Nick Jonas Gets "Real" About The Voice Judges Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend

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    Nick Jonas describes his first impressions of fellow The Voice judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton and their chemistry during Season 18.
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    Nick Jonas Gets "Real" About The Voice Judges Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend


    1. Kieran Murphy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> JF: Can we talk about the voice? NJ: yes playa

    2. M Park

      The way John and Blake rip on Nick for fun is just absolutely hilarious. All four of them have a really great chemistry and it's been a joy to watch so far - I'm definitely laughing out loud each episode.

    3. Charl Brassell

      Man I'm just glad he's opening up. For years I thought he was just a jackass.

    4. SimoneTasleemAli

      Nick is d reason I have started watching the voice

    5. Amirul Firdaus

      His smile at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> reminded me of his boyish charm and why everyone migrated from Joe.

    6. Ester Evaristo Bustamante

      Nick s a great choice for d Voice, bringing fresh blood but deep wide experience being a singer at a very younge age👍👌👏

    7. Alexandra Leever

      Apparently the audience did not agree that John Legend was the sexiest man alive. The dead

    8. Debbie Smitherman

      Nick you're making a great coach. Good old Blake is just too hilarious. This season is ramped up and full of nice surprises. These coaches are cracking me up. 😂😁😀

    9. Koala Tea

      I would love to see a Jonas and Kelly calibration!

    10. Lolo Future

      I kind of like him, not sure why

    11. mouse mouse

      I love Nick Jonas 😅😍😃🙂😀🥰😋🤩🥺😎🤓🧐😏

    12. Cristian Dario

      John Legend is disgusting.

      1. Matt armour

        Cristian Dario what?

    13. Lou Payne

      Nick as a mentor on The Voice is a blessing in a disguise, the man is funny, charming and nice!

      1. Swdbs h Lmiyd

        Lou Payne ....disguise? I say the blessing from miles away

    14. Joe Campeoni

      Married to a racist todo pendejo

    15. Erlie Bernardo

      I love Nick at the Voice! A fresh new face and he is so much fun! Like I thought the Kelly, Blake and John is already awesome but adding Nick is bringing so much more. love it!

    16. Joshua Breeden

      No Nick you and Channing Tatum are equally sexiest ones I think if I could meet both of y'all I would die a happy man

    17. Nitisha Bilaye

      Nick's smile gives me life

    18. David Cole

      He so far has done really well on show. Holding on against the best..

    19. Paige McCoy

      Nick is great on The Voice. He’s hilarious, fits right in. Makes great pitches to the contestants and has shown a lot of knowledge he can impart.

    20. Raina Jain

      He is cuuuuuuuuute. Daymn.

    21. Avetor UAC

      voise sor click clac) ahahah i so bad

    22. Jeepman89

      ON and on and on...hah....on and on and on....hate that at the end.

    23. Jeepman89

      Legend is not sexiest man alive, JOnas.

    24. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge


    25. Donrngiew Sohlang

      Fallon is way Better than Kimmel

    26. Rafiuddin Galib

      I almost thought that was Alberto Moreno, ex-Liverpool player

    27. mara t

      they splitting up again or

    28. XxXZz

      Fart god

    29. Eric Ryan

      Kelly Clarkson is the only reason I do anything.

    30. jose ap santos

      Boa noite, uma cara sensacional e talentoso.Adorei o vídeo.

    31. Mariah Michaels

      I love Nick as a Judge, so far I enjoy the judges interactions more than the singing :)

      1. Cari Walker

        Mariah Michaels I cant tell if you’re mad at me or agreeing with me. Lol

      2. Mariah Michaels

        @Cari Walker Exactly, TY for wasting ur time explaining...smh

      3. Cari Walker

        Josh B pretty much. They are judges just like on other talent shows but they are also coaches because they help them throughout the season unlike the judges on AGT. But they’re still judges too

      4. Josh B

        @Cari Walker no it's not

      5. Cari Walker

        Josh B same thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

    32. Evelyn H

      Nick is so perfect my heart hurts

    33. Primrose Jones

      Nick is bringing the arsenal don't mess with him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Oscar Gomez

      What? No Sara Lee jokes? You fail me internet, you fail me.

