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    If Chris is the undisputed Test Kitchen super-taster, then Gaby is easily the jelly bean super-taster. Seriously, how did she guess Dr. Pepper? Impossible! Anyway, join pastry chef (and can we call her The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon co-host?) Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans. This episode is 48 minutes long, so grab a stress ball and tuck in.
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

    Publisert 4 måneder siden


    1. Bottomsup

      "This is never making it into the video." And yet, here we are.

    2. kate

      who washes all the dishes in the test kitchen? i’ve been think about this for a good week now

    3. TheRedQueensChamber

      OMG !! Claire, what are you doing! Your telling me that nowhere in the not so bon, Bon Appetit system do you have a master chocolatier that can offer support?? Me being a chocolatier watched mistake after tragedy after complete failure! You folks need to step back and do some re-evaluations on your system. A facility as huge as BA has no support system other than yelling -- HEY CHUCK across a room ???

    4. Lana Fruto

      Claire in this episode is like the only sister in a family of brothers

    5. LunamSol

      I love Gaby so much haha shes so precious

    6. Lük M

      I love rick

    7. Syifa Nafisa


    8. Kriss Patrick

      nobody: Claire: 𝒃𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅 𝒕𝒆𝒂

    9. Daniel Wang

      Buttered popcorn is the laughing stock of jelly beans

    10. Dmetrius Cicchitto

      Who else has a mini anxiety attack every time they hear that alarm in the background

    11. Julie Srail

      Honestly all of these comments are just so wholesome, they make me feel happy :)

    12. Jörg Plate

      "artisan jelly bean: $35/piece"

    13. Bl4ckread

      Why are all the men in the kitchen such show-offs in her vicinity? Are they all trying to bed her or something?

    14. Jason Y

      Oy, the beeswax. I groaned because the coating on jelly beans isn't wax, it's a sugar compound, and then the thinnest gloss of wax on rubbed/tumbled on top of that just to make it shine. Otherwise you're just eating a candle.

    15. Hipster Shrek

      Claire seems so friggin happy and im living for it.

    16. GwazaJuse

      i had to pause this video because claire explained using the concept of Social Capital and I was overcome

    17. Michael Lasfetto

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2600">43:20</a> Poor Alex. :(

    18. A Greenwell

      Claire making bread tea is extremely cursed

    19. Oindrila Sarkar

      I love how Rick is kinda like a superweapon in the test kitchen, just like - "Claire might be going insane again" "Is it time to bring out The Rick?" "It's time to bring out *The Rick* "

    20. Jumbo Flamingo

      Rick is the dad of the room

    21. Hailey Elizabeth

      the background of these videos are 20% people cooking and 80% people standing in groups having random meetings while tasting food

    22. Ben

      Claire has a great butt

    23. Jess the Valiant

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a>"hey delany" "hey claire saffitz" is the.... the cutest thing.....

    24. Owen Pham

      Is wax edible

    25. treemantheo

      Love this show, but these Jelly Bean flavors are like... Bertie Bott's Beans... how are there people who not only like buttered popcorn flavor but think it's one of the BEST?? Ick!

    26. muadhnate

      Banana flavored candy is the best candy!

    27. Magicpony

      In every one of these she starts off all excited and we just watch her slowly descend into insanity.

    28. Donald Clark


    29. Justin Corley

      That small person is adorable ❤️

    30. Usual Weirdo

      Gimbal's are so much better than Jelly Belly

    31. Leonie Will

      when I say KAM 2020 I'm not talking about Chris, Brad, and Delaney

    32. Olgierd T.

      Noooo.... banana is best.

    33. latenight cashews

      after watching this episode, i just wanna know claire's natal chart. lmao.

    34. 16BitOG

      she looks so stressed... maybe do less challenging recipes? poor claire...

    35. lee gee

      What are doing this for

    36. lee gee

      Can you just please stop saying Jelly belly

    37. Laura Pommier

      I'm waiting for one of these episodes when Claire is really struggling and at the end when she says, "here's how you make gourmet ____", it just cuts to a black screen with a giant DON'T for a few seconds, then the video ends.

    38. Sarah Sprenger

      omg Claire says 'we don't say burned around here' so that's why Chris always says that there is a bit too much flavour development when something is a bit too dark

    39. it’s alexa!!!

      rhoda is really the gourmet makes therapist

    40. Katie O'Meara

      The next time I’m down and need to feel happy again, I’m going to think of Claire doing her best, drinking coffee in a cup hidden in a jelly bean container.

    41. Oliver Bitch

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2596">43:16</a> that seemed... way too real. Like, genuine tension and Delaney kinda seemed hurt...

    42. dlh975

      Gabby's adorable

    43. Kevin Briatico

      I'm so proud of Claire for never giving up and actually trying her best or starting over even if it was painful.

