Pawn Stars: 20 SUPER RARE HIGH VALUE ITEMS | History

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

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    Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars starting May 11th, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at
    Rick, Corey and Chumlee check out some of the rarest items ever brought into the Pawn Shop, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars

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    1. Pawn Stars

      Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars starting May 11th, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

      1. buyr13

        Tennyson Schreiber lo

      2. ZZ ZZ


      3. Rascal

        Another crap reality show. Programming for the braindead. It has been proven to be fake like all the other reality TV shows.

      4. ThunderHaven AE

        1:24:45 This dude really needs $500,000, so in other words, in a mess with some shady characters, you can really see the fear in his face.

      5. XxReaperxX08 l

        Pawn Stars Yall are so Cool

    2. raspira

      Will willis ya right thats tim Kenedy obviously lol

    3. Begin _Gaming

      Ik these guys are trying to make more money from their trades than they pay for it but they put the worst deals like ever.

    4. Elijah Price

      I can't get over the fact that he keeps on calling it "Bubah Fett". Like, seriously! You call yourself a Star Wars Fan?

    5. Jans Port

      Purple gem

    6. captfalconXX

      I'd pay $500 + shipping with a thank you note without a second thought.

    7. Leif Leoden

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3013">50:13</a> "Ricks offer is bargain basement pricing..." Yeah, it's a Pawn Shop, that's what they do. That's been their business model since medieval times.

    8. Frank

      the book lady lowkey cute...

    9. Steven Paszkowski

      They got whatever done to their teeth and now they sound weird

    10. lincoln ogumede

      Rick with makeup on for a fake black eye

    11. Sonia Fierro

      he is so greaty

    12. Garrett Smith

      1962 was before Vietnam got very big for the US. That was in 1965 that that happened.

    13. Mulepick

      My brother got that for Xmas in the early 60s and I got a mortar.

    14. Charming nowhere to hide

      I’m getting in contact with my guy that specializes in what.

    15. John Davis

      pawn shops NeVER pay even half what the item is valued at, and usually try to get it for 10%.

    16. Stephen Vergopoulos

      Rick: Never seen one of these before...but I've seen em sell for 99cents...lemme call in a buddy

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Rick if he shot corey instead and he came out with a black eye like that Rick: ITS FAKE!!

    17. David Morrow

      Uber nerd cool am weak I love this show

    18. Nicholas Ordish

      that toy at the start just seems kinda curved is it not suppose to be straight? "this is real nice condition"

    19. Jhames Cejuela

      The specialist in 2nd video is from forged in fire?? Am I right?

    20. george waite


    21. The Mandalorian

      I wonder if they’re actually friends with the people who specialize in very specific stuff

    22. Chris

      I now love Cory for that headshot!

    23. Cole Goddard

      Guy: I got a nazi anigma Rick: AlrIgHT LeMMe cALl mY BudDy Also Rick: calls Hitler

    24. Creations

      the people selling their items frustrate me.

    25. Cole Goddard

      Well the owner is kinda to blame cause he's the one who gave the dumbass the toy 😂

    26. Rasiffy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a> omfg

    27. Lube Man

      guy with the napoleon signature said "ill just let it sit in my basement for another 200 years and see if uts value goes up" gl with that bro

    28. positive pete

      Fakest black eye I've ever seen in my life

    29. dj music

      Comeon Rick atleast be reasonable 😂😂

    30. thefrankiepalmeri

      Why was his wife making him sell the bike? I don't get it.

    31. Weather Fan 58

      Rick if he shot corey instead and he came out with a black eye like that Rick: ITS FAKE!!

    32. Tom Larson

      They should call a guy they know to check if that black eye is legit.

    33. 888 lovechrist

      Its make up...

    34. arkansasarrowhunter

      dam I'd give a thousand for it just because it shot rick in the

    35. Cassie

      Client: “I have with me here the winning ticket to this year’s Powerball lottery” Rick: “The best I can offer is this potato I have on me and even then I’m just barely breaking even

    36. John Faversham

      When “we” deciphered the Enigma? You mean the Polish and the British.

      1. Cassie

        He just tell what price the guy expect to the « expert » so he goes slightly under and then they start to negotiate, that’s it 100 % of the time on original items lol

    37. Micky Kittl

      What I don’t get. Why waste someone’s time calling an expert when from the get go you have no Interest and idea of the item (i.e- the Pokémon ) Edit : hope the guy sold the cards to the ‘expert’

    38. Cirkustanz

      Chumlee and the care bear lady totally got it on.

    39. Balsy Prick

      Should have bought the pokemon collection

    40. kbforme

      Ive got a buddy that does great fake black eyes.

