PewDiePie Called Jake Paul a Scammer

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    Welcome to Clouted, episode 3.
    This week on the internet a bunch of Overwatch League games were further delayed by the Coronavirus, PewDiePie returned to NOsel to call out Jake Paul, Dr.K told an embarrassing story from university, Floppy delivers an insane 4K against Astralis, LoFi beats got taken down and Ninja tweeted cringe again.
    We’ve got all the news for you on our newest episode of Clouted.
    Written & Hosted by: Keith Capstick ( @keithcapstick) and Devin Jones (@milkshks)
    Edited by: Matt Massey
    Footage Courtesy of:
    Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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    1. Keith Capstick

      What did you guys think of Ninja’s tweet last week saying “it’s just a game” is a weak mindset? Was he right ?

      1. Cross Fire

        But really it's just a game.

      2. james casswell

        If you're happy to just be average then yea, thinking it's just a game is fine, but in the context of saying you should always try and improve is a fair thing to say

      3. Ricmar Guade

        Ninja got a kid mindset man who dafuq like this guy, must be kids

      4. Bite Sized Ramen

        Its such a scrub mindset so no

    2. 640509 040147

      Why do you act so weird? You have been doing this for months.

    3. Dylan S-F

      Just because you've scammed once doesn't necessarily mean you're a scammer. Oh wait... Yes it does

    4. Vivek Bagul

      19 year olds lets burn these mf to ground!!! Idiots spewing shit while stonned!!!

    5. Jessica Fox

      The more fun you have, the more you learn. I didn't respect League at first, and I hated the game, it took me sooo fucking long to climb out of just gold, but once I started to relax and actually just have fun, being more gentle to others' mistakes, and my own, reflecting upon them with a calm collected mind, rather than a furious, angry useless mindset, I started to climb, rapidly, to put it all into perspective, my first year with League of Legends, came off of me having played StarCraft 2, DotA and WarCraft 3 in general for a combined hour count of over 15000, my highest placement in SC2 was Master, and that went well all along, I knew how to improve, I enjoyed my ride there, I stopped playing once the game wasn't fun anymore, and I subsequently couldn't climb. I EXPECTED that my knowledge and skills from SC2 would translate perfectly to League, and it just didn't, I didn't give it the same respect or love that I had SC2, and once I did, I rose back up. To me the most important skill a player can have, is not something that you can be taught, it's a lesson learnt. Have fun, enjoy the game, you can be good at a game without enjoying it, but you will never be great.

    6. Onarew Zangan

      Click bait

    7. Supa Oni Chan

      love you guys and your content, but man those hands, keep it up and ya'll might start air bending too

    8. Ghosthand

      When did pewds become esports relevant

    9. Traplolihunter

      anybody not gonna state that floppy could be cheating?

    10. Ashton Wu

      Sooo this show is about......?

    11. Maxi Babi

      As a king does

    12. fusianducks

      These kinds of videos will be the death of esports

    13. Hayden Chavez

      This youtube channel is literally just becoming Twitch/NOsels TMZ. What do 80% of these stories have to do with esports?

    14. Daminkon

      wow. just wow. Put pewdiepie in the title, talk about him one minute (30 seconds is just a part of his video) and then say that he called him a scammer, which he didnt. This channel went really down...

    15. Brandon C

      Um Pewdiepie didn't start any drama and this is click bait. Also why are the Scores biggest douchebags doing this "show"?

    16. B 37

      PewDiePie called Jake Paul a scammer. Bro is just calling Jake out for what he really is

    17. Kait

      I thought this video is only all about pewds talk about jake paul and giving their opinion about it, i wasnt expecting some random clips on twitch Esports ready

    18. Cluuxz

      Real Rap this one dude legit sounds like Kermit

    19. the girl next door

      wait weren't you an eSports channel?

    20. Angel Roman Lumanglas

      You guys, just change your name to eshowbiz already.

    21. Supgamer

      hes right

    22. Vladu Raul

      Jake Paul sucks and Gigi Hadid is 100% right

    23. blue seraphimov

      Are you kidding me? People are dying from coronavirus in South Korea, it’s declared a global emergency and you are talking about how devastated the Overwatch community is? Really? I mean I love gaming but think about real life for a second

    24. Mico

      To be honest Pewdiepie supports couple of scamming "sponsors" himself. Just that nobody calls him out for it cuz hes, pewdiepie...

    25. Martyr

      the guy in brown tshirt his hair is lit wtf how to get hair like that

    26. shakshi dubey

      Pewdiepie is right👍

    27. Vorusen

      Greek god speaking with his "texan" accent while so thin makes me think TSM has cloned Greek and is keeping the real one somewhere.

    28. Anthonplays

      the ninja tweet was a reference to yu-Gi-Oh the anime..... i don't watch it but i found out from another NOselr talking about it

    29. WestWarden

      Guy on the left, you sound like Gabe Newell

    30. Safin Ahmed

      love this format

    31. SYZM4

      Macie jay from r6 is now in TSM and you don’t say that?!

