NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)



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    Listen to "Walk Em Down":
    TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
    Triller: @NLEChoppa
    A Psycho Films Production
    Director: Christian Sutton
    EP: Sam Canter
    Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
    DP: Dannel Escallon
    PD: Dre Day Designz
    1st AD: Erik Mateo
    Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
    VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
    Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
    Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

    #WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge



      I can’t even lie, I done watched this MF a thousand times myself. This prolly my favorite music video. Watts y’all favorite music video of me ? #NLE💔

      1. Selman Fejzić

        Laste reply

      2. AUDII


      3. PurpLex


      4. julian dat GOAT

        This and famous hoes

      5. Clix ?

        This love yo shit

    2. Lil Kennystar Official

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    3. Adrian Gutierrez


    4. Jackson Rust

      You can run from my gun but my bullets gone hawk em' 💉💉💉💉✌🏽🙈

    5. brckcn

      18,996,234 VIEWS WOW JUST WOW

    6. Jonathan Barrionuevo

      who is better like for nle choppa comment for lil baby

    7. Franchesca Diaz


    8. 3000 subscribers With no video

      *Is it just me or is the hook catch catchy asf. I Can’t stop replaying it* 😂😂

    9. Zachary Sommer

      This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. Zachary Sommer

      Did gets me hyped up

    11. Yung Bulletz.

      What a banger, best music video ive ever seen


      Sick mv

    13. Cameron Polson

      for a couple a crips, deres a lotta red in this vid especially at roddy part

    14. TTV _BTW


    15. Theo story Storey

      I like camalot

    16. Gamingwith Aarieon

      I bet n like 2 months its gonna have 40 million Views *caught ah murder I was just about to do the race

    17. Outraged Gaming

      When you shoot the video on a set cause you know ya punk ass would get robbed

    18. Fatumatu Ceesay

      Their braking in the back

    19. neka knox

      This one

      1. Mr. Caleb



      the awkward moment that you're listening to this song and your playing cs go

    21. Ana Martinez

      this is my favorite music video

    22. Samuel Diasonama


    23. KimsMedSalt

      Straight heat

    24. Aj Frosty


    25. -هيكسر- HIXR

      Wasn't NLES body tattoo free?

    26. KashMuMu

      like if y’all been rocking wit choppa before he has dreads

    27. Anthony Baker

      This shit Dropped 2 weeks ago and it already has 18 million viewers 😂 dats tuff

    28. Krisztina Gáspár

      Such believable unique and energetic music.

    29. A Smith

      Am I the only one to watch 100 In one day?

    30. Chris Smith

      Am u that Gangsta White Boy .... 🍔🧐🥶 StalkEm' Kinda Hit Too Close Too Home! I Hope the meaning is Different.RS

    31. Liam Manyala

      I love it I will play it million times

    32. azbo g

      this is mad gets me in the mood until the "sun come down"

    33. Desmond Steele


    34. Edson Martins

      If was at lyrical lemonade this mf probably would’ve 100M now dont ever quit choppa💨💨no 🧢

      1. Probroskillz_3213

        Walk em down will get 100M in 6-7 months which is a good ratio of about 14M views per month

    35. King Lava chop check this out bro

    36. Márcio Carlos


    37. Lee armour

      Wow this is a true master shit, this is literally nothing compared to e1 3x3

    38. Killer Cj Bibbs

      This song lit then all of the others ngl

    39. GuelphRacing

      Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day :)

    40. Theodore Hill

      I thought yb was your favorite rapper but u got with his ex

    41. HBK Jaylen

      This shot is deadass fire 🔥🔥🔥🥵

    42. ZB VLOGS

      This is my favourite song ever ❌🧢

    43. Janyis Mathieu


    44. Dyllenn Whitley

      Walk. Hem. Down

    45. Gregory Linn


    46. andrew Duran

      Something about this song makes me not like it

    47. Jonathan Melendez Vlogs

      Susbcibe to me and get me to 800

    48. dazyx

      CashMoneyAP one of the best producers ever bro no cap

    49. Lil Jonze

      Hey! i need to help out my friend who just started his music career and he really makes decent music. He is a talented young man. Help me get people to know his name.

    50. Leo Mendoza

      We all know choppa good as f*** and fire 🔥🔥🔥👌

    51. Lukas Riera Costa

      the video looks like it is from 2011 but still a nice song

    52. Soul Beats

      NLE 💔

    53. Merle Links


    54. Lil X

      This one

    55. malik god


    56. Hubert Gottlieb

      who miss old choppa:(

    57. XxUnknownPlayzGachaLifeXx

      My favorite is Shottta flow 1

    58. J S P

      NLE the best rapper to come out of Memphis

    59. Victor Hernandez

      Don’t kill yourself

    60. MR

      Roddy looks kinda short

    61. Adam Nasser

      is me ore this is the top 1 best song an the year for me

    62. JayGames

      NLE choppa and roddy hit different.

    63. Euphonic Company

      One of the craziest videos I ever watched. Who the fuck directed this shit

    64. December Hill


    65. Jorren Padmore

      Fakin depression

    66. Ophia Harper

      Everytime I listen to this song I imagine myself in his position(in the video) 😂

    67. Ziyan Ali

      Shotta flow 4??

    68. Ohon Habib

      This shit fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    69. Ziyad Khan

      Choppy got the blue hair damn RIP X

    70. cliff kimathi

      nle kenya loves

    71. Ben Lenti

      Song sucks

    72. DoNa JaNe

      Dope....Roddy killed it...he is like an improved version of eminem 😜

    73. Вова Шишкин


    74. Najeebullah Kandahari

      When I watch this nigga he’s lit

    75. Jim Yup

      Lil baby is next 🔥

    76. Ayyo kayy

      This mane said “ You go against me then you fucked like a used condom” Gawwwwwwddddd dayyyyyuuuuummmm🥴 he a 🐐 on gawd🔥

    77. Immetily Mifelo

      This my favorite vid


      Damn my brother

    79. Ludvik Schallmann

      These blue dreds 💦

    80. CK1621 Link

      This song is fire. The video is amazing.