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    Locks are only as good as their installation. When a lock is installed wrong, you can open locked doors in just seconds. We demonstrate how to open a door without a key in two ways. Then we tell you how to fix your locks so people won't be able to open your locked door.
    If you need help implementing any of these things and are in the Phoenix AZ metro area, just contact us, we'd be glad to help.
    Outside of Arizona? Call your local locksmith. You can search a list of vetted residential locksmiths at .


    1. X. wrld

      Robber watching this

    2. bwright132981

      The card worked like numbers 🙌🏾

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Be sure to get that lock fixed so others won't be able to get in.

    3. Mantra Haki

      This definitely works lol just locked myself out 🤦🏾‍♂️thanks for the vid

    4. Rozelawati Ishak

      Lol I'm here cuz my brother took my things and lock the door

    5. Benji D. Man

      Robber's paradise

    6. Haesulla Taeranim

      You just saved my brother 😭😭😭

    7. Trinity Grier

      My parents locked the door when they're away and my phones in there sooo

      1. Sayeta Zonen

        my mom locks the door to her room but her bathroom is in there

    8. nurul Farhana

      im locked out of my im at the pool watch this video while waiting for my father to pick me up

    9. Justin B.

      Good way to show Robbers how to break into peoples houses.

      1. Justin B.

        @ACME Locksmith Lol I believe you.

      2. ACME Locksmith

        That's why we dedicate a whole section of that video to how to fix this problem for your home. Believe me, robbers already know...

    10. Mr Right

      Thank you

    11. Redskin Ismail

      Thank you

    12. Kelsey Tea

      My little sister forgot the keys in the house before going.. I-

    13. TyrranicalT-Rad

      So if it's installed correctly than your screwed ?

      1. ACME Locksmith

        If your locks are installed correctly you're safe. No one can use this to get into your home. Don't you want your locks to protect your family and possessions?

    14. 10k subs with 3 vids

      **open sesame**

    15. •Gabriel •

      The toilet paper is in my moms room and I need some but she’s not home and she changed the door handles 😭😭

    16. Yuantian Qian

      Unlucky, Singapore is so good at making things that i cant open it

      1. Yuantian Qian

        ACME Locksmith yeah totally

      2. ACME Locksmith

        That probably means that your locks are installed correctly. Although not so good if your locked out, great for your security. 👍🏻

    17. jason narca

      Next video how to bypass bank security lock

      1. ACME Locksmith


    18. Baby Laii

      Ty you saved my life by my momma was gonna be so mad I used the card technic it’s way easier no effort at all

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Consider fixing that lock so your home stays safe. 👍🏻

    19. KhaleeQ ParK Urban Apparel

      Good morning lovely people, I'm here because I've locked myself out 😁

      1. Eww Ew

        KhaleeQ ParK Urban Apparel same

    20. MAC dailyLIFE

      Wow i just locked our bathroom now

    21. Eduardo Colina

      Thanks a lot

    22. dremo is toxic

      Does a pokemon card work

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Might not be stiff enough.

    23. Sunflxwer._Seeds

      I locked myself outside and nobody is home

      1. Sunflxwer._Seeds

        @ACME Locksmith I broke into my own house.. I used my school id to unlock the door

      2. ACME Locksmith

        Hope you made it in.

    24. Hazel Mae Flores

      Omg been almost 2 hours trying bobby-pins but swiping a thick card helps 😂 thank you

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Now get the lock fixed so no one else can get into your home that way. :-)

    25. QueenieBeanie

      omayghad it workssss thank you soo much, my mom is literally about to kill me because i forgot to putt the key in the secret place

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Now consider fixing the lock so no one else can get in doing this. ✌️ Check out our video on our favorite keyless deadbolt. You won't have to have keys, but it won't be bypassed.

    26. heyimfit

      I’m literally locked out of my house and my family is overseas

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Hope this or a locksmith got you in. ✌️

    27. Nicole V

      My moms bedroom door is locked but it is a different type of door and you can't use those hacks😢

    28. Quanisha Johnson

      Someone help me I'm locked outside my house

    29. John Zuriel Belela

      Thanks boss

    30. Asha Rai

      Thankyou so much for your idea I save my 80 dollars 🙏🏻👍🏻

      1. Asha Rai

        For sure 🙏🏻

      2. ACME Locksmith

        Now fix your lock so someone else can't get in. 👍🏻

    31. Anthony Titus

      I’m going robbing

    32. dahiana72

      Wow. I locked my dads office with the keys inside and this reminded me i can use a piece of olastic instead of The card. I just openned the door it took me less than a minute

    33. jennifer dickson

      This video helped me, tq so much!


      Omg this really does work. Terrible.

      1. ACME Locksmith

        If it worked either fix the latch as explained in the video or have a locksmith come out and take care of it for you. Then it will no longer work. Thank you for watching.

    35. cindy cc

      Thankful to God for these videos. People. Neighbors. Still trying to get in here. I know Jesus will bless and keep me. I know He will cover everything. Thanks for this priceless information. Blessings to you and yours. God's hand is evident in everything. Proverbs <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="993">16:33</a>.

      1. cindy cc

        Bought a couple cool little dash cams and such. Made a little diy home security system, cheap but Good , for my apartment. Effective. Thankful. Prayerful. Hopeful.

    36. kaniz E zainab

      Never in my life I came across such a life saving NOsel video. My washroom door was locked and using the plastic hack I opened it in just 10 seconds. I was almost crying that I'll have to pay extra bucks. Much love.

