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    Who else could replicate and gourmet-ize everybody's favorite chocolaty, caramely and nougaty candy bar other than our very own Claire Saffitz? Join her in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Milky Way bars.
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Milky Way Bars | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

    Publisert 5 måneder siden


    1. Hamish DONNELLY

      posted on my bday

    2. Michael Lasfetto

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="705">11:45</a> Glad to know that I have not binged so many episodes that they're all blending together.

    3. Robin Blanton

      Claire: I think this is going to be pretty easy Me: *sees how long this video is* Me: oh girl

    4. Eleanore Pavelle

      When Chris was saying it's like its own greater galaxy I was thinking it could be called an "Andromeda Bar" after the Andromeda Galaxy, which is larger than the Milky Way (i think? lmao) :D

    5. Joseph

      so the us milky way is a uk mars bar

    6. An Ra

      I hate mw

    7. GoldiiLockss06

      Whats the difference between milky way and mars

    8. C.C. ORR

      I’m not angry Just disappointed

    9. Cassy T.B.

      Do nerds!

    10. lasagna 4layf

      Claire your Snickers nougat looked pretty airy, but when you made it, you were badly sick, so you did not remember much of it and just scrapped everything out.

    11. No other Like my own skin

      Could you make? Gourmet Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars Raspberry Blueberry Lemon + 2 aditional Flavors When you're able to.

    12. potato bunny

      MilkyWay is True Neutral

    13. Robert Daugherty

      It melts in your mouth...and in your hands😉

    14. Blue Square

      Claire made an Andromeda bar

    15. Blue Square

      Claire and Brad make my days brighter

    16. A Person


    17. Moconnor834

      "Don't try and make me have fun" Me during quarantine...

    18. A. Bookmonkey

      Did Claire’s grey streak get smaller?

    19. Luna 333

      Your American Milky Way = 🇨🇦 Mars Bar in Canada. (No Milky Way) 🤔 If you have a Mars, what does it look like?

    20. ark lu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1341">22:21</a>

    21. 56hsc

      Can Claire please make a Tunnocks tea cake?

    22. E K


    23. Mandar Pund

      Brad, I get you.

    24. croguy

      Brad is like Claire’s emotional support animal.

    25. Sara Hudon

      So milkway is just a American version of a Mars?

    26. Jessica Hursh

      I'm a little sad that she had the midnight milkyways but didn't address them. They are almost a totally different candy bar flavor wise and I like them much better than the original. The original is middle of the line, take it or leave it. The midnight are the ones I grab first so no one else takes them.

      1. SplitDecision

        👍🏻👍🏻 agreed!!

    27. Kayleigh Hayden

      I’m already thrown cause In the uk a Milky Way is just nougat, and a Mars is Nougat and caramel

    28. india.barrow

      I love Dan !

    29. the gay tree

      In the Netherlands Milkyway is just nougat and chocolate, no caramel. Mars is a milkyway with caramel. Milkyway is my favorite candybar

    30. Extruss _

      I love the way that Chris channelled Brad with the towel toss.

    31. Taylor

      I feel like Claire deserves a new series... she always seems so drained after making these :/

    32. Riley Johnson

      Where are they I’m sure it’s the US the reason I’m confused is because when she read about the mars bar she acted like she didn’t know that there are three separate bars, mars bars, three musketeers, and milky ways

    33. Julia Jaskowska

      I love Claire's laugh

    34. Julia Jaskowska

      I love Brad, Delaney and Chris so much

    35. Tania S

      Brads hot

    36. Relapse.Reuse.Recycle

      What FLAVOR of Yerba Mate was it though....

    37. SwiftTelly20

      That's a Mars bar to me. I had an American milky way, and it's not 100% a mars bar, but it's very similar. I can't have either now anyway cuz of the soya in them [I'm intolerant to them]. I love watching Claire do these. The vids are long, but it's never dull or uninteresting.

    38. fabuluv

      Now that I'm older I wont est chocolate unless its Lindt or Ghirardelli...

    39. Scott McFaul

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1048">17:28</a> "'scuse me 'scuse me 'scuse me" I felt that

    40. Mike Hall

      Milky Way is the best candy bar of all time. I feel personally attacked.

