Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

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    1. Tina Hagan

      wow you look way better with the beard

    2. MrZocker92

      Im a simple man, i see brian i upvote

    3. taeng maycorn

      Is brian the electrician chris pratts brother?

    4. Lonely Wolf

      Linus needs neck hair maintenance!

    5. Sean Murphy

      Yep they make lock nut wrenches. I've sold them before.

    6. Alejandro Delgado

      So... since the last time I watched a LTT video Linus went through puberty? He sounds different and the beard is a nice change lol

    7. TheKopakah

      What's the point of all this?

    8. ISOHaven

      All that to go an hour. We have two 6U units for double the amount of hardware. If power is out for 5 minutes about 80% of the machines go into shutdown mode. After 15 more minutes everything else going into shutdown mode. They have about 8 minutes to shut down at that point which is more than enough. All the VMs shutdown in less than a minute. If the host hangs up for whatever reason, don't care.

    9. ISOHaven

      Wait...someone blamed someone else for something going wrong? Nah, never happens.

    10. Júnio Paschoal

      FUCK! For a minute a thought that I was stuck in a “so many cookies” universe

    11. DJ ArcForce

      I love that subtle FU to Eaton at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> lol. I'm no expert on these things but the investigation details we're given in this video lead me to believe this was 100% Eaton's fault.

    12. gpgtp920

      Does Linus' voice get deeper with beard length?

    13. Shaul Eisenberg

      Eaton: it's all your fault also Eaton: we have better fasteners and twice the fans now

    14. Bitman

      this is hilarious. ad with linus for remote monitoring and servers catching a fire... You're a joke, dude

    15. Shaul Eisenberg

      we made extra clearance behind the unit! now let's fill it with bins...

    16. WORLD


    17. Alex G

      Linus need to start wearing steeltoes while working on heavy parts like batteries and server

    18. jurgen bussche

      URGENT send Linus some testosterone so that he looks male . the beard looks a lame attempt

    19. XZII

      Why did I get a ad about Linus and his office ahahaha

    20. Max

      "That's you with a tool, Linus." "Well yeah i didn't want to host the video myself." What a sick burn

    21. JPSH

      $30,000 and you could pay off my entire student loans of 8 years of community college! It would really mean a lot to me to be free from debt. I have mental health provable on request. I take PayPal please! 🤔💵

    22. Robert Rizzo

      Linus looks great with a beard! 😍

    23. Trooper ThatsAll

      Your issue is in the termination of the lugs to busbar --As someone who worked on huge systems we always use shakeproof washers with spring and flat washers and fastened with locking nuts - as mentioned the buzz bars can vibrate under load and can loosen nuts. It's often argued "you don't need shake proof with locking nuts" redundancy is the reply. If you skimp on them you can invite failure, I've seen electrical fires and with UPS fails such as these, I can tell you that compaq units failed like these due to installation issues identical too this {this was back in late 90's} and this was down to termination. ~trooper

    24. Fignasty

      why does he haave a server room? whats he running?

    25. Motomo

      Servers for what tho?

    26. Josh Bosley

      The Canadian accent is THICK on that electrician and I love it

    27. Aceoyame

      I love Linus but some of the server room stuff makes me cringe with my being a sysadmin and running out datacenter. It'd be nice to see some more best practices applied in that area

    28. ExWEIMan

      Let me get this straight. Your livelihood depends on your NOsel channel which depends on the reliable operation of your server installation and you did nothing to protect it?! At a minimum you should conduct annual infrared surveys and equip the room with fire detectors (smoke sensing type) connected to a central station. This looks like a come to Jesus moment.

    29. Brayden Smith

      I didn't see the word "room" in the title. Thought there was going to be a screaming waitress lmao

    30. oxnan

      I got a pulseway add before the video :D Linus is in it xD

    31. Robust Gaming

      Yo! He's grown that quarantine daddy hair! Looking good! LOL

    32. sweaty sweat pants

      A solar inverter with generator/charger input and batteries would have cost less than a quarter of that thing for the same capacity.

    33. YNG1

      Just curious and to understand. but why would you spend that much on a ups when you could get a generator, and just tie the generator to the server room?

    34. Marco R.

      And yet, you bought Eaton again. I bet it's gonna burn again.

    35. Vax

      Secure locked server room with magnetic doors anyone can open

    36. roboidiot

      I'm looking at the tiny space for the UPS and random insulation batting, and SMH.

    37. Mike Dancy

      Or.. you can goto Vancouver Island where I have a warehouse filled with Canadas largest stocking supply of used / new networking components.. just saying.

