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    While we have a list of ingredients, nobody really knows how Combos are made. There is little to no information about Combos on the internet, which begs the question: what are they hiding? But not to worry, pastry chef Claire Saffitz is on the case! Join her as she attempts to unpack this mystery and make gourmet Combos!
    *The Washing Soda used in this recipe is not recommended for general regular consumption*
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Combos | Bon Appétit


    1. Willa Meloth that spike tape

    2. JenaBeauty xoxo

      I would love to see Claire make a gourmet krabby patty candy😂

    3. James Pedid

      I kind of feel like they need to add a little electronic version of claire at the bottom of the screen with pastry-themed quips. It can be called the eclaire

    4. gula-gula getah sabah

      Chris bites in for the *C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER*

    5. Zainab Al-Bahadli

      Pizza combos are one of my favorite snacks!!! Viva la combo!!! They're so underrated !

    6. Christina Jones

      Why does she dress like my grandma tho 🤨

    7. below.average

      why is Claire like the cutest human being on this planet

    8. Asdfg Hjkl

      Who’s watching this while eating combos? 🙋🏻‍♀️

    9. Georgina Kelly

      this has to be one of her best accomplishments

    10. Kim B, that's me

      What is that puzzle/toy they were playing with?

    11. Kim B, that's me

      Why did I think Combos were bigger made out of a thicker cake tube that is filled with icing/frosting - (diameter is like 2/3 cake and 1/3 icing? and since they aren't, what the heck am I thinking of? Does it exist? **confused**

    12. Alex Sparks-Bakota

      you should a day where claire tries to remake all of her foods in the gourmet series

    13. Alex Sparks-Bakota

      “it’s just that next level where i would be like, ‘f*ck it, it’s gonna have a flat bottom, but we all can imagine what it would look like without the flat bottom...’”

    14. pennypals15

      all these episodes teach me is just how much crap is added to American food

    15. Crazy2148 _

      I walked into my kitchen while watching this to find combos on my counter.... your welcome

    16. fiona cabral

      I love it when she gets organized

    17. Jessica Lusthouse

      Claire make international snacks! Please represent our people and make Bisli or Bamba!

    18. TomoyaKun100

      I actually want to make these in the summer at some point

    19. Holly Jones

      Gardettos! Claire I want to know how gardettos are made. They are my favorite snack food

    20. Jerry Hill

      Gourmet nerds rope

    21. Renna Earp

      pirates bootyyyyyy

    22. Lyssa Reynolds

      I want to see her make nutter butters

    23. CMT777

      I have never heard of Combos

    24. HyperLoop 555

      The sound is low on this video,and several others produced around the same time.

    25. Erin Richardson

      I literally got a soap ad done by ba in the middle of this video

    26. Aureiria

      I have never had or even heard of Combos before and now I would actually die to try them

    27. 김젠

      I have never heard of combos.

    28. Josefina Ewins

      what’s the wooden thing that they were playing with? I want one

    29. Myra Groenewegen

      I'm confused. Why was there some question about if it was okay to eat the baking-soda-not-washed-off-first cracker-tubes they sound like they think eating them might cause mild illness or something. Is there some question as to whether they're food-safe? Why would there be? Maybe I'm misinterpreting.

    30. Riley S

      “I’ll kind of smoothly sail the ship into the port in day 3” says Claire when there’s still 16 minutes left of the video

    31. Freja Warburton

      please please plllllease make Cadbury mini eggs the ones with the pastel colours

    32. Sam Ali

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="882">14:42</a> the edit says “use honey instead of water” but I think they meant use honey instead of sugar

    33. Jayden Worth

      "I don't know why you do this to yourself Claire, they sell them in STORES!" - John Oliver.

    34. Lav Mohabir

      Claire: Remind me to not touch the baking soda after baking. Also claire: immediately touches the baked baking soda. good thing she asked for a reminder. :D

    35. Catherine Alcorn

      Omg You were in John Oliver he made a reference to you

    36. Ava Ojs

      You should make Chex mix

    37. Baby Bokchoy

      What was that toy?!!