    41. Charlotte Rotenberg

      I love these videos but why do you guys always buy a ton of the product that is being recreated?

    42. Steffani Xoom

      I just want to know if absolutely YEETING the butter in there is an essential step of nougat-making

    43. anastasia

      They are completely different in russia

    44. Flowfell

      I was really confused for a second but then i realised as she explained it was a mars bar, in the uk we have a mars bar which is your milky way bar and then we have a milky way bar which is just nougat inside chocolate

    45. Shannon McCluskey

      i fast forwarded her laugh and it was so cute and funny

    46. Mina Hicks

      Every thing is gabbys favorite

    47. Bailey Storey

      The "It's gonna be O.K." sticker on the calendar behind Claire as she researches the Milky Way bars is very on brand.

    48. Alexandria Galloway

      Anyone else look thumb nail and think wtf are they. They are not what I know to be a milky way that is a Mars bar milky ways dont have caramel!!!!!!

    49. Alaska Girl

      Blasphemy Claire! There is NO such thing as to much caramel 😉😁😋

    50. Ghost 3

      Love Gaby

    51. Dapoptart

      The Milky Way in America is the mars in Germany. The Milky Way in Germany is sooooo much better

    52. Goodengelt


    53. Michael Sear

      Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score: **Palm Oil: 22** No Palm Oil: 10

    54. Aria Frehner

      Claire is like the gateway drug into the BA test kitchen

    55. Aria Frehner

      Claire is like the gateway drug into the BA test kitchen

    56. Patricia A Bell

      Claire's laugh is adorable! I confess I mostly watch gourmet makes to see her triumph over insurmountable odds, and her giggle in the face of troubles!

    57. Lucie Burns

      So if the Milky Way I know is a Three Musketeer in the US, and a US Milky Way is UK Mars, what is a US Mars bar?

    58. Nuts Mc Flurry

      The woman is adorable...... sigh

    59. Cazadoo nske

      Milky way in UK has no caramel and therefore tastes much lighter

    60. user r

      Can she make in depth recipe videos like the pop tarts but step by step to follow along 🥺

    61. Penny Goodhand

      Gourmet Diam bars would be awesome! Not sure if its a thing in the states, but in the UK its hard caramel in chocolate? So good!

    62. Callie Alvarez

      What would have happened to stretchy Nougat #5 if it was pulled like taffy? Would it have fluffed up?

    63. hasan banoon

      I really loved the MARS bar but hate the three musketeers bar. Shocked to hear that they're similar.

    64. olivia jennings

      Brad would be that cousin that you only see at family events and spend the whole time with him because you don’t like anyone else

    65. Megat Ismail

      After watching Chris and Brad make Andes mints then watching this, I understand what Chris meant when he said Claire makes things harder for herself on purpose

    66. QueenB

      Wait the us milky ways has caramel in it? Thats called Mars??

      1. QueenB


    67. QueenB

      Wow the packaging is very different in the us

    68. QueenB


    69. Sam Operchuck

      Claire: I dont think this is going to be that hard. Me: glancing at the video length of 40 minutes

    70. ZstringsandKeys

      Everytime she says "it won't be that hard", I check the time stamp

    71. Daniella Binch

      Your milky ways look so much better than the UK version!!!

    72. Iswa M

      I would love to see Claire try to do a Bounty Bar ( they're good okay! )

    73. Knightzy

      I’d really like to see you make Charleston chews

    74. Peyton Grey

      Can we please see one (or more) of the following 1.Gogo cluster 2.Moon pies (original) 3. Any classic ice cream truck ice cream 4.Sugar daddies/babies 6. Those Carmel thingys with powder sugar cream (I hope ppl know what I’m talking abt) 7.A Starbucks drink

    75. Peyton Grey

      Fun fact Milky ways were meant to be 3 musketeers and 3 musketeers were meant to be milky ways but they messed up the packing in the beginning and just went with it

    76. roni boi

      Everyone turning down Brad’s offer of apples and caramel at the end was so funny to me, it’s such a little brother thing oml

    77. Kieran Campire

      As a photographer, that lighting as the sun was setting D':

    78. Ouci Ma

      what does molly do on her period?

    79. JB Jacobs

      "Hola!"I love you, Brad.

    80. joakimkr

      Claire's "don't try to make me have fun" is such a mood