    35. Madeline Zeta

      Was he joking when he says he picked his brothers because they were the cheapest? Because he says a lot it was like the cheapest and he stopped in wedding because it got expensive or whatever but he can afford things so I think it’s a joke right?

      1. Jason Andolina

        Madeline Zeta yeah he shouldn’t even be joking cause it’s not like he was paying them to be there. NBC probably would be paying for them to be there and they could’ve just paid anyone to be there with Nick.

    36. Anna Isabel

      I was on a tour in that building that day, which was yesterday, and we weren’r allowed to enter his studio bc he was rehearsing, when I tell u I was freaking out I was freaking out

      1. Jason Andolina

        Anna Isabel oh wow I went on the NBC studios tour as well at some point and it was really cool. They showed us the Nightly News studio, SNL studio, and the Fallon studio. It’s huge where they do Fallon.

    37. Federico Timajo

      Who is here after Steve Terreberry?

    38. G M Stowers

      gwen want's her chair back on the voice

    39. G M Stowers

      nick jonas is worst coach

    40. Aerochalklate

      tf wrong with jimmy fallons hair and hairline dafuq

    41. Aerochalklate

      joe used to be the hottest but now it's Nick no homo

    42. Roy Azzurah

      Damn Nick's appearance better than my husband.

    43. preparingforparadise

      Need more fake laughing from Fallon.

    44. Enrique Ramirez


    45. Sevgi's Tarot house

      People that disliked this just piss off! my god! 🤷‍♀️🙄

    46. Zach Oliver

      CHECK out my chunessss

    47. Iron Fan

      Hey, it's Nick Jones, from the Jumanji movies (fantastic ones :>)!

    48. VSG

      It must be a dream come true to work with kelly clarkson.....year 3000 mentioned that they outsold kelly clarkson😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. May Flower

      When Jimmy asked Nick about the coaches Nick be like they're okay

      1. Primrose Jones

        You can't say Nick doesn't throw shade

    50. Todd Clark

      Favorite cool kid and you too Jimmy

      1. Nellie K. Adaba

        Todd Clark Me too

    51. Caffeinated Nation

      He's come so far with being outgoing. Anyone remember back in the day when he was on Ellen, solo, and he told a joke that bombed, looked at the audience and said, *"laugh"* 🤣. OG fans remember he was so shy and look at our guy now! He's on fire! 🔥

      1. O. R.

        Caffeinated Nation Is there a link to the mentioned?

    52. Tiff

      It's so weird seeing Adam not on The Voice anymore! 😢

      1. Lala Kurbanova

        @Jason Andolina Thanks

      2. Jason Andolina

        @Lala Kurbanova oh if you already did it either one will probably be correct.

      3. Lala Kurbanova

        @Jason Andolina I want to know if we make such sentence for example: Two pieces of furniture was/ were bought. Which one is correct was or were?

      4. Jason Andolina

        Lala Kurbanova what

      5. Lala Kurbanova

        @Jason Andolina Hi. Can I ask you smth about grammar

    53. 5SOS snapped harder than Thanos

      Oh my gosh, I love Nick! He’s too funny!

    54. Sydney Kong

      "you got your brothers as your mentors on the voice?" "they were the cheapest i can find." LOLOLOL DEADDDDDDDDD

      1. Chocofat Carrot

        @Jacie Mendoza MOCK 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Jacie Mendoza

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Is Nick even gonna pay them?