    38. Syed Ali Shan

      why not solar?

    39. GK_2012

      I use the top of the UPOW

    40. vivstherockstar

      I was stupid to think there would be one video without a sponsor 😂

    41. Pixel Dude


    42. 70 Roadrunner

      An Outback Radeon solar inverter setup with a few solar panels on the roof would have cost about the same or less and you could have gotten a renewable power credit that would have covered half the cost.. Everything runs off commercial power until a drop out or brown out then it auto switches to the inverter backup and sends me a status text if there is a change.. I can also check the status from a web browser and get full control over the system.. I have less then $10k into this system that can provide 40 amps at 240 volts for 6 hours continuous and if there is sunshine all day plus the 6 hours.. Added a gasoline 4800 watt 240 volt generator that will give me even longer extended running time.. Eaton should be sued because arc fault breakers are required on all inverters over 1500va and if they were there you would not have suffered the catastrophic failure.. We have just 1 HP ProLiant server and a dozen or so devices so I have the 2 furnaces and some light circuits and a refrigerator connected to it as well..

    43. KC 74

      Where gets the little Serverroom Air from? Way is there no soundpads on the back on the magnetic door🙂

    44. DietzenDev

      Brian is awesome, put him in more videos!

    45. Steve Patak

      Loose connection = arcing. Arcing = Carbon build-up. Carbon build-up = resistance. Resistance = heat. Repeat until heat generated is greater than heat resistance of nearby materials.

    46. Ryan Allmaras

      You sound different Linus

    47. Josef Mengele


    48. mercster

      I wonder if Linus ever feels ashamed of showing such amateur IT work.

    49. Ludwig Van Beethoven

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">00:26</a> My uncle.

    50. Gamers' Section

      Build me glass-obsidian PC 😂😂💙😭😭

    51. Miền Trung VN

      Thanks for sharing this. Quite new and interesting.

    52. Ahmad Akiff

      Your beard grow very fast bruh

    53. Maud Ball

      shrtlink.ca/278youngxxxvideos ඉව්ස් Kramer පානය scalding කෝපි බැල්කනි

    54. Dr Egyptian

      Linus looks better with a beard

    55. tony2000and10

      a little more meat and age and linus'll look like Joel from TLOU

    56. Xaryi

      Still cheaper than a red camera

    57. techie number1

      arking can be stopped by silicone gel to prevent that from happening we use it and we have had no arking

    58. Nigel YING

      i left my speakers on at max volume and it suddenly went BRIAN THE ELECTRICIAN

    59. Nocturnal RS

      The big dude just assumes he has the heavy side, it's just unsaid etiquette.

    60. OnBoard

      Heavy duty metal locked door.. ..and now we got 2 big magnet doors easily removable for access :P

    61. KUYA KEVIN

      where do you use these servers?

    62. Ashik K

      Why dont you just use AWS?

    63. Chandster

      I guess that makes the 2017 April Fools "SERVER ROOM CAUGHT ON FIRE" video not such a joke now, huh? 😂

    64. rrobotman

      Hmm doesn’t look like installer error to me, if the vendor requires specific checks then they are documented in the installation guide / installation checklist OR installation is provided as part of the sale in every case by company certified installers AND specific training also vendor provided is required for all installers or the warranty and service plan is invalid.

    65. Hawrtz

      Linux : dont broke it. Also Linux : Lets broke it before we instal it with hitting them first.

    66. Ren Nagata

      TIL that Eaton doesnt just make superchargers

    67. Gabriel Marmolejo

      Brian is a snacc

    68. Aiden Vlogs

      Me: switches to 1080p My internet: no you ain’t

    69. LuckyTrash

      gosh have u slept last night lol?

    70. Serpher

      I am not the only one that LOVES Linus' server videos.

    71. doel89

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a> prefectly explains LTT

    72. Asian Ramen

      Another one for 2020

    73. TexasGTO

      Thank you for keeping the beard. It fits surprisingly well.

    74. Angel Hernandez

      Our Server Room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained **TURNS SEXUAL**

    75. He D

      You need apple wheels to move that thing😅

    76. Posi Cat

      Beard looks good!

    77. leedogification

      Came to watch tech, bought a rug.....

    78. nsontaro

      First the beard, now the deep voice? Linus growing up quick

    79. WaveArsenal

      Crazy Mountain Man Linus is really kicking it up a notch.

    80. Rizz

      Your comment section is a magnet for stupidity and people trying to talk about stuff they know nothing about.