"NO ONE at Man Utd is IMPROVING!" | Carragher, Evra & Keane on United's transfer dealings

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    Jamie Carrragher, Roy Keane, Patrice Evra and Graeme Souness discuss Manchester United recruitment policies, their approach to the transfer window and the performance of the current squad.
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    1. BEASTmaster


    2. jan bramsen

      Kean sounds like a gnome when he gets emotional.t high pitch irish lebracon is CLUELESS..

    3. Peter Fleming

      A growing problem for utd is they seem too relaxed about not reaching their target. This team is in transition, and winning the Premiership is too much for them right now. So they are only aiming for top 4. Perhaps if they aim to win the league, falling slightly short should atleast keep them in the top 4. Only aiming for top 4, fall slightly short of that... no champions league, likely change of manager, all change in training, new ideas about transfers = too much disruption

    4. Michael V

      All clubs go through cycles. More than a few generations of Man Utd fans have lived high on the hog. I don't begrudge their success over the decades. They did it the right way through player development and savvy recruitment. This LFC team reminds me of the Man Utd treble side of 1999. They are the product of a similar culture with cutting edge coaching. MUFC are within a realistic shout of the Champion's League. Nobody is shedding a tear for Manchester United.

    5. Michael V

      Fair play to Souness, quite the dapper dan

    6. anfeild8

      Man united one player needs to leave the number 6.there shouldn't of returned him to united and why Ferguson sold him early . on in his career.

    7. dave dempsey

      Haha hahahaha hahahaha the fall of man u love it

    8. Shane T

      It’s like an election audition !

    9. birhanu yohannes

      Evera and Roy kean we really missed you. my days were good with you. but now ........cry. I get bored. ole's team is boring. no improvement , no hope and even sign of hope. ole please don't make my day sour. sometime it is good for you to see other career. we bored from week in week out.

    10. birhanu yohannes

      we need a real change. not a talk like we dominated the game, we missed a lot chances, my boys work hard, we have good sprit in a team and ...... . we need results and at least in top four. I just tired of those useless talk. stop talking and show at least you have to show something ......please I am boredRead more Show less Reply 1 Edit Delete birhanu yohannes1 second agowhat is the manger is doing all of these month. I did see any improvement with team. it is really boring. am pessimist about man.utd. under the current manger I will not expected something rather more loses and less brand of man.utd in world market as it already started.

    11. Tenzin Choezin

      Man U should have brought in young hungry talents with Balance and aim for the top 4 then get top quality players in areas needed but no they gotta go after pricey players without thinking about the balance.

    12. BOO BOO

      WWWWWWWWDWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Oops my fingers slipped

    13. Ivan Malau

      That's a lie Fred,? Mcsause? Rashford?

    14. Mr T J Peno

      Pogba has been frustrating. This season. I have not seen him. His brilliant player who was used wrong last season. Played out of position. But I dont think poor old Jose had a choice

    15. Mr T J Peno

      Do you think any of the German striker's like kimmich be a good fit at United?

    16. Mr T J Peno

      Roy very wise.

    17. 334665eric 7788977


    18. clinton place

      Give that guy time to fix the problem. We can't and it has been proved in 7 years that changing managers won't help it. Let's be patient with those players in due time they will deliver.

    19. bodoy euir

      Give Him a Opportunity.........0-2 Burnley🤣

    20. E P

      Wrong, look at how much Jesse Lingard has improved, even scoring against Tranmere.

    21. drttyu liqm

      Pogba probably chilling at other side of the world thinking “they really blaming for this?!” 😂😂

    22. Louis FCNLUFC

      Roy Keane is talking absolute nonsense here

      1. bodoy euir

        I believe many top class players are now just in it for the money, also with so few English players in the league, that true English grit and passion has now gone out of the ga

    23. Lone Wolf

      I think Solskjaer is doing a good job considering everything. The squad is mediocre, the expectation is huge, and his experience is small. He is doing a good job like it or not

      1. annag cocl

        solskjaer is a joke! he will never succeed at United get m out

    24. annag cocl

      Pogba probably chilling at other side of the world thinking “they really blaming for this?!” 😂😂

      1. drttyu liqm

        solskjaer is a joke! he will never succeed at United get m out

    25. Jacob Hay

      Yeovil town Has left the chat

      1. annag cocl

        now with more home players and more determination/passion.

    26. Akash Khadah

      Everyone saying we got progba but is he really wanna want to play for united that the question.

      1. bodoy euir

        now with more home players and more determination/passion.

    27. kerpal3

      Jamie's accent always makes me laugh and be intrigued at the same time.

      1. annag cocl

        has nothing to do with top notch football anymore. Amateur clubs might be able to buy some success still but to win a title in a top league or Europe today it takes know how a

    28. Kristoffer Stegane

      When you put Keane as an Expert, the man that admits that he is injuring Players on purpose. That man should never Get any credit again, just let him live on the money he made AS a footballer, and never talk about him again. He is a disgrace for the sport

    29. S T

      Are Inter the Man Utd sin bin?

      1. bodoy euir

        I believe many top class players are now just in it for the money, also with so few English players in the league, that true English grit and passion has now gone out of the ga

    30. mattinelson

      I don’t know why everyone is surprised or even imagining that Utd can ever claw their way back. The wheel has turned, and they are over. Another 25 years. It’s done and they are done.


      It pathetic when Barcelona and Madrid ex-player can win them trophies and not one of United own Can do that all they know how to do better is to talk and criticize Pogba, Mourinho and get paid as good hypocrites

    32. mssmiley

      Get yourself a man who loves and protests you as much as Roy loves and protests Ole.

    33. Gary Rae

      Rashford,McTominay,Greenwood,Lingard,Williams have all improved Under Ole...even the much derided Fred and Pereria have picked their games up....sometimes I wonder what these "experts" are watching.

