Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke

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    James Corden and his old friend Niall Horan hop in for a carpool across Los Angeles, singing songs from Niall's new album, "Heartbreak Weather." And James helps Niall confront his fear of pigeons. Order "Heartbreak Weather" here:
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    1. Priscila González

      te amo

    2. Althea a

      There should be a Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik carpool karaoke. Hmm...

    3. Siddhant Raju

      make one with brian johnson

    4. Maria Araujo

      The way he answers so fast when James asks about 1D getting back together warmed my heart ❤️

    5. Emily Sillett

      You should do a carpool karaoke with Grabt Gustin when things go back to normal and some type of video with Tom Holland

    6. Lonni E

      POV: You just found out that James Corden gets towed and isn't actually driving.

    7. Emilia Robinson

      harry punching the air rn

    8. ASMR Bloom

      Did u realise that his accent has changed so much more to American 😭😭 ohhh niall♡♡

    9. ASMR Bloom

      Did u realise that his accent has changed so much more to American 😭😭 ohhh niall♡♡

    10. Willie Randall

      I have this recorded on my TV and I won't stop watching it. By the way I have the same phobias as him ha ha ha. Pigeon's I wish they would all die stupid pigeon's.

    11. Kiana Franco

      He looks better in blonde

    12. Svenya Aziz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> when your parents say they wanna have a chat with you and you’re thinking about every ‘naughty thing’ you did in the last couple weeks*

    13. Racshana

      I really thought Harry was James' favorite member of 1d 💔 :(

    14. Lenka Rokošná

      john: *enters the car* niall: [visible confusion]

    15. Daniela Bilmane

      yall aren't cuorious how tf James knows lyrics to EVERY song...

    16. abbs 06

      niall: i hate pigeons louis: no not kevin!!

    17. Jiss Joseph


    18. Graecie Snoderly

      I’ve watched this video so many times. It will always be my favorite video

    19. Alzbeta Blahova

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> they're talking about his fear of pigeons a Niall is there just showing James how to fly😆😆

    20. yasmeen alanqar

      Steal My Girl didn't sound right without the rest of the boys 😭💔

    21. jake mosnter

      i love just how anywhere James goes findes a parking spot atm

    22. ANNA Harkin

      we gonna ignore the fact that he called himself “nialler” when he was supposed to be mocking james🥺

    23. sandy

      I was seriously tearing up when they sang steal my girl

    24. Miguel Bernardo


    25. Miguel Bernardo

      Steal my girl

    26. Miguel Bernardo

      Slow hand

    27. Miguel Bernardo

      Heart weather

    28. Miguel Bernardo

      James Corden

    29. james vall

      I will always love Slow Hands.

    30. Jovana Stojanovska

      We need little mix carpool karaoke

    31. rjn dgzmn


    32. Latoya Carter

      niall : mostly pigeons Me : poor kevin

    33. Georgina Paige

      have i been watching this every morning in quarantine? yes. is it annoying my family? yes. will i stop? no.

    34. Roshni Das

      Niall: I don't like pigeons *sad Kevin noises*

    35. Crystal Aldridge

      "Are you all dressed up with nowhere to go?" Everyone in May 2020: Yes.

    36. Angelina Salom

      who else thinks he should collab w Harry styles, Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson,and Ringo!!!

    37. Kylie Newman

      when they started singing steal my girl tears came to my eyes

    38. Heiden Chan

      I just really love this carpool especially the lie detector test :) I've genuinely laughed and smiled. Love you Niall and James.

    39. Beth

      how did Niall's hair look perfect the whole time

    40. Kiersten Yale

      I’m crying so much But not in a cool way 🥺

    41. Tyson Orpiano

      I love the way he laughs 😂

    42. Spring Blossom

      Love his voice, it's very beautiful ❤

    43. Emily Ostertag

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="699">11:39</a> That got me 😂 😂


      Sometimes I really think that James is like off key to every single song Also Niall is the best actor ever and also the best singer to 👍 Also I don’t like fact that James tells Nail that he have to let him stand outside and let 3 Pigeons stand on he back that’s not right at all can you tell he was actually shaking that he’s afraid of pigeons That’s not right at all he’s like not a good person to be in front real actors that can sing really good

    45. Allison Gordon

      When Steal My Girl came on I legit burst into tears

    46. Kayla Lloyd

      I don’t know why but I just loved it when Niall tried to do James English accent

    47. Vic Acu

      GUYS!!! AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="857">14:17</a> NIALL SAID “am i your favorite member of one direction” HE DIDNT SAY “was i” HE SAID “am i”, AS IN PRESENT TENSE!!! ONE DIRECTION NEVER ENDED GUYS! THEYRE COMING BACK!

    48. Em Cassius Gz Sz

      Jajaja The FeDex Car 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    49. josefina gayoso

      NO😭my poor baby, I didn't laugh about the pigeons, it really upset me a lot

    50. josefina gayoso

      Niall and I have the same phobias. it's time for us to get married

    51. Sunny Cat


    52. -SunFlower-

      I started crying at steal my girl

    53. Calvin Wijaya

      please invite louis tomlinson

    54. Unicorn Girl

      I hate birds. Mostly pigeons RIP Kevin 🙏💕

    55. Amber Leath

      Steal my girl was so weird without the rest of the boys there

    56. Arrenish Qasim

      James: do you think that one direction will get back together? Niall: Yes the fandom in 2020: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    57. blossom loves ribena

      when niall is scared of pigeons, what about kevin🥺🥺🥺

    58. Arrenish Qasim

      Niall what did Kevin ever do to you

    59. Cindy Smyth

      James you have the best job. I have fun watching you with all your guests, they have a great sense of humour. Thanks for the laughs.

    60. Barbara Mota

      They were talking about pigeons and the only thing I could think about was Kevin

    61. Sophie Schmalhofer

      hy dis is good

    62. Maria

      They should have said his name was Kevin ifykyk😂

    63. Marilyn Mulder

      I'm Dutch and only 12 years old and already a big fan of you and 1D ❤

    64. Marilyn Mulder

      Slow hands is a better song. You are me favorite member too ❤

    65. dia s


    66. DLHQ :D

      Ngl but I really need a hailee steinfeld one. No hate intended just commented on the most recent carpool karaoke :))

      1. Princess Aurora


    67. Erin Di Gioia

      I for sure thought Harold was his fav

    68. Katie Dietrich

      Starting to believe john is the only lie detector person in LA

    69. Wak X

      Can u believe James hasn’t crashed yet

    70. Rhya 97

      I hate pigeons too the eyes

    71. Camila Pérez

      A LOT OF KEVINSS!!!!!

    72. Ximena Chacon

      No words can describe how proud I am of this boy right here. 🖤

    73. Ruby

      Rumour has it Zayn is still stuck in the trunk

    74. Lana Rose

      When james said "time to get over your fear" the terror on niall's face poor niall

    75. Shabnam Banedar

      So no one gonna talk about one direction reunion

    76. Maria Martins Duarte

      when he said he hates pigeons i was like " KEVINNNN"

    77. Daisy Daguia Magaso

      I can wait to comeback ONE DIRECTION😍😭

    78. Overnight

      god, his laugh is contagious.

    79. Daisy Daguia Magaso

      One Direction carpool again😭

    80. ez pow

      petition for a the 1975 carpool karaoke 😌