Odin Loses his Eye (Odin and Mímir - The quest for Wisdom ) - Norse Mythology - See U in History

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    Norse Mythology: Odin and Mímir, the quest for wisdom - How Odin loses his eye
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    1. Matthew John

      Mj I love it

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      Psh, can't believe he fell for the ol' water full of shrooms trick

    3. Sheila Marie Batayola

      I understand why he predicted Ragnarok on asgard

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      I'd give my eye , the scar would be a improvement on me and the knowledge

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      Norse mythology is the best and Odin is my favorite god in norse mythology


      Dude where do you get all this information? amazing channel

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      I had a dream about loosing my eye last night 😂

      1. Best Ever

        I am blind in one eye . Trust me there is worse thing's than being blind.

    8. believe it

      Odin: I wan't knowladge, give it to me head. Head: Give me your eye for it first. Odin: hmmm... fuc it.

    9. Eddie Deez Nuts

      do one about Kratos😂😂

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      Heil odin

    11. Israel Mcmahon

      Same as vishnu and shiva.

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        All religious also mythological all say the same stories all are one.

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      Thank you.

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      I love mythology and all of that stuff.I don't know why bit it's my fav subject.I wish we had classes of mythology.

      1. Oskar Bryan

        Kelley James same

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      Me eye!!

    15. fwapwap288

      The one eyed old man told me that the face that I will see Has paralysed a thousand brave men sure of victory I cannot fight blindfolded and I'd freeze if I should see. So I need to sacrifice my eyes to see all from within. The one eyed old man told me of a lake that no-one knows of. where the end of the sky unites with the bottom countless feet down deep And he told me when this world was young into it's depths his eye he had thrown So that though one eyed, he could see more than can be seen. I'll throw my eyes into the lake. So that I will see from within I'll throw my eyes into the lake And when blind I will still see. At the bottom of the lake. My two eyes will shine like the stars At the bottom of the lake I will see no matter how near or far Regardless at which speed my horse takes me through the night No matter how sharp the blade of my sword seems to be. Even with the aid of two pair of eyes way up high In the end before the Beast, it's face I would have had to see. But with my two eyes in the depths my vision is supreme I see all things that can't be seen but not my hand that is held out in front of me. The face that makes me freeze I now need not see at all. I'll feel the presence of the Beast. but will not need stare him down no more. I've thrown my eyes into the lake. So that I will see from within I've throw my eyes into the lake And now when blind I still see. At the bottom of the lake. My two eyes are shining like the stars At the bottom of the lake I now see no matter how near or far [ceased to exist. The eyes of the unseen are upon him. The spirits of his] [fathers long time gone riding next to him.] [And the hearts of the Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain..."]

    16. El Señor de las Hostias

      Now I know why Ragnar said that to Bjorn, but if Odin gave an eye, what would Ragnar give?

      1. Luffy

        a ball, at a lower position in the human male body, get it? YAY! someone liked my reply? awesome!

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      Interesting! Keep them coming!

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      Great vid

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      Nice job...thats explained!

    20. gayathri sridhar

      Wow more norse mythology i love it Hey um do in Irish myth there is a story of osin and the land if forever young I was wondering if you can do a video of it please please Thanks for your hard work🤗

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      So it's not a well full of magic mushrooms then

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      Great video...but for next video please explain Poseidon children👍👍👌

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      Odin is so cool.

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      77* Perfectly Beautiful.Thank you

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      Can you make more videos on Greek primordial gods?

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      God Of The Gallows lord of the hanged... all hail the all father greatest Seeker wisdom in all the nine realms

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      Good video

    31. Majestic Gothitelle

      He may gain knowledge of the world. But he didn't gain the knowledge of how he is one of the gods that cost ragnarok.

      1. Cortez Baker

        Actually there's a good number of things that could have prevented Ragnarok. And yes, many of them relate to Loki. I really do wanna see the events that caused Odin to give that guy free passage into Asgard.

      2. TheTrueFatDorkle

        Let me rephrase that: Ragnarok is inevitable, whether Odin is the direct cause or not (which he isn't; that would be Loki.)

      3. Cortez Baker

        TheTrueFatDorkle If there's no Odin then there is no Norse Pantheon. If there is no Norse pantheon there can be no Ragnarok.

      4. TheTrueFatDorkle

        Ragnarok is inevitable, with or without Odin.

      5. Majestic Gothitelle

        Definitely ironic

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      God of Highschool

    33. Onus Cronus

      Odin paid off his student loans with an eyeball.

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        @Erwin Rommel That's stupid but gangsta/badass.

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      Omg yess!! Thank you for doing this

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      Can you please do some more Norse mythology. There must always be a price for knowledge. Think you can make a video about the war of the esir and vanir?

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      Yay Norse history