    34. Julio Anthonio Wilopo

      5 person, 5 different accents.. I'm enjoying this

    35. R W

      Keane is right on the money. He understands simple logics better than the other pundits who wants to use Man United and their players and their coaches as chess pieces throwing them left and right.

    36. leviathon18

      im a liverpool fan but these sky sports segments love going down the rabbit hole and dwelling on the negatives and depressing points and stretch out a pretty obvious scenario, why this , how can this be! what are they going to do! its over, manutd are over, sack the manager sell the players. Yes we know fergie is gone and they are playing a youth team. Wait till ole actually buys players in summer and see until then what the point of all this stupid babble to ex manu players lol

    37. Jason Larh

      Souness jizzed himself when Keane mentioned Pogba

    38. golfinguna

      I believe many top class players are now just in it for the money, also with so few English players in the league, that true English grit and passion has now gone out of the game, more so within the top teams. Derby`s are not the same as they used to be. And we cannot take away the facts that the lower premier teams are playing at a much higher level now with more home players and more determination/passion.

    39. Amun-Ra

      solskjaer is a joke! he will never succeed at United get m out

    40. Proud2bEnglish1

      Souness got so happy when Keane mentioned Pogba 😂🤣😂🤣

    41. Rodjs Daro

      Manutd need zlatan, there no player who have leadership, inspirator in club now on, if you look back in glouriuos manutd era, there's always a guy like cantona, gigs, scholes and keane.

    42. Abdulmumin Alhassan

      If Roy really seriously what he is saying there about blame players he wrong. Because if st there blaming players. He can ole be good coach for the players. We can not keep blaming players now the players is very good the coach doesn't know how to use them. Everything is poor from management

    43. Assozial Nətwork

      Listening to Keane is like listening to a grandmother telling stories about WWII. Buying world class strikers blablabla. Maybe this outdated thinking worked 20 years ago but this has nothing to do with top notch football anymore. Amateur clubs might be able to buy some success still but to win a title in a top league or Europe today it takes know how and a perfect long term plan in any department of a club. There are more than enough talented players but nobody but Klopp and his whole staff is able to develop it into what it takes to win the premier league. Liverpool is lightyears ahead for years to come due to 4 years of priceless work, not buying "a striker". That's ridiculous

    44. Abdulmumin Alhassan

      I don't agree with Roy. Because how many players ole buy now. And ask yourself are they improving or are they getting weak. Roy doesn't love to see United going forward. Forget ole is good guy. He is not good coach United

    45. James

      Damn I didn’t think Roy would be biased like all the others but yep, he is... ffs

    46. Free 100

      utd have just had there time. it was great but its over now. fergie was utd. they were nothing before he came and now they are nothing after him. without him there is no man utd

    47. aditya thapliyal

      Get Poch in, Give him 3 years. 15 million each year. He will challenge for title. Ole is gonna waste, he is a youth team coach.

    48. Kaung Pyae Sone Win

      Ole deserves it because he should be given time. Since PSG game last year, United hasn't got the good squad due to injuries and horrible recruitment plans from the board and which is why United is dragging its ass on the ground. On top of that, the board let go herrera and falleni in midfield and lukaku sanchez in attack. I understand they need to go but not without replacement. So Ole's driving the team that's barely walking with a paper thin squad since this season started. Moyes, DVG, Jose all world class managers who's won loads of titles and cups and look at the state of the club now. Surely managers are not the problem now. Even if Poch comes in, same result would arrive in 2 years again. (which is why poch said he's not coming if there's not change in management)

    49. Music Music

      I agree with souness, ole is tying to buy out of desperation, regardless of morale he shouldn't have got rid of certain players so quickly without replacements, that is bad management regardless of all this the moods down in the locker room trash. If you don't have the players it doesn't work, that was his mistake, paying 80m for maguire is madness, another horrible move.


      Hate it or like it, Mourinho was the best post Ferguson area. 3 trophies and bringing them to the 2nd place and back to champions league. He said finishing 2nd with that team was a huge achievement, people were laughing

    51. Mark Gable

      It's really strange to see Man Utd changing their Manager every 5 mins. Football has gone nuts.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Always said the problem at Man United has always been Ed Woodward. Just like the problem at Tottenham has always been Daniel Levy.

    52. Jaswinder Singh

      Man United needs both Messi and Ronaldo to win the premeir league again 😎

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        when giggs comes in the summer we need to buy bale sancho ramsey and mitrovic

    53. X H

      9:45 This is insulting 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Evra is too much

    54. Danny Welbeck

      0:16 why is patrice talking about anchovies??

    55. Donny NDonnyG

      Keane forgot Dortmund was on the brink of bankruptcy before Klopp managed them.

      1. soinhu foitu


    56. soinhu foitu

      Poor Yeovil getting dragged in to this by Keano. "What did we do?!"

    57. Brett Redelinghuys

      How are these former players so forgetful? They criticise everything and act like they were perfect. None of them lost a game, none of them missed a shot or gave a bad pass. Start being real

      1. soinhu foitu

        Is Keane okay?

    58. Graham Charles Madzima

      Carragher summed it up brilliantly in saying Man Utd arent capable of doing any better...

    59. dante war

      Listen people stop lying to yourself no one is beating Chelsea to the top 4 fact no one the other teams are so bad it shows how good Lampard is doing Chelse on ban half the season Chelsea had a young coach who been at top tier for 6month Chelsea lost there best player and best player in premier league to Real Madrid Behave no one is taking top 4

      1. soinhu foitu

        Jamie who?? Oh i remember he was the 5th choice centre back for england. And his mate gerrard who everyone thinks he was a better player than lampard. All i know is stat

    60. Thomas John

      Evra comeback to Manchester as our couch 🙏