      3. Anna Marie Yowell

        Yeah. And let's not forget Joe was a Coach on the Australia Voice. He could give he some really good advice

    55. Sydney Kong


    56. Zarah Shabs

      Nick and Kelly’s relationship is so cute I think he’s opening up around her and it makes me happy

      1. Don't Hate. CREATE

        They were both voices on ugly dolls movie so i think they go back

      2. Zarah Shabs

        @catarina F yess that one was fun! i also really like the one they did with Pitbull. very entertaining bc you wouldn't expect to see their personalities together and work well haha

      3. catarina F

        i love the video they did answering tweets questions about music! they have really nice chemistry (in a friendship way)

    57. SoCali

      I guess he'll be sexiest man alive since he's on the show now.

      1. Swdbs h Lmiyd

        Zahra H. ....gurrllll love youu

      2. pjnkblue


      3. Zahra H.

        I really hope he‘s going to be “sexiest man alive 2020” , because for me he’s always been it 🔥

    58. Prince London

      Nick would you dance with WHALES ? 🐳🐬🐋

    59. John Edward Jones

      Nick did soooo good. Helping that one young man by singing with him made this season a success from moment one.

    60. Raymen Kwint

      Kelly's stupid short hair.

      1. Jason Andolina

        Raymen Kwint yeah I don’t like it either she looks like an old woman.

    61. JD Crank

      Really. Garbage.

    62. betty cogswell

      I love Nick and John IS NOT the sexiest man alive......Dimash Kudaibergen is...

    63. Lucumu851

      Surprised Priyanka wasnt sat there with him

    64. Nani R

      Nick Jonas

    65. Nani R

      I love funny

    66. google Google

      Jimmy can I punch you in the face

    67. Zahra H.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> Unpopular opinion : Nick should officially be the sexiest man alive

      1. Swdbs h Lmiyd

        Sarah ...gurl u blind?

      2. Swdbs h Lmiyd


      3. Maitreyee Bhargude

        Or Harry Styles

      4. Chi Nguyen

      5. Madeline Zeta


    68. Anita merlin Lino

      Nick Jonas I love all your hair styles - Nick Jonas biggest fan

    69. naomi ferreira

      Nick throwing shade at Kelly and her clap back makes The Voice so fun to watch this season 🥰

      1. Madeline Zeta

        May Flower she might have not known

      2. May Flower

        I can't believe Kelly turned down Nick's songs

    70. wakajumba

      Nick Jonas luckiest kid on earth. No talent but has a career

      1. Makayla Conly

        No talent?

      2. Nanda Choerunnisa

        No talent you say?!

      3. Doni Andika

        No talent?? What??

      4. f c

        Are you crazy

    71. siddhant mandal


    72. Lilly Crawford

      "there OK''

    73. SRBang0409

      Cuteness overload = Nick Jonas 🥰🤩

    74. Nica geral

      I love nick jonas...

      1. Nellie K. Adaba

        Nica geral 👍

    75. Edward Seeber

      I may see The Voice again, that scene w/ Nick & Kelly had me laughing 😭😂😂

    76. Edward Seeber

      Nick "I think I submitted songs for you but you turn down" Kelly "WHAT, have you?" I think Kelly needs to fire her team if she never knew this Lol 😂

      1. I'm Flying Without Wings

        @Edward Seeber I just realized I kept saying, "I think". LOL! Anyway, yes, that would be amazing.. I do want either a country album or a collaboration album from Kelly.

      2. Edward Seeber

        @I'm Flying Without Wings that would make sense, glad she made that decision who knows what else they kept from her, maybe now we'll hear a song nick has written for her, the songs he's written w/ Demi on her eailer albums were amazing not to mention his albums I can only imagine how awesome it be hearing Kelly on those tracks.

      3. I'm Flying Without Wings

        I think except for her band, she did leave them. I think this was during when she was on her idol contract. I think that's when "Kelly" turned down Nick's song.

    77. waleed alsharif short films

      Come and see my short films they are simple movies So I hope you support me Guys

    78. Doctor Taz

      Nick Jonas 😍😍


      Lmao So why is Blake cranky from time to time..

      1. JaeToTheMax

        FOXTROT UNICORN I think he misses Adam Levine a bit😕

    80. lack of subscribers

      This season of voice is gonna be amazing.