Plants That Give Tattoos

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    Tattoo: pB7A5xcsnMU6/
    Fidget Spinner:
    Card Trick: kriod
    Rug Face:

    Raccoon: pB8SV9c0pis0/
    Koala: pB7khqrKAlWC/
    Dog: pB8SCXA5pGP6/

    Ice: blueicehiggins/status/1225852974813110277
    Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

    Falling For You by Nettson
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    Wild Waves by Grenada
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    1. Exhileris 4k

      I will never see koalas the same way again😨

      1. Angel Ponce


      2. TΔLON


      3. Jackeroni Draws

        Look at wet koala

      4. Kimchi Fried Rice

        Me neither

      5. Cedric


    2. Pablo Flores

      Tlou 0:12

    3. Nexoz Xerlion

      2:29 South On South I Repeat Its on South!

    4. Joe Many

      0:03 of course india

    5. # shad

      This plant grows near my home

    6. watery poo who yes

      Man they made a new one spidget spiners wher can you buy them you got a link

    7. Da first order

      Nobody: Cards when you win in solitaire: 0:16

    8. Luna Was Gone?

      2:32 use that sound affect for star wars

    9. Xanny

      *I just felt second hand embarrassment when the thief tried to escape*

    10. MrStealYourFood 133

      2:38 sounds like there's cartoon characters shooting each other down there

    11. Cloak Nate

      If I owe a shop I would have a button on my counter or yea at the counter if someone tries to steal I press that button and it locks the door

    12. 2500 subs no content challenge

      1:24 5-year old me showing my friends how I can intentionally burp

    13. Angie Playz

      I already know about the plant it is found where I live ps I'm not in India

    14. Can I Get 1000 Subs With No Videos?

      Today I learned that koalas sound like zombie pigmen

    15. My delicious apple

      how I sound in the morning 1:25

    16. BeanBoi0914

      1:24 me on the toilet after taco bell

    17. Red Vampire

      2:50 is this the genius that everyone needs?

    18. Potassium The Banana


    19. wytse

      Why he sound like leafyishere??

    20. Merle Cantrell

      The thief if stupid

    21. KozmK_iiAmShaDoW

      2:08 Me when I'm knocked and my kills them all...

    22. That’s The tea sis


    23. ChorchBoy

      Quick scientists, drop everything and make plants that give you Spiderman tattoos

    24. nigward. 101

      The koala sounded like a zombie pigman

    25. g g

      2:32 WW3 starts

    26. SLOPP_12

      Larry is such a madlad

    27. Ghanashyama Craig

      Eat your cereal

    28. Sam Lay

      yo that last one gotta be some sort of illegal shit right?

    29. MJM nation

      Just when you thought koalas were cute 1:25

    30. -has a masters degree in wumbology

      1:28 I wish I could hold a burp for that long.

    31. TheCourtnie

      The koala sounds like a zombie pigman

    32. Evan V

      1:24 maybe we shouldn’t donate for the bushfires

    33. s a m p l e t e x t

      That dude talking to the ISS is the coolest thing ever. 11 year old me would have flipped my shit if i could talk to Astronauts in orbit. Hell, even 30 year old me would flip.

    34. Luis Perez mazariegos

      Nobody: Not even a single soul: Pig man in the nether: 1:25

    35. Luis Perez mazariegos

      So is nobody gonna talk about the fidget spinner?

    36. Renathesnake charmers

      *Watches till **0:54* *Sets phone down* Yup, I am done for today

    37. Late Boner

      these spaceguys: oh nice to meet you larry xD

    38. NOVA NOVA

      1:13 that's awkward

    39. MY_MUGS_CLEAN_

      The first one there is something like that in Jamaica It’s a leaf that when you put sand over it it gives you a temporary tattoo

    40. Youngchef D’von

      It’s not just in India it’s also in Dominica 🇩🇲

    41. RosieBear Presley

      1:31 wtf

    42. EdwardYeet

      The Yeet God LazarBeam always told us that koalas were dangerous

    43. Margaret Neander

      So a face reveal we've been waiting

    44. Tay


    45. J M

      1:57 you can turn that on and off with function f3

    46. Firedude900 Oof

      Yo why the koala make a perfect zombie pigman noise

    47. Leonard Fruehauf


    48. iris te invader


    49. TheAveenJava


    50. Blaze Saber

      I like how friendly the astronauts where. I figured something like that wold be a breach of security or something.

    51. Code: Nologyy SONST GIBTS EINE AUFS MAUL

      Spidget Finners? Lol I make the same Mistake all the fcking time

    52. Crave Leaks


    53. KK1236

      This is what cheaters see 1:45

    54. Kuzenator

      The hole one made it sound like star wars

    55. nickpDK

      1 Ice nugget sounds like a small war, 100 ice nuggets sounds like WORLD WAR 3 :D

    56. Ankit Prasad

      The theif was lol

    57. bella_vlogs and more! yep

      1:35 i felt so bad for the koala becase the fires and all that stuff🐨😭😭😭

    58. Creeper Edge

      The tatto just has powwder probably underneath it.

    59. Reaper gaming

      The sound of the ice falling sounds like a laser gun

    60. Amogh Kudva

      The plant grows near my house😯