    38. I Yu

      Chris Morocco in a sweatshirt? *chefs kiss*

    39. kill me

      ...claire graduated in harvard university with a degree in history and now shes stressing over manufactured snacks

    40. shantanu panda

      Sodium bicarbonate decomposes to sodium carbonate, which is more alkaline. If the coating wasn't rinsed I think the NaCO3 might've reacted with the organic compounds in the dough to make sodium carbide derivatives with esters and carboxylic acids I guess.

    41. Stay Trill

      Chris even browses his phone like an ahole.

    42. cherry blossom

      I'm kinda wondering how frustrated Gordon Ramsay would be trying to do something like this.

    43. xxSkyLoverxxHolla

      I kind of wish she remade it with the wash to see which tasted better? But yay for Claire nailing it.

    44. xxSkyLoverxxHolla

      Chris is wearing a hoodie

    45. Corrinne Ford

      Cookie Crisp. Cocoa Puffs. Capt crunch. Barbecue potato chips.

    46. BeauBeau Kitty

      Ohh gheez I Love pizza flavored Combo’s. Nothing good for the environment nor biodiversity about All these palm oil ingredients God have mercy on the Biodiversity within Indonesia and Malaysia you should have either used a meat grinder to form the combo cylinders or maybe a pasta extruder baking soda only lowers your stomach acid ph and there is a consumption limit for 24 hours that’s acceptable as safe limits

    47. John Daryl Ocampo

      Ive LITERALLY NEVER HEARD OF THESE.... I'm not surprised there's no info on the internet

    48. Event Horizon

      She's soooo totally motivated. Wow. /irony off

    49. Toby

      Beware clouds of poisonous gasses 😂

    50. Bethany Baker

      Bugles next please!

    51. Memphis. Methods

      what were they playing with?

    52. Ronald Willemsen

      Claire is soo cute!!!!!

    53. Alexis Outten

      I wanna see claire make hot fries. Not hot cheetos but hot fries

    54. andie

      combos look and taste like dog food

    55. Jack Angelo

      god thank you for the captions

    56. Andrea S

      Finally an episode where Claire’s soul wasn’t crushed by the weight of the assignment!! Lol

    57. Reem Abdelhameed

      What's Carla's job now cuz ik that Chris got promoted to the position that she had

    58. Reem Abdelhameed

      "add honey instead of water"?

    59. Anna-Maria Schweiger

      Gourmet kinder bueno please 😍

    60. skilyr barker

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="889">14:49</a> it says use honey instead of water it’s supposed to be use honey instead of sugar

    61. Mark Schwader

      Andy: I have no idea what these are I feel you Andy.

    62. Richard

      "This one is UNGNHGH. Now I hate it."

    63. Richard


    64. mustardmeg

      PLEEEEEASE can we have a Delany NOsel series? He has such a good energy and is so comfortable in front of the camera, I want to see more of him

      1. Hana Elisabeth

        He has, tho.

    65. Rolfathan

      I have never heard someone still sound so pleasant while being frustrated.

    66. _eqhemeral

      maybe peanut butter cheese crackers? the unnaturally orange ones that everyone packed for lunch?

    67. Ciabattabuns

      lol someone was trolling Claire on that forum about the caulk guns

    68. Bre Christine

      I loveeee these

    69. Ben Niemann

      Please add episodes of this where other BA chefs have to try making the gourmet version of something Claire picks for them as a challenge

    70. mystic blue

      Make fritos

    71. TheDeadPoet

      John Oliver brought me here.

    72. Amy Murphy


    73. Nia’s Purpose

      Now we see how the order of adding ingredients in the way is important

    74. Rman Nayr


    75. Rman Nayr


    76. britomartbee

      "I am concerned about the lack of information transparency around Combos on the internet" ~ Claire The-Hero-We-Need Saffitz, February 2020

    77. GaleightheRogue

      So she made an actually edible version of the worst gas station snack of all time. That's kinda awesome.

    78. noah lawrence

      i like the pizza flavor

    79. shani machlis

      I want to see Claire make gourmet little bites please please please pretty pretty please

    80. Shani Machlis

      i want to see Claire make gourmet little bites