    37. Dini Mahazir


    38. nightwatcher45

      I'm drooling over that collection of keys hanging on the wall behind him. I have always liked keys since I was a child.

    39. Elizabeth Tamarua

      THANK YOU! This worked!

    40. Ryan Jay Reyes

      Thank you. I finally got inside my room. This is one of those videos that are helpful.

    41. SnoopyYT!

      I’m stuck and I have an extra lock that is attached to door, there’s also an alarm

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Call a locksmith. A legit locksmith will give you an exact price upfront. No "from XYZ and up".

    42. Serena Singh

      Im locked out of my damn house ugh!

    43. Em Ar

      I paid a locksmith $125 to do what you just did 😞. And I told him "uh oh it's that easy." Thank you for explaining the importance of that latch on the knob!

    44. Sab Deg

      You saved my live, thxxx

    45. ᴍᴏᴏɴ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ

      Oml! Thank you so much.. I was just after showering when I heard my brother. I saw him struggling opening the door. We tried all our best but failed then I saw this video and followed your tactic! This works and thank you so so so much

    46. Golden ultra Gamer

      It’s not helping

      1. ACME Locksmith

        As frustrated as you may feel, it may be due to your locks being installed correctly. Which is great, because it stop someone from breaking into your home. Call a local locksmith, get an exact price upfront, and know that your home is safe.

    47. Cryxcop

      yo i was locked in my bathroom but i was smart,i make a DIY thing on my bathroom with plastic bottle and i bring my phone into my bathroom too

    48. kyuutii.e

      I’m locked from my room cause I forgot my key inside. 😂😂

    49. charles sy

      Thank u so much it worked

      1. ACME Locksmith

        It worked. You're in. Now fix your lock so no one else can get in. 👍🏻

    50. Aaron Cubresis


      1. ACME Locksmith

        It worked, you're in. Now fix the lock so no one else can get in. 👍🏻

    51. Osvaldo Saldana

      Thank you, took me 30 seconds

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Glad to hear it. You are in! Now fix your lock so no one else can get in. 👍🏻

    52. Majo de Piérola

      You helped me so much! I got locked out of my room 2hrs before my final and I had all of my stuff inside!

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Now follow the tips and fix your locks so someone else can't get in!

    53. Queen Yir

      Thank you for posting!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    54. fuckrann

      I fuckin love you bro

    55. The Pirates

      the bottle trick helped!!! tHANKS

    56. Vualiku

      Locked myself out of my room and the first one did the trick. Thanks

    57. sucker811

      Thank you, finally got in my house after 30minutes

    58. RayneValco

      Well i learned something new today

    59. Family Creamies

      Omg such a life saver 😭😭

    60. Deck160ooo

      Doens't work. Card gets stuck on the catching latch and can't push forward any further..

      1. ACME Locksmith

        That's good! It means your lock is installed correctly and this technique can't be used to bypass it.

    61. Ahsan Saadat

      After bashing the lock for 30 mins and going nuts and $150 for a minimum quote. This trick worked like a butter knife. Brilliant. I wish I could give you recommendations.

    62. Subith Dey

      U just saved me $120 almost called locksmith . Got interlocked our bedroom accidentally. I have used empty plastic bottle and passed through where the door knob is. Thanks again.

    63. Sheila Rivera


    64. Savino Cueva

      It worked with a card. Thank you Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year

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    66. Chris Cool

      Holy crap, that credit card thing works!

    67. Layth Jack

      Holy shit thank you

    68. BBS

      Thanks a lots. Today one of my room got lock with key inside and I used your plastic technic and manage to open it. You save lots of my time, money and arranged program.

    69. Annika Alcantara

      Oh my god your a life saver!!! I was locked out of my room and I was panicking but when i watched it I opened my door within 10 seconds! THANKYUUUU

    70. Fitt Shion

      thank youuuuuuuuuu helped me very much

    71. Hasnain Bhatti

      Who is Watching From Pakistan ?

      1. BBS

        India :)

    72. Mx Jorah

      trust me am not trying to be a thief LMAO.

    73. Oof Oof

      I’m locked out of my house

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Hope you got in! When your locks are installed correctly, this will not work, but your local locksmith will always get you in.

    74. Bunleng Chhay

      Thanks man My door was locked and opened minutes after watching ur video

    75. Alikou Brujup

      Thank you ACME Locksmith. I tried using credit card at 9.53pm,6 Dec 2019, to open my room's locked door (key lost) and within 30 seconds, had successfully opened it. Thanks again for your video. 💓💓

    76. Dandy Lion

      Thank you so much for this. My sons door was locked from the inside with no one in it. We don’t have the keys. I tried tons of things short of breaking the door down. The bottle piece worked like a charm! No harm done.

    77. Bruh Nation

      I’m locked outside my house hands are cold asf I’m still trying to get in my house with my card

      1. Robert V

        Call a local locksmith. If your locks are installed correctly, this method should not work.

    78. Just 3 Gamers

      Imagine all the robbers watching this video..

      1. ACME Locksmith

        Unfortunately, criminals know this. Many homeowners don't. Our goal is to educate homeowners so that they can get their locks functioning properly to protect their property.

    79. Sketchy Waffle

      Bruh thank you! The plastic from a coke bottle really worked! Not even took me more than a minute! Totally Recommend this to any room door! 💯

    80. Nicka Lacorum