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    Our v2 YouTooz release this Friday 9 PM Swedish time! Here's the giveaway:
    We will also be trying the beer you send us on the 2nd channel! If you aren't subbed already, make sure to sub! :D

    Anomaly PO Box address:
    Ludwig Lagerstedt, PO Box 10, BML 1910, Cospicua, Malta
    Papa PO Box address:
    Papanomaly Lagerstedt, PO Box 10, BML 1910, Cospicua, Malta

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    1. Anomaly

      Me and Papa's new v2 YouTooz will launch this Friday at 21: 00 Sweden Time (GMT+1)! Also, here's the free to join giveaway if you want to join aswell:

      1. Výskit


      2. Výskit

        Do you planing FACE REVEAL?

      3. Paraminator

        Penis cream in romanian....please dont use it....u won but at what cost?

      4. NewbieOfficial

        By the way "Hell" means "light"

    2. Iloveyoumore

      Å fy faen, rett fra Jägermeisteren LOL

    3. Balázs

      9:45 i died literally

    4. LinneB


    5. Erich Silitonga

      Finally some indonesian viewers

    6. VanishNincsish

      666555 VIEWS WTF

    7. Jas Gripen

      *Earth-Chan Is NOT Flat!*

    8. VeNoM_ GeO

      Why u have blue eyebrows

    9. Surf 4413

      5:13 Nobody : Anomaly : Potato chips rasa sapi gangbang

    10. Prometheus 00

      Dont fuck with me, you get titangel? it's makes your penis bigger :DDD I'm hungarian BOYYY

    11. Bruh Moment Bruh

      how german stories start 9:49

    12. Bruh Moment Bruh

      special ed kids when coming from hospital to school 5:58

    13. sabastien Williams

      anomaly:what sort of celebration papa: yes!

    14. YugiE


    15. Alldaliy Stuff

      Hi waje you not shou jore feqe

    16. TONYS

      9:44 - Hitler preparing his last meal before killing himself - *1945 colorised*

    17. MogelKaiser187

      7:53 Goaßmaß Tutorial: take a big beerglass (1L) and fill it 3/4 parts with beer (könig ludwig dunkel), add a few shots of cherry liqueur and fill it to to the top with coke. if the foam on top is brown with a little bit of red like women pussy blood then its done. if you are really fucked up you can add a raw egg into the Goaßmaß.... (but that tastes digusting)

    18. Tes tr0

      Anomaly is the perfect person to record with swaggersouls

    19. Bintang Aditya

      Wkwkwkwk im from indonesia not from malaysia

    20. KoldIce


    21. LegendaryDjKiller02


    22. OwenSc


    23. WhenCupFails

      well im romenian

    24. doggo pond

      bru u got some of the worst youtuber you tooz ever

    25. Theo Nilsson

      I love you man not geh

    26. Ailton Rivera

      were is your discord server ?

    27. chicle de papa

      homosex hamburger

    28. TakenD0wned


    29. The blazing trail

      Papa:Now I have 2 Anomaly: what?

    30. QUIXOTIC standoff2

      2:57 *confused screaming*

    31. Mustafa Işık

      *in new fan mail video here's a letter from china *papanomaly: im gonna eat this shit

    32. Žofkajetýpka69 :D

      can i send you something?

    33. Stewie Griffin

      You will get Corona virus after all those thing that you get from China

    34. Miirakk

      3:55 to 4:00 best moment 😂

    35. Niklas Fischer

      In german language "hell" is the opposite of "dunkel"......

    36. HanLink - YouTuber

      Hell = bright = not fkn dark beer

    37. Celina Eva

      Hell means bright

    38. venkicha 07


    39. venkicha 07

      i sent my cat to you so pls save it in your home or i will actually find you and i will come to malta in 3 days so dont disapoint me........YOU FUCKING FINNISH PESANTT!!!

    40. Wolff

      we need someone who send him a dead animal lol

    41. Cleanest Boi

      hell means bright

    42. FuzemW

      As an indonesian, i can confirm those chitatos and indomie can be bought from indonesia for only less than a dollar

    43. Trip

      rasa sapi gangbang

    44. Oliver Clausen

      You've been to china you say? slurping on some bat soup im guessing

    45. Franek Jankowiak

      stop farting

    46. Ahmet Demirel

      now you are a corona virus

    47. boRo987

      4:27 4:50

    48. Hasanli Turan

      9:43 Pewdiepie comes out of Anomaly

    49. Martín Cortés

      Hope u get Coronavirus in the next fan mail

    50. Klarofiaro

      Hell is German and stands for light/bright

    51. High

      Who else in hong kong watches? if its u comment here :) I'm from hong kogn too

    52. Imagine_A_Name

      Yo anomaly try counter bloc again, I heard it got way better

    53. Annoying Dog

      Anomaly farts then blame papa And papa *dies* from pee pee

      1. roouit patan

        3:55 i cracked up laughing for like 10 minutes dude

    54. Cleon

      Package:Shrek Hat.after seeing it.Sherk frog hat

      1. roouit patan

        “I’ve never been this scared in my life” Amnesia gameplay flashbacks

    55. BUll

      Anomaly: goes to china Coronavirus: hello guys its coronavirus from china


      Anomaly opens the box Corona virus: *WELL HELLOOOO*

    57. gtoss chddy

      "They All Sold out in one day" "Papa Bought them all"

    58. Exzo

      Anomaly has da Carona virus he first package came from china

      1. gtoss chddy

        rasa sapi gangbang haha XD

    59. Festivealin


    60. Izzu

      im romanian this is so important this comment 200 likes?