Our First Baby Emergency...

The LaBrant Fam

The LaBrant Fam

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    This was the first time she's ever done this...
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    Publisert 10 måneder siden


    1. jill warren

      Why doesn't Cole have a p on his wrist he has an e and an S for Savannah and everleigh he needs a key for Posey and he needs the initial for the boy's name

    2. ruth Saunders


    3. HoneyLiya & DaylaSlay

      Oof I’m a mega fan

    4. Nathalia Munoz

      the office calls my class room to go

    5. Stephanie Murray

      I love your voice is the channels

    6. Sarina Tenan

      Little pose is so cute

    7. Emily Konopka


    8. Margarita Tejada

      Ya 😎😎😎 cool kid

    9. Mark & Brittany Williams

      Love your channel I'm so sorry for the baby Posey and I hope she gets better 😰😰😰😨😨

    10. Madison Moore


    11. Sarah Dye


    12. tiffany hall

      Hey savanna is Posey doing fine I’m one of your biggest fans get this messages get this message I love

    13. tiffany hall

      Hey 👋🏾 is the day

    14. Sarah Palmer

      That was so funny when Posie put her hand in the other babies face XD

    15. Sarah Palmer

      Your videos r the best!!! They r so cool and I love how u take trips to water parks and stuff and do so much stuff with Everleigh :D btw I LUV Posie this video was like it was my own kid or something Xd. Also I hate the ppl who harass u and hate on u D; ur the best channel ever and the perfect family!

    16. Karolina Regiec

      Your baby posie is very cute

    17. Bella Forever

      Posie looks like my little cusin

    18. Summer Spears

      I watch your videos every day

    19. Summer Spears

      I wish to meet you one day

    20. Summer Spears

      I love your videos I subscribed all of them

    21. Grace Watson

      4:54 you can see posies little mess Cole didn’t notice 😂😂😂she still had a smile on her face though

    22. Angelina M

      I have a few things I need to do

    23. Rose Kim

      Babys grow way too fast 😅🥺😭😢☺️🙂

    24. Charlotte Williams

      I love cops

    25. Asir Mahmood

      Omg I'm not sure if it was

    26. Queenie Athena Padua

      Cole is not everleigh,s father

    27. Christina Gallego

      I love your blog

    28. Paroeshka Van boom

      I LOVE

    29. Hosin Sharifi

      How did posie got an emergency?

    30. Madelyn Motes

      Love your fam

    31. Channing Giddings

      I want to have like I want to see it when your baby gets born like a pregnant baby day and a baby cast and a I want to see you break ever ever leg 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍❤️

    32. Tammy Harrell

      I love your blog and pose

    33. kierall saunders

      I love all of you. From Kiera Saunders

    34. SparklesTheUnicorn Gamer

      I thought she. Was. Bleeding

    35. Chuck Badgley

      Who else thought Posie was bleeding 🩸 🩸 🩸

      1. Lillyana’s Life

        Chuck Badgley me

    36. Chuck Badgley

      I will do 20 hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Ayanda Taune Bob

        Really 👱

    37. Mishcka Equipado

      So cute 2 baby's

    38. Ivanna Rios

      This is them 👫👭

    39. Ivanna Rios

      What happen

    40. Denise Stevenson

      Your so cool

    41. stella amaral

      Ew that was disgusting that happened to my baby cousin when are was like 5 months old I dk it was disgusting

    42. Kylee Libring

      You guys are a beautiful family

      1. Kylee Libring

        I love these people

    43. Slime Queen

      I heard that she said boyfriend

    44. Danyelle Jenkins

      I love your channel to watch me nae nae

    45. Queen Kailee Sparkles

      Is that blood on her

    46. Success Aziza


      1. Success Aziza

        Everleigh is cute

      2. Success Aziza


    47. Tee Jack

      Awww she's so cute.

    48. MoonlightSweetPotato Gachas

      Guys. Is it bad I was 3 pounds 12 ounces as a baby? I was born like... 8 weeks early. How nice.

    49. MoonlightSweetPotato Gachas

      Oh? I remember seeing that car chase on another youtube channel.

    50. Marianne Loran

      Hi I am following you

    51. Natalie Paula

      We got comments on this video!

    52. Roblox Roplay

      I watch ur vid everyday!!!! I love ur channel

    53. Margje Reijnders

      It looked like bleed omg!

    54. Kelsey Lynn Campbell

      When i get checked out im like bye see ya next week

    55. Nazyhia Robinson

      I'm new

    56. Panda Bear

      Cole is so cute

    57. Becky Gamble

      I'm a fan but do y'all get fan mail cuz I don't really know and I'm not sure so and I'm a big fan why you're my favorite NOselr

    58. libby lou burns

      oh it wasnt lol

    59. libby lou burns

      NOWAY that is posie she is so small last time i saw her she was soo big

    60. libby lou burns

      that isnt posie is it ?