER!!!!!! She has always been my inspiration!! 😍😍😍 she gets more and more beautiful as she gets older!! Beautiful woman beautiful spirit!!

    57. acstar64

      Great interview! Love Nia Long!

    58. Christina Scott

      Nia Long Day is the day I was born 🎂 I got something else to celebrate!! #Aug27

    59. Carol Right

      Nia Long is awesome!

    60. Ace Jiru

      She is smart, beautiful and kind! A woman other women should learn from!

    61. Lamont Grier

      Nia long Is a jump off!

    62. Big Stricto

      Unapologetic black woman, her husband is truely blessed. Im a grown man and she made me so proud to be black.

    63. Khalitri Reigns

      Beautiful articulate Queen right here, my type of woman. Love Nia Long, aging backwards! ❤️

    64. Katie Harris

      "Old skool Black people were raised to survive" There's a LOT that I didn't get from my parents. Neither one. I always felt alone and pretty much had to learn everything on my own even as a young mother at 22 just like Nia's mom. There's still resentment that I feel if I'm being honest. I can't be around them and feel comfortable at all.

    65. Peter Powell

      so far this vid has gotten 655,919 views. These same viewers need to go out and support the movie, but I know it won't happen smh

    66. ryan broussard

      they need her on the show on the panel.....

    67. NooNie Poo

      I am with Charlamagne on Queen & Slim. I was looking for more. I feel like there could of been more to the story.

    68. Unique Davenport

      She’s so beautiful gorgeous intelligent graceful I love her energy

    69. DaMeshMonster

      Tariq Nasheed

    70. Latoya Boggans

      She is very poised and well spoken. Obviously years of training from the old school, beautiful.

    71. Kiesha Powell

      OMG, I absolutely love her and the art she has and is creating!!!

    72. elnorm2000

      Love Nia Long!!!! I especially loved the way she turned her chair to face Angela Yee whenever she asked a question. Just CLASSY!!!!

    73. Kamar G

      Nia needs to call a broTHA

    74. Dee M

      The Banker looks so good, can’t wait to watch!

    75. Paul Rodgers

      Great interview. Blessings to you all.

    76. Mybrwnisbeautiful Hin

      Was just having this conversation about how black movies just aren’t giving us those butterflies anymore. I don’t know what it is but our movies just ain’t the same. Bring back black films man.

    77. jleron22

      Babygirl aging like a fine wine...If I were J. Cole, I would have interrupted this interview to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers...Woulda shot my shot, swish

    78. Kem’s Way

      FIFTY!!! She is not for real!!! Damn! 🙌🏾

    79. Shannon Harrison

      Who else noticed how Charlamagne didn’t come at Nia sideways like he normally does the guest on this show? He knows who to try. Ms. Nia Long is not the one for his disrespect. 😩

      1. Mone Maria Rodriguez-Guzman

        No he said he actuallt love nia and that's his long time crush well he said she black mans 😂 this her second time in his show but yeah he know not to play with my girl