    41. Mr. Midnight

      *I tHiNk I’lL hAvE tO cAlL mY bUdDy On ThAt*

    42. Poe

      Lol@rick's eye

    43. TheBestMovieAlive

      The guy with the silver dollar said he found the coin in a box so clearly he just ran across it, but after hearing the expert and not getting 15k , he changes his mind and now won't sell it. What a chump.

    44. TheBestMovieAlive

      The guy with the pokemon cards should have sold those cards years ago.

    45. TheBestMovieAlive

      I have Jesus Christ's crown of thorns he wore during his Crucifixion and still has his DNA on it so you can find out a lot of new info about him. Rick: Allahu Akbar.

    46. Fire Snake56

      Isn't it a bit of a Coincidence that their "buddies" always say exactly what price they want?

    47. CJ B

      Volley pistols dude should get what he's asking for if he goes elsewhere.

    48. John Doe

      “I think my dad will be fine after he cries it off for a few hours”

    49. CJ B

      Kunzite dude got robbed. Could have gotten at least 12 grand if he went somewhere else.

    50. Jemal Kushchiev

      such a fake blue eye XD

    51. Vanguard784

      I love how his experts always say its worth about half what the original request was.

    52. Zack P.

      Has anyone else realized that one of the judges in Forged in Fire was in a pawn shop?

    53. Nathan Callaway

      Christ people, go online to sell....nobody goes to a pawn shop to sell items over $1000,000

    54. dan krby

      Ricks take on pokemon is so disheartening... if Chum walked up and said "hey some guy just walked in with a Wheinchiester rifle, and then proceed to mock the name further in front of a customer, Rick would lose his mind... dude had a legit card collection and Rick can't even take the time to say the name right. Then claims Chum also doesn't know enough to sell them... what a cool dude...

    55. Bretaley

      Is there anything real about this show, except for the makeup?

    56. Jacob Gonzalez

      How do they always an expert for everything

      1. soinu foig

        Never understood why people with super rare items don't take the extra step to sell it to someone for its actual worth rather than getting it low balled by these guys.

    57. Jacob Gonzalez

      Specialist: this is a very rare item it can definitely sell for $100,000 Customer: I was hoping to get $95,000 for it Rick: I’ll give you $100 bucks Customer: $90,000 Rick:$101

      1. soinu foig

        prostitute:i charge $200 an hour Pawn stars:hold on let me get a buddy that specializes in this XD

    58. Joeseph Zavala

      i literally cackled in the middle of the night watching a grown man shoot his father in the face with a toy bazooka

    59. iOS.Orangecactus YT

      Isn’t that guy that’s the enigma machine expert isn’t he from forged on fire

    60. Chief Sosaï

      Why they lowball everything they dont need that chump change anyways when they stars on a TV show

    61. Svensk Gamer

      I used to be really into studying WWII, and that Enigma got me SUPER excited

    62. Cxnn_or

      Client alright I have an entire pirate ship from the 14th century Rick: alright lemme get a buddy who is a pirate from the 14th century Specialist: I’d price it at 750k Rick: mmm... I’ll give you $50

    63. Orilius Lucian


    64. eseeR

      cody: can i just call my buddy steve

    65. Just Me

      This show is fake. All staged.

    66. Callum Prout

      Gnabry outside of box Assists with sabitzer Max 3* assists Score and assist with gnabry

      1. Callum Prout

        Using this for Fifa objectives 😂

    67. Michael Stewart

      People think the SEALS are the toughest. PJ’s clean their clocks.

    68. kyle glasco

      My great uncle brought the enigma machine back from ww2 and created orr Corp in Alabama and invented magnetic tape that was used to create VCR, cassette, 8 track ect. It's awesome seeing how much I'm going to sell one for now lol.

    69. Rocksolid64

      I asked for a stick of gum and I get one in my eye.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        When he said 375 I’d say 250 now..


      Plot twist all of them are all fake 😂

    71. Jim M

      Why don't these guys understand what Pawn shops do? They want retail at a wholesale house. They don't get it.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Fun show. Fun fake show.

    72. Mr Weed

      prostitute:i charge $200 an hour Pawn stars:hold on let me get a buddy that specializes in this XD

    73. matt mclaughlin

      Never understood why people with super rare items don't take the extra step to sell it to someone for its actual worth rather than getting it low balled by these guys.

    74. Jurgen Dorries have a real one. Just for our drug dealing Muslim restaurant next to us.

    75. Timothy Mitchell

      They have a buddy for Pokémon 😂

    76. Gameplay Walkthroughs

      Client: I have this object which was first created after the big bang. Rick: Let me call Queen Elizabeth, she will know if this is legit. She's older than Big Bang

    77. Ronald Daub

      I had the Remco Cannon with the same mechanism

    78. Kasson Quintana


    79. turtle army

      69 lol

    80. BigFatX

      Hmmm. Is it default to want 15k or 150k for your object? It seems to be always 15k or 150k.