    44. Dupouy

      You can see Claire age in this episode

    45. Jackie

      Just a comment to recognize that literally every time Gaby is on camera she is a genuine ray of f-ing sunshine. We need more Gaby

    46. Bernhard Rohrer

      Is it me or is this show abusive of Claire?

      1. Nitewulf

        It's just you.

    47. Anime_girl 1717

      *Brad is the Julien solomita of Cooking*

    48. Taylor

      Rick is a saviour!!!

    49. Josephyn Jose

      I love how everybody loves Claire, throwing teeny tiny tantrums. It’s like she is everyone’s smart little sister.

    50. Maximiliane Bauer

      A sentence that can easily be said by Claire and a Drugdealer? „How much do we think is a gram?“

    51. H Shan Liu

      Claire never tested the beans on Gaby's pooping sheep!!

      1. H Shan Liu

        @Nitewulf Oh! I didn't see haha

      2. Nitewulf

        They literally did at the end?

    52. meinzingera

      My heart when she eliminates banana

    53. Hope Roberts

      Claire is a virgo queen and this video proves it

    54. Gabriel Padilla

      If i ever get that wish where you have 5 people your would have to dinner, Claire Delaney will be one of my guest.

    55. outshriek

      okay but how did they get the shot that looked like it was in the rock tumbler

    56. rhs010

      I feeling like it might’ve been easier to just let the filling set longer and mold it into a bean shape by hand.

    57. erinwalts27

      I loved the berry jelly belly when I was a kid and was never aware that people disliked them until this video?? am I the only one??

    58. Fulguro Geek

      Why buying a bag of jelly beans when you can take 13 days to make 20 beans. Amazing vidéo still i love this series so much hahahaha

    59. Fulguro Geek

      I Love Clair! Always great vidéo!

    60. Candy Toast

      The fruit flavours are the best ones.

    61. Delaney Kuric

      Nowadays when Claire says “now for my favorite part, reading the ingredients” it sounds like someone has a gun to her head forcing her to say it’s her favorite lmao

    62. *p e r h a p s *

      is everyone gonna ignore the fact that they said there is no good banana candy when banana is the best flavor of laughy taffy? *just my opinion*

      1. *p e r h a p s *

        Lena Palladino lol glad someone agrees!

      2. Lena Palladino

        literally same tho

    63. TCarabuena

      can u try make jaw breakers

    64. Patrice Boivin

      The Harry Potter ones were sold in the 1990s, they had some weird flavours like grass, booger, vomit, ...

    65. Steffani Xoom

      Rick Martinez really won my heart by the end of this episode, I gotta say

    66. Jay Blayk133

      Maple syrup?? What does french toast mean over there?? Here in the UK french toast is bread soaked in eggs and fried in a pan 🤔

      1. Lena Palladino

        Blayk 133 it’s the same in america 😂

    67. h dz

      i dont see people appreciating rick enough in the comments i want a friend like him!

    68. Kimi Smith

      Um....banana laffy taffy and banana runts are literally THE BEST ones. Common now.

    69. Erika Feb Olar

      claire: rick is a real friend delaney, coming to check up on claire every hour: 😶

    70. someone random

      It rlly hurt my feelings when she did Delaney and Brad so dirty and treated Rhoda and Rick like they were her only friends in the world I know she was stressed but thats no reason to be snippy when people are trying to cheer you up

    71. Marc

      Delaney.... We don't deserve you

    72. Moosifer

      I wouldnt be able to eat these. I just dont trust jelly belly after beanboozled. Jeez I remember me and my friends doing the worst ones and challenging ourselves to not gag/puke, I just cant look at jelly beans the same after that

      1. Moosifer

        @Lena Palladino Maybe they werent to you, but flavour is different for everyone.

      2. Lena Palladino

        Moosifer they weren’t that bad lmaoo

    73. Eric Fouch

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sacrifice Queen Sindel has made, to entertain us? Claire is awesome.

    74. Anthony Lombardi

      MAKE A COW TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    75. Susie Yao

      liking this for Gabi! you're so cute!

    76. Misa Honeybee

      I felt so bad when she said " can I help you?" and he said " I guess not"

    77. GPSjammer

      Delaney catching the jelly bean made this video

    78. Raul Gabriel Miranda

      Why do they all drink out of big plastic cup containers? I'm wondering if that's a test kitchen rule.

      1. Raul Gabriel Miranda

        As soon as I posted this question, they appear with coffee cups lol

    79. Kay P

      Excuse me! Banana laffy taffies and Now or Laters are the best ones! Fake banana flavoring rules!!!

    80. Molly McIntosh

      I was so stressed for Claire in this one! Rick and Rhoda are heroes 💚