    32. Z a r n a h

      i dont get it? is the score trying to become Keemstar but shit? this is an esports channel why are you reporting on pewds opinion of that toenail

    33. Lucifer Diablo

      We runnin from the virus LMAO also 1720. 1820 1920 and then 2020 all have giant virus outbreak hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    34. AY_J1

      It's also just a way to make millions if your good at the game

    35. Dominic Decoco

      You guys are starting to get higher and higher on dislikes from the way you’re formatting the videos lately. The dude on the left is trying so fucking hard and it comes off as unatural. gl

    36. lizzfrmhon

      Who watches Jake Paul or pew die pie? Jake Paul is way worse but pew die pie ain’t great.

    37. Rami Hussein

      Dr.k: talks about anything Everybody liked that

    38. Michael Chiong

      Pewdiepie in the title okay Ill click it

    39. yoFigure

      It's super obvious that hes scamming. Watch the Graham Stephen video on it

    40. Worst Player

      Greekgodx slim

    41. Neraizel

      Wtf is this channel anymore

    42. kiro jalapeno

      why am i not surprised?

    43. YVES MIJA

      guys pls do us a favor and label the videos on this series with “CLOUTED” somewhere instead of the most “interesting” headline...

    44. hqbie

      tic tac toe over tic tac hoes

    45. Babeetlebum

      I love this format and Keith and Devin are top notch, but I don't understand the last clip, it's not esports / twitch culture at all and I wouldn't mind if it got dropped from the following episodes. Keep it up !

    46. VittorioCanale

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a> is a you-gi-oh reference u uncultured swines ...

    47. Supersonic

      It'd be nice to have links to videos when possible

    48. Gabriel #1

      *Gloria Borger wants to know your location*

    49. rihardo123

      no shit

    50. The Silent Arrow 7

      FaZe Clan is the best team in the world, but alright.

    51. Toitle Hardshell

      How many stupid people will fall for the Jake Paul bullshittery? I wanna know how many. I hope someone will take of that. So we can make fun of them.

    52. Niko Ido

      I'm not sure this fits the video channel name

    53. ExitiuM R17

      Aren't " Scammers'' called scammer ? Because thats what Jake Paul Is

    54. Daniel Britt

      This isn’t esports related start a new channel that doesn’t have esports in the title

    55. JP King

      I think everyone called him a scammer lmao. Wtf is this title.

    56. des lunettes mauve

      It's not a financial scheme, its an outright scam.

    57. Jack Hamick

      lmao another youtuber called Atozy bought Jake Pauls scam. And its a scam

    58. Strelitzia

      im so happy someone with as much influence as pewdiepie covered jake pauls SECOND give me money to get famous scam. Drew Gooden did an amazing job covering his team 1000 thing that turned into edfluence or whatever it was called. But I felt like that just got swept under the rug way to hard

    59. PK Siiah

      Dude on the left sounds like Kermit

    60. Keegan

      Now you guys are a drama channel? Instead of esports.

    61. Peringo

      First off, this isn't news. Second, never give any publicity in any form to a Paul or the sub is gone. Third, what an afwul title to the video.

    62. Swoop


    63. YeS

      imagine using Pewdiepie and Jake Paul in a title just to get views. When they are a 10 sec clip

    64. YeS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> is what u came for.

    65. Mason Parker

      Why does it feel like you guys will throw in a “fucking” randomly to pander to some group of people. They just seem to be in odd places

    66. Kaonashi`

      I love sport. Like esport!!!

    67. YesMan NoMan

      Pewdiepie did nothing wrong.

    68. Gamay Putin

      It's not Pewdiepie, it's Poppy Smoria. Get it right smh.

    69. Derp Herp

      Well done doing some homework putting PewDiePie on title for clickbait..

    70. TheRealVaanmaster

      This isn t esport, see ya

    71. Ryze

      I don’t like how this channel is just starting to become a clout chasing news channel please don’t let this end up like Keemstar I actually like most of ur videos but this is just unnecessary

    72. j

      I can imagine these two guys gossiping about everything and everyone like some highschool girls

    73. CadetSparklez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> squadW

    74. H4ckerman 420

      That's because he is a scammer.

    75. Rogan O'Reilly

      it's called a pyramid scheme

    76. Re-

      gotta stop this series ngl

    77. MachuManOfLegends

      Here we go. When u just want traction and instead of esports you become tmz. Tf are u guys doing?!

    78. Water Sheep

      "How dare you speak the truth, mortal?"

    79. Kadeo123321

      What do you mean every time pewdiepie comes back? This is his first break in a long while. It just sounds like you are trying to punch up for the sake of engagement.

    80. Estefan Lindo